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Issue 9, 04 December 2015

A monthly reader featuring all things Offline First, covering theory, technology and user experience for new offline use cases. We also want to invite you to help us cover a comprehensive scope of this quickly growing field. You can by submitting articles, cases or other news giving insight into the developments regarding Offline First.


Alex from the Hoodie team with an overview of how, a real-life production offline-first web app, works under the, ahem, hood. Interested in seamless offline functionality, storing and syncing local data, and uploading images without a network connection? It's all in there.
Hoodie Blog, 12/02/2015
Use CaseAppHoodie
An extensive Service Worker reading list! All you need to know or re-read about it. And even more in this issue of the Offline First Reader.
The Changelog #184, 11/28/2015
Reading ListService Worker
Also, in the preceding The Cangelog podcast, the central topic was Offline First: Listen to Adam Stacoviac talk with Tal Ater, the creator of UpUp.  
The Changelog #183, 11/20/2015
Mozilla Firefox support for Progressive Web Apps!
Mozilla Blog, 11/17/2015
Browser SupportFirefox
“Building realtime collaborative offline-first apps with React, Redux, PouchDB and WebSockets”
YLD Software Blog, 11/30/2015
This year's Chrome Developer Summit was all about Progressive Web Apps and Service Workers. 
Google Chrome Developers YouTube, 11/17/2015
Google Maps Update – Navigate without internet! With the majority of the world having no permanent internet access, such elemental services, as geographical orientation, should be the most web independent as possible, which means be offline-first. Now Google Maps are – for Android users now, for iOS soon.
Google Blog & Motherboard, 11/10/2015
UpdateGoogle Maps
“Building an offline page for the”
Guardian Developer Blog, 11/04/2015
Use CaseNews App
Pokedex is a progressive webapp for Pokémon fans, by Nolan Lawson from PouchDB.
Nolan Lawson, 11/23/2015
This Javascript Jabber issue interviewed Nolan about PouchDB, CouchDB, syncing and replication and other paradigms for building client-side apps and managing data.
Javascript Jabber, 11/11/2015
… and on the ZADevChat podcast # 17, Garren Smith talks about NoSQL, new features in CouchDB 2.0, PouchDB, CouchDB and offline development.
ZADevChat, 11/11/2015
IBM/Cloudant: “Introducing Cloudant FoodTracker: An Offline-First App” by Bradley Holt.
IBM Developer Works, 11/10/2015
Read here in detail how “Instant loading web apps are possible with Service Worker & an Application Shell architecture”.
Addy Osmani & Matt Gaunt via Medium, 11/17/2015
How ToProgressive Web Apps
Ilya Grigorik, Velocity NYC 2015: “There is a client-side proxy (ServiceWorker) in your browser!”
Ilya Grigorik via Jimmy Rittenborg, 11/16/2015
TalkService Worker
“Making a Simple Site Work Offline with ServiceWorker”
CSS-Tricks, 11/10/2015
How ToService Worker
“Progressive Web App: A New Way to Experience Mobile”
Flipkart Tech Blog, 11/09/2015
ProductProgressive Web Apps
“My first Service Worker”
Adactio, 11/07/2015
How ToService Worker


User voices on “How can we improve the Microsoft Edge developer experience?” – by supporting Service Worker!
Windows Developer Feedback, Aug 2014 – now
Browser SupportMicrosoft Edge
Watch Max introduce Service Worker at ViennaJS and learn more about how to implement offline web applications.
Maximilian Stoiber, 10/05/2015
TalkIntroductionService Worker
“Why App Developers Should Think Offline-First”
Chuck Ganapathi, 08/30/2015
Here you can vote for “Jurassic Error” the T-Shirt.
Quertee, ongoing
The first step to a successful offline-first application architecture is a database layer that handles synchronisation in the face of unreliable networks. Apache CouchDB and its family of peers, like PouchDB and Couchbase Mobile, are exactly what you need.

If you rely on CouchDB for your business, we will make sure everything goes well. Get professional support from Neighbourhoodie Software today!


GOTO conference in Berlin: Ola Gasidlo – "Say Hello to Offline First!” at the international software development conference in Berlin.
GOTO Berlin: Dec 4, 2015
Node.js Interactive 2015 in Portland (OR), US: Bradley Holt – "Offline-First Apps with PouchDB”
Node.js Interactive 2015: Dec 9, 2015
Fluent Conference in San Francisco (CA), US: Bradley Holt – "Offline-First Apps with PouchDB”
O'Reilly Fluent Conference: May 8-10, 2016
ConferenceSan Francisco
Join the slack channel dedicated to talk about and contribute to Offline First, initiated by You just have to sign up here and take note of the code of conduct. Would be great to see you there! Feel free to submit reviews, videos, releases, upcoming events and what you think is related to the subject. Or send us an e-mail., 2015
Slack channelContribute
This reader was compiled and edited by contributors to and is kindly supported by Neighbourhoodie Software. Further reading, space for research and discussion can be found in the Offline First repo on GitHub.

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