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Volume XL      Number 5   May 2022
Commander’s Log




It's hard to believe that two years have gone by since I became Commander of Vancouver Squadron. Last year at this time, I wrote how well Vancouver Squadron had managed to adapt to going virtual with our boating courses and Squadron nights. I (along with everyone else) hoped that the vaccines would bring Covid to an end and that we would all soon be meeting in person again. That didn't happen then but it appears that we are finally turning the corner in finding the sweet spot of living with this virus and getting back to normal. 

The Education Department has again done a stellar job in adapting to an online environment and delivering the combined Boating 2/3 course. A HUGE thank you to Peter Girling for leading the department and coping with all the website problems of posting courses and entering marks (and re-entering everything when the system crashed) as well as lecturing and tutoring. Also many thanks to all the volunteers that were involved in tutoring, lecturing or both - Art Rendell, Sylvia Steede, Mary-Ann Isinger, Ralph Herten and Sara Burwood. Our courses would not be as successful without all of your time and effort. Bravo to you all!

Also special thanks to Peter Bennett who runs all of our Radio Courses. Besides being involved with National, Peter monitors the pure online course, the challenge exam as well as the virtual one day courses. He also has conducted the majority of online exams. The amount of time is incredible when you consider that each exam takes almost an hour in the online world. Thank you also to the members who also volunteered with online exams- Peter Girling and Paul Heeney (as well as myself!)

I would also like to send out a thank you to all the Bridge members. Many have volunteered for many years, some are newer but all help to keep the Squadron alive and well. Thank you to every one who participated in our Flare Return Day and Recreational Safety checks. These activities reinforce our mandate of making boating safe.

In a return to normal, our AGM & BBQ will take place in person at the False Creek Yacht Club, May 16th. There will be no charge for the BBQ but you do need to reserve a spot by May 10 in order for us to put the order in. If you do not register, there probably will not be a burger for you! I really hope that many of you will come out to meet with everyone and swap boating stories. See the details elsewhere in the Masthead. 

Speaking of returning to normal, I am writing this from our cruise ship. We decided to take a cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Vancouver, transiting the Panama Canal. This was the first cruise for this ship after about 760 days without passengers. (They did run the ships during the shutdown for limited crew just to keep things working). The majority of the crew had also been out of a job for those 760 days and were ecstatic to be sailing again. I took many pictures of the locks but was probably the only passenger taking videos of the many range markers that guide the ships through the canal. It has been challenging to explain how range markers work in virtual teaching but I think that I may finally have managed to get a video to show this! There was a period of time after the middle set of locks that it seemed that we were stuck and having some engine problems. I had a flashback to the freighter that blocked the Suez Canal at almost the same time last year and hoped that we were not going to be the cruise ship that blocked the Panama Canal! The captain got everything fired up again and the tugs all moved back into place to accompany us to the final set of locks and out into the Pacific ocean. I know that many members have crossed the Canal, but if you have not I highly recommend it. 

This is my final Masthead article as Commander. It was not the two years that I had envisioned when I became Executive officer four years ago, but I am humbled that our Squadron navigated the pandemic so well. It has been a rewarding experience and I hope that others will consider volunteering for the Bridge for the coming years. Thank you to everyone who supported and contributed to the continued well-being of our Squadron. I look forward to seeing everyone in person again, at meetings and on the water.

Happy Boating, 

Elizabeth Zygmunt
Commander, Vancouver Power & Sail Squadron


Notice of Vancouver Power & Sail Squadron

To: The Members of the Vancouver Power & Sail Squadron

MAY 16, 2022

TAKE NOTICE that the Annual General Meeting of Vancouver Power and Sail Squadron will be held at the False Creek Yacht Club, on May 16, 2022 at 19:00 for the purposes of :

a. Receiving and, if thought fit, approving the Reports of the Officers of the Squadron;

b. Receiving and, if thought fit, approving the Financial Statements of the Squadron for the twelve-month period ending March 31, 2022 and the Report of the Squadron Financial Review Committee thereon;

c. Electing the Officers of the Squadron;

d. Appointing the Squadron Financial Review Committee;

e. Considering such further and other business as may properly come before the meeting.

The Vancouver Power & Sail Squadron welcomes past, current and new members, and recent VPS students to an in-person AGM and BBQ at the False Creek Yacht Club.

DATED this 2 day of May, 2022

Charles Tai Squadron Secretary


False Creek Yacht Club (Top floor)

Pre- AGM BBQ starts at 6:00 pm
AGM begins at 7:30 pm
Cash bar is available for your enjoyment.

Parking at False Creek Yacht Club is limited. There is free parking in designated stalls in the open lot below and street parking is also available.

Please refer to the "Annual General Meeting" section of if you are interested in taking a look at the Financial Statements and other information in advance of the meeting. 

Hope to see everyone at the Squadron Night, AGM & BBQ on May 16th!
Upcoming Boating Courses

Maritime Radio Operator Course

(Restricted Radiotelephone Operator's Certificate (Maritime))

To ensure that you will receive the course materials before the class, you should register at least two weeks before the class.  Registration will not be accepted on the day of the class.

The fees for all courses are $135 for CPS Members, or $150 for non-members

There is also a "no book" option for a second student sharing course material: members $112.50, non-members $125

We are offering the following one-day Radio Operator course this Spring, which will be virtual:

On-line class (0900- 1230): Saturday June 25, 2022

Please see

Annual General Meeting, Change of Watch & BBQ

AGM starts at 7:30pm
Pre- AGM BBQ starts at 6:00pm
Monday, May 16th, 2022, at the False Creek Yacht Club


To welcome everyone back, there will be no charge for the BBQ this year.   We do need the correct numbers though, so no one goes home hungry!

If you would like to attend the BBQ dinner, please RSVP so that we know how much food to order... All the fixings, buns, assorted sides, salads and nibbles are included in your ticket price. The BBQ begins at 6:00 PM. 

Potluck side dishes, salads and/or desserts are welcome and greatly appreciated. 

BBQ walk-ins can only be accommodated while the burgers last.

Clicking the RSVP button will let us know two things:

1) That you are planning to attend the AGM portion of the evening 
- Please select "Free Ticket" to the AGM alone. This helps in ensuring that we have a quorum

2) That you want to attend the BBQ portion of the evening as well
- Please select your preferred burger - chicken, beef, or veggie


Vancouver and Pacific Mainland District Power and Sail Squadrons Predicted Log Race    June 4th, Indian Arm

Please read the below advertisement and if you are interested please contact Dennis Steeves at or (604) 880-5388

If you plan on competing in the Predicted Log Race please ensure that you have sufficient crew to provide a skipper, navigator, and exchange observer!

Bowen Island Cruise Friday May 27 to Sunday May 29

Join your fellow VPSS members for a weekend of fun, conversation and food at the Union Steamship Company Marina at Snug Cove, Bowen Island

If you can’t make it out on Friday, no problem! Come on Saturday.

If you don’t have a boat, don’t worry! Come by ferry; there’s plenty of great accommodation to book.


For those who are coming by boat: Please reserve  your space by phoning the Union Steamship Marina at 604-947-0707 and let them know you’re with the Vancouver Power and Sail Squadron. 

More details to follow.

Please also call, text or email  Ingrid to let her  know you’re coming:

778-879-9024 or

As Elizabeth mentioned in her Commander's Report, our AGM and Change of Watch are happening on May 16th. Though most Bridge members will remain in their positions, there are many positions that are open, such as:
Executive Officer
Education Officer
Assistant Education Officer
Masthead Editor
Programs Officer

    Volunteering can be fun, a great way to meet people and an opportunity to learn new skills.  

Please consider volunteering for any of the above-mentioned positions.

Please contact any current Bridge member to let them know that you are interested in keeping Vancouver Squadron strong and vibrant in the years ahead.
Do you have any Stories?
...that you'd like to share?

If you feel the urge to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, as the case may be), and have a story you'd like to share with fellow members, we'd like to read it!

Funny stories, lesson-learned stories, great cruising stories, you-won't-believe-what-happened stories...

Please send any short masterpieces to and we'll try to include them in the Masthead when we have space.

Happy writing... and boating!      

May 16, 2022 Squadron night, AGM and COW
May 27-29: Bowen Island Cruise
June 04, 2022: Predicted Log Race
June 25, 2022: Maritime Radio Operator's Course


Membership Renewal

A reminder to members to renew your membership! 

In order to renew, you must log into the cps-ecp website.  If you have forgotten your password, you can create a new one.  If you no longer use the email with which you made your profile, you will need to contact Moe to forward to National.  For security reasons, only the member can change their email.   If you forgot or ‘gave up’ last year when trying to renew your membership on the new system, you will not be penalized.   Just pay and renew for 2022 and you will be ‘good to go’ for the year.   Another note, the system is very fussy, and every box must be filled in order for you to proceed.   I know that, for some members, renewing has been a frustrating experience, but it is getting easier all the time as the various glitches are being found and worked out.

Remember that the ‘head of the household’ renews for the entire household.   Lifetime members must still renew at 0.00.     Any questions?    Any problems?  Ask our membership officer, Moe Forrestal
Squadron Bridge (2021-2022)

Commander Elizabeth Zygmunt  
Executive Officer 

Assistant Educational Officer Peter Girling    
Assistant Educational Officer (Radio)
Peter Bennett    
Charles Tai    
Financial Officer
Don Mathew    
Assistant Financial Officer
Les Hausch   
Membership Officer
Moe Forrestal 
Assistant Membership Officer
Twyla Graeme    
Programs Officer
     Terry Friesen
Environmental Officer Bill Blancard    
Communications Officer

Newsletter Editor  Carol Anne Humphrys
Supply Officer (Regalia) Don Zarowny    
Webmaster/IT Officer
Peter Bennett    
Dennis Steeves    
Past Commander
Bill Botham 
Officer-at-Large Dave Atchison     
Officer-at-Large Roger Middleton



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