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Mad WorldThe world has significantly changed in a month.
Well we are certainly living in interesting times.  In the February 2020 Guild Newsletter, I wrote about our excitement about the opening of the Shaw Season on April 2, 2020. In February the Shaw Guild was gearing up to be ready to fulfill our Volunteer roles. 
And then COVID-19 arrived to play havoc with our lives and best laid plans.

As you know from the to the Shaw Guild email notice sent out by our Guild President Laurie Harley on Monday March 16, the Shaw shut down all of its rehearsals and all of its non-essential job functions effective March 17, 2020. The Shaw has cancelled all of its performances and public activities between then and April 30, 2020. Hopefully by April 30, 2020 the Shaw will be able to open its 2020 Season, and the impact of Covid-19 will be less of a problem in our lives.
So how does this impact previously planned Host activities? Well here is the list of postponed and cancelled Host events:
  1. New Host Orientation Sessions scheduled for March 16 and March 23 will be postponed to a future date
  2. Joint Host/Greeter 2020 Kick-Off Sessions will be cancelled for 2020
  3. Host Schedules for booking Host assignments that were originally to be released March 22 and April 5 covering Periods 1 and 2 are cancelled.
Once further details are obtained from the Shaw in April about Theatre operations, email notices will be sent out to all Hosts outlining the future posting of Host Schedules to enable the booking of assignments.  
Please also watch for period information updates through the Shaw Guild website and email messages. 

Welcome to our New Guild Host Volunteers

Welcome our 36 new Host Volunteers (and counting) to the Shaw Guild.  Like you, I am very disappointed that the opening of the Shaw 2020 Season has been delayed, and that I will not be able pick up my ticket scanner and welcome our Patrons at the Shaw in April.  The continued good health and safety of all of our Shaw Family and our Patrons remains of paramount importance, so will just have to wait patiently until the perils of the Corona-19 virus have dissipated.  

Once we receive notice from the Shaw on the official opening of the 2020 Shaw Season, we will then be rescheduling the 2 hour orientation sessions for all new 2020 Host Volunteers at the Festival Theatre.

The Host Orientation session will cover the role of the Guild Host, what you need to know to be confident in your role and what it takes to be a great Host.  We will also review the Host resource materials. Following this presentation with a question and answer session, a tour of the 3 Shaw Theatres will take place so you know where everything (washrooms, food, bar, listening devices, coat areas, elevators, etc.) is located.

New Hosts, please stay tuned for further email announcement regarding the new dates for the New Host Orientation Sessions.

Looking for Host Coaches

New Super Hero Position

coachesGiven 36 New Host Volunteers so far in 2020, we are going to need some help to get them up to speed. This is a significant number of “Newbies”.  I would again like to reach out to our very experienced Hosts who would be interested in taking on a Coach/Mentoring role to “buddy up” and directly work on Host assignments with our New Host Volunteers.  Host Captains will be directly booking new Host Volunteers with a Host Coach as a pair on Host assignments, prior to the release of the Period to ensure new Hosts and Coaches are paired up for the first couple of shifts. 
The criteria to become a Host Coach are:
  • Meet all the Host qualifications as defined in the Host Handbook
  • Have attended a 2019 Host Kick-Off session, and are aware of the Host process changes addressed at that time
  • Maintain a flexible personal time schedule to accommodate (sometimes on short notice) and coach new Hosts on their assignments
  • Enjoy interacting and teaching new Hosts and be willing to play a coaching role
If you are interested in becoming a Host Coach or require any additional information  please contact me directly at  
(Tights and cape are optional)

Would you like to become a Shaw Guild Host Captain?

First off, I would like to thank former Host Captains Mora Richmond and Helen Self for their many years of outstanding dedicated service to the Shaw in performing the duties of a Host Captain. For 2020, Mora and Helen are going to take a very well earned rest from the Host Captain role.   

Host CaptainWe currently have seven Host Captains for this year and would like several more.  This role requires that the Host Captain looks after filling in replacements for any cancellations for their assigned two-week period. Each captain may be assigned two or more periods based on the length of the season.  We are happy to train and provide support for all Captain candidates.
If you are interested in becoming a Host Captain or require any additional information  please contact me directly at  

Hosting Captains play a key role as stewards in the delivery of hosting services.  

So what does a Host Captain do? They work behind the scenes to make sure that all Host assignments during their assigned Scheduling Period are filled and they co-ordinate any Host substitutions, during their assigned two-week period.
Working under the guidance of the Hosting Chair, Host Captains:
  • review the Host Schedule
  • directly book New Volunteers with Host Coaches for specific assignments
  • review remaining signups for volunteer shifts for the period
  • handle cancellations and Host substitutions within their period 
During one of these periods, on average, each Captain will spend 10 hours to perform the role.   


  • A proficient user of the MVP on-line booking tool. (You will will be fully trained to use the MVP Administrator mode and learn how to retrieve Host operational reports) 
  • Good organization and communication skills
  • Experience as a Host for at least one year
  • Able to make the required time commitment (approximately 10 hours over a period of two weeks)
We are looking for a few good dedicated capable people to take on the role of Host Captain. The pay is lousy and laurels are scant but hopefully you will be enriched in the knowledge that the role that you play as Host Captain is of vital importance in the smooth running of Shaw Theatre operations.  

Again, if  you are interested in becoming a Host Captain or if you require any additional information  please contact me directly at    
P.S. You don't have to wear the uniform.

To Wrap Up

GregWe are currently living in a world of great uncertainty. Every day there appears to be new challenges put before us to overcome in the face of the Covid-19 Pandemic.
In these rapidly changing times keep yourself well informed.  Look after yourself, your family and friends and try to assist all those people you can in their personal Covid-19 challenges. We are all in this together (but apart!).   
Keep well.
Greg Fedoryn
Host Chair
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