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Tenkara Video - In Search of Tenkara

In Search of Tenkara

6 new tenkara videos: Over the last several weeks I have been inspired by great fishing and the beginning of the season, to work on several new tenkara videos to share with you. These are short videos, between 1 and 7 minutes in length, and I hope they will inspire you to go in search of your own tenkara. I figured it may make for good weekend watching. Shortcut to watch all our recent videos.
The first 3 videos I worked on are titled "In Search of Tenkara", where I attempt to share with you what I have learned about tenkara, and most importantly, I wanted to share with you the tenkara experience and perhaps a few new things along the way. I hope to make these a regular thing, and they will always be posted in our blog as well as our Facebook page (so, please keep an eye on those).

Tenkara Diaries

Tenkara Diaries - Tenkara videos by Tenkara USA

2 videos

Tenkara Diaries: In these two short videos I share with you quick experiences just going out with my tenkara rod in hand. I didn't expect the feedback to be so good about these videos, but people seem to love it. I hope you'll enjoy them too.

My "One Knot"

Short Instructional Video

  • My new "one knot": I recently started using the same knot to tie my fly to tippet as I use to tie tippet to my level line or traditional line, and have had great success with it. This is a quick video on how to tie that one knot. Feedback is always welcome.
  • Reducing line twisting with the tenkara line holder: We discovered that using the whole hand while winding the line onto the line holder minimizes line twisting.

Tenkara Blog

Tenkara USA Blog

Fresh Content

Tenkara USA Blog: We have recently been sharing some fascinating new content in our blog. Besides the videos we share with you above, a couple of recent popular stories have been:

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Takenobu Music

Takenobu Music - Nick Ogawa

Music by Takenobu

Takenobu MusicMost of these videos were cut to the music by Nick Ogawa, also known as Takenobu.
I wrote about how I found out about his music here, a good story. Nick has been very generous in letting me use his music in our videos, and I really believe there is no better fitting music to go with tenkara. If you like his music, I encourage you to visit his website and get his albums. I love every single album he's put out, and I'm sure you'll at least enjoy listening to his song "Fishin' "
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