Vancouver Power and Sail Squadron is a unit of Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons. Charitable Registration Number: 10686 5611 RR0001
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Volume XXXIV
Number 2
October 2015
Upcoming Events

Monday, October 19 - Meeting Night - Paul Thomas from Vessel Assist will join us with some stories to tell!

Monday, November 16 - Meeting Night - Stay tuned for more details.

Past, current and incoming Power Squadron members are all welcome at Squadron Nights, held on the third Monday of each month. We meet at the False Creek Yacht Club on the north shore of False Creek under the Granville Street Bridge. The doors open at 7:00 pm, the event begins at 7:30 pm. We look forward to seeing you there!
 From the Commander's Log....
We are well underway with our safe boating courses for this Fall. Since it’s that time of year, our National AGM is also coming up. This year, the National AGM is being held in Niagra Falls, Ontario, October 22 to 25. Myself and Executive Officer Roger Middleton will be attending. We look forward to participating in the AGM, ancillary meetings, and conference tracks, and will report back to the bridge and membership on what direction National will be pointing us towards for the new year.

For this month, I have two items I’d like you to consider:
1. If you haven’t renewed your CPS-ECP membership, please take the time to do so. You can do a quick renew online here. 

2. We are always looking for good speakers for our Squadron Social Nights, the third Monday every month at the False Creek Yacht Club. If you have a topic you would like to see covered, please send in your thoughts, to myself directly or our Programs Officer, Brian Kennedy.

See you out on the water!
Jeff Booth

Join Us for Squadron Nights!

Our next meeting will be Monday, October 19.

Paul Thomas from Vessel Assist will be join us!

A former marine scientist, sailing instructor, and vessel operator, Paul has had a lot of years on the water and has a wealth of knowledge to share.


Squadron Nights provide a great opportunity to socialize with fellow boaters, find out what’s happening in the squadron, and experience fun and fascinating guest speakers. If you haven’t attended before, we meet in the FalseCreek Yacht Club pub. Guests are welcome! Be sure to mark your calendar for the third Monday evening of each month. We look forward to seeing you!

It’s that time of year again!  It's time to put our lawn signs out, advertising the website and our courses starting this fall.
If you would like to volunteer your lawn or have a spot in your business for a sign, please contact me at

Cara Duffield
Public Relations Officer 
Education News

Our 3-evening Maritime Radio course, which was to start on October 1, has been cancelled due to lack of interest.

If you are in need of a maritime radio licence you will still have three opportunities to get one!

Courses are as follows: Don’t forget our Boating Basics Course which will give you your Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card.
Start date: November 17 at Prince of Wales School.
Enroll online today!

How to sign up for courses:

Go to
Click on British Columbia (on right).
Scroll down and click on Vancouver (on right).
Scroll down & click on the name of the course that you want, remember to check the date.
Click on Register for the course that you want.
Scroll down and click on Register online.
Follow the prompts from there.
In an effort to entice new members and to bring new students to our courses, we’ve been focused on building our social media footprint this summer.  Stories about our cruises, articles about boating safety and cross-promotion with other Squadrons has led to a bigger presence. However, we could use all the help we can get, especially to promote our upcoming fall courses.

If you are a member of Facebook or Twitter, please use the above links to find us.  

1) Click Like on our Facebook page or Follow on our Twitter profile and you will increase the number of people who will see our posts.  

2) Click Like or Share on any of our Facebook posts or click Re-Tweet or Favorite on Twitter, to exponentially increase the number of people we can reach.  

Even if you are not a member of these sites, please encourage your friends and family use these links.  Social media uses algorithms to determine who actually sees the content we post. As more people interact with our Facebook and Twitter profiles, those algorithms enhance our visibility.

The more people we can reach, the more potential students we can have and the better we can help educate our fellow boaters.

Cara Duffield
Public Relations Officer 
Cruises 2015

The VPSS has had some great cruises this year. In addition to the Bowen cruise in May and the Men’s cruise in June (see previous Mastheads for details) we did three more cruises: Newcastle Island in late June, Squamish in August, and Pender Harbour in September.  

Cruise to Newcastle Island 2015

We had expected about four boats at Newcastle but a couple of them cancelled, so it was just Deano and I on Lexi, and Jeff and Isabel on Main Attraction. However, even with just two boats, we were concerned about getting a spot at the dock since it was first-come-first-serve and it was a hot, sunny weekend. Even though it was pretty packed, we managed to squeeze in.

On the first night, the four of us took a dinghy ride over to the Dinghy Dock Pub for dinner. After dinner we hopped back in the dinghy and went back to Main Attraction for a night cap.
During the day, Deano and I kept cool by wandering through the trails on the island.
On the second evening, we sat up on the island. The warm breeze was so relaxing and the view so beautiful, that no one wanted to leave. As a result, we ended up staying up past midnight, chatting. 
There had been continual wind warnings, but finally in the late morning there was a window of opportunity; Deano and I took off, and Jeff and Isabel left not much longer after us. It was a bit of a rough ride back across Strait of Georgia, as you can see from the picture of the water spray coming up as we crashed through the waves!

Cruise to Squamish 2015

In August we cruised up to Squamish, which was very cool. Initially, two boats were planning to attend, as well as several people by car. However, Cara and Ingo’s boat Fortuna See, had mechanical issues and had to turn back. That left just Deano and me traveling on Lexi. Roger was left stranded on Fortuna See so we invited him to jump aboard Lexi.
Once Roger was aboard, Deano offered him the helm as a change from his sailboat, Wings, which was still ‘on the hard’ at Shelter Island. We cruised our way up to Squamish at 24 knots, which took us about an hour from the tip of the Fraser River.
Once we arrived in Squamish, we took a cab to the Sea to Sky Gondola and checked out the views.
It was quite misty when we got to the top, so we decided to sit out on the lodge deck, by the fire, and have lunch. As the mist continued to flow in and out, which was actually quite mystical, there was suddenly a clearing and we had a stunning view of the Howe Sound. 
Once we were back in town we quickly made our way over to the Howe Sound Pub where we knew some of our group were waiting. We met up with Eardley and Ethelene, Jerry and Nancy, as well as Marion and Jim.  Roger’s partner, Amanda also arrived later. 
We had a “no frills” potluck on the dock. Luckily, it didn’t rain and the event was perfectly topped off by some deliciously decadent desserts made by Ethelene and Nancy.
It was nice to see so many people turn up and it seemed that a good time was had by all! 

Cruise to Pender Harbour 2015

For our September cruise to Pender Harbour, during the Jazz Festival, we had a fabulous turn out. 

As we pulled into Garden Bay Marina, Eardley and Ethelene came to greet us and shortly afterward, Teddy and Betty turned up. We radioed Jeff and his crew again and they said they were on their way.  

We managed to cram ourselves into a large table at the Garden Bay Pub by negotiating with a couple who were from Fraser Squadron, and they ended up joining us. A while later, Don came over by dinghy from his house across the harbour.  
However, as we were sitting at the pub, the power went out, which meant no dinner! Back to our boats we went to cook something up. 

On Saturday, everyone did their own thing, like taking a dinghy ride to Madeira Park, taking a short walk to Hospital Bay or just hanging out at the pub and listening to the band.   

In the evening, we took our dinghies over to Don and Helen’s house across the harbour. Don also helped out by picking up people, including Ethelene and Betty, who were transporting precious cargo (homemade desserts!).
Since the weather was not ideal, Don, Helen, and their kids (Cara and Chris) graciously opened their home up to us all for the BBQ, rather than doing it on the dock. As we arrived, we were offered hot soup and mulled wine before a fabulous BBQ’d salmon (which just happened to be caught by Don!) and potluck were served.

Eventually, some friends of Deano and mine also turned up (Pam and Ray, as well as Kim and Nat). Later in the evening, Betty and Teddy’s daughter and son-in-law also joined the party.  

What really made the evening were Teddy and Ray (who is a regular performer at the Cottage Bistro on Main Street), who brought their guitars and played for us. As they took turns playing and singing, it seemed to turn into a case of duelling musicians, which was very entertaining. Both musicians were excellent and in the end it was a draw.
At the end of the night, some of us left by dinghy and others by car. A few of us went on to the pub and spent the night listening to the Cannary Row Band.    

On Sunday, due to gale winds and, believe it or not, a waterspout warning, most of us decided to stay another day and wait out the storm (except for Jeff and his crew, who decided to take their chances; fortunately they made it safely home despite a rather “hairy” ride).

For those of us left behind, it meant more time at the pub listening to the band. If the weather had been better, it would have been nice to dinghy over to Madeira Park to check out some of the other bands, but I was quite satisfied to just sit at the Garden Bay Pub, listening to the Cannary Row Band. They really were a major highlight of the weekend.
A great time! Just waiting for the next adventure!

Ingrid McLaine
Cruise Coordinator
Photos courtesy of Ingrid McLaine
22nd Annual Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup 2015

On September 19, 2015, our Squadron participated in the 21st Annual Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. Our assigned area was Spanish Banks East. We arrived at our location around 0915hrs, and despite the rainy weather, and set up our table, cleanup supplies, and of course coffee and doughnuts. At 0930hrs, the first two volunteers received their cleanup supplies and data recording card, then began their cleanup. By 1000hrs, two more groups arrived, formed their teams, and proceeded to their area of cleanup.

This year, a total of 8 volunteers participated, way down from last year's total, but perhaps the poor turnout was due to bad weather, as well as another event that was happening that same weekend.
By 1200hrs, our cleanup was complete, all garbage bags were weighed, and the data recording cards were completed and handed in. All garbage bags were taken over to the nearest garbage bin to be picked up. Our volunteers filled 3 garbage bags, with a total of 15kg (or 35lbs). It was mentioned by one of the volunteers that this beach was very clean! People passing by thanked us for our efforts, and appreciated that we were cleaning up this beach.
The three most collected items were:
  1. 219 cigarett butts
  2. 54 plastic bottle caps
  3. 32 straws/stirrers
Two items of local concern were:
  1. 3 small propane tanks
  2. A piece of dock
Two most unusual items collected were:
  1. A bicycle frame
  2. A Scottie dog cookie cutter
A few things for you to know:
  • Over 50,000 Canadians participate in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup every year, making it one of the largest volunteer cleanup efforts in the world.
  • A highway from Vancouver, BC to Thunderbay, Ontario (3102 km) is roughly equivalent to the total length of shorelines cleaned every year by cleanup volunteers.
  • Loblaw Companies Ltd is a presenting sponsor, Ricoh is a national sponsor, and Ocean Conservatory British Columbia/BC Parks are conservation sponsors
I would like to thank Cliff and Nasarin Blanchard for their assistance in setting up the table and supplies, and for staying the longest time (2.5hrs) of beach cleaning.
Special thanks to Keep Vancouver Spectacular for supplying us with additional cleanup supplies. Finally, thanks go to fellow squadron members Peter and Sue Girling, Lois McDonald, Marion Pearson, and Jim Orr. I also appreciate that Peter Girling let us use his residence for the drop-off and pickup of the additional supplies from Keep Vancouver Spectacular. Without your help and continuing support, there is no way this cleanup would take place.

Bill Blanchard
Environment Officer VPSS
Site Coordintaor - Spanish Banks East
2015 Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

VPSS has an amazing history, and some of that
history has been captured in photos over the years. The bridge would like to digitize these photos in order to create digital albums of all the great activities we have enjoyed over the years; to remember members, past and present.

Therefore, we are looking for some volunteers who would be willing to take on this project. If you are interested in helping our squadron to honour those memories, and have some thoughts about how it could be done, please reach out to Commander Jeff Booth or Historian Dennis Steeves, either by phone or email, and let them know.
Be part of a fantastic legacy project honouring Vancouver Squadron’s 60 years of service!
If you'd like to have a safety check done, please contact Jerry Powers at
604-921-8896, or

Photos courtesy of Jerry Powers

For Sale

2009 Aluminum Boathouse 52 X 26 Currently at Mosquito Creek.

Boat entrance: door  height  is at least 22’ 8”; automated roll up door with remotes, UHMW sliders on side of doors
Floor: 3/4 inch  plywood with non slip paint 
Electrical: 100 amp/24 circuit 110 volt panel. Multiple outlets, fluorescent lights, shore power is 120/50 amp marine twist lock. 
Has a mezzanine with staircase and railing.
Multiple  8 ft translucent skylights. Currently houses a 36 Grand Banks with mast up.
Phone 604-943-4602

For Sale

2 x Mustang Cruiser Suits
1 x X-Small (to fit 86-91/34-36") Sea Horse Series model SH-475, $85.00
1 x Large (to fit 112-117cm/44-46") MS-475, Squadron Class, $165.00

Both for $210.00.
Very little use, like new.

If interested, call John Steede 604-230-0848

The Shore Family is offering their vacation home near Lund, Desolation Sound, for a squadron discount of 10% during the summer, and 20% during any other season.

Just 2km across the water from Savary Island and 2km south of the Copeland Islands... Come Experience a piece of British Columbia coastal heaven!
For more information, visit

(Abbreviated List—Full List on our website)

Jeff Booth........…………..(778) 386-5828
Executive Officer
Roger Middleton.……......(778) 388-2867
Educational Officer 
P/Cdr John Steede..........(604) 274-0087
Asst Educational Officer 
Peter Girling
Morgan Beall
Programs Officer 
Brian Kennedy
Environment Officer
Bill Blancard………….......(604) 931-5153
Public Relations Officer
Cara Duffield
Webmaster/IT Officer
Peter Bennett…………….(604) 817-4165
Newsletter Officer
Nadia Mudge
Past Commander
Eardley Beaton……….....(604) 734-3944
Cruise Coordinator
Ingrid McLaine
Dennis Steeves………….(604) 263-4276
Supply Officer (Regalia)
P/Cdr Don Zarowny……..(604) 267-7442
Change of Address or 
Membership Inquiries 

Twyla Graeme……….......(604) 738-8563
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