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In this minireview, Dr. Romyr Dominique provides an intro to FBDD including his favorite articles and resources and three key concepts.

Although fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD) was first coined in the early 2000s, the concept of using small fragments to probe drug targets was discussed as early as 1994 (“needle screening”).
Fragment-based lead discovery involves the screening of compounds that are deliberately selected to have a low atom-count (12-14 heavy atoms) in order to increase the probability of identifying a binding event. In this introduction to fragment-based drug discovery, we:

  • Summarize why fragment-based drug discovery is useful
  • Discuss what makes a good fragment starting point
  • Highlight methods for screening and evaluating chemical fragments
  • Provide a reading list of reviews and resources for more in-depth reading on FBDD
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There’s so much cool science powering the drug discovery of tomorrow! In this Drug Discovery Tech Review, we review the latest in:
  • New platform companies focused on drug discovery
  • Different approaches to glues and degraders
  • Strategies for targeting DNA, RNA, and other nucleic acids
  • Interesting new cell therapy approaches
  • Major pharma partnerships focused on new drug discovery modalities
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Drug Hunter Live Meetups
Private South San Francisco Event
Drug Hunter Live Meetup #1
We're hosting our first private networking event in South San Francisco on Jun. 2nd, where we'll be providing passed appetizers and beverages (2-3 drinks per person).

The menu currently includes golden beet hummus toast (vegetarian), stuffed mushroom (vegan), salt-cured new potato (vegan, gluten-free), seared sea scallop (gluten-free), and black garlic shrimp tostada.

Attendance is currently limited due to popular demand, with Premium members and contributors receiving initial invites. We will expand the invite list as we have a better sense of capacity. If you'd be interested in attending and haven't received an invite already, reply to this e-mail and let us know! We'll let you know if a spot opens up.

If you'd be interested in helping organize the next meetups in Boston (Oct. 19th) or Chicago, let us know!
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exclusive career opportunity

The inventor of Lyrica, one of Pfizer's biggest selling drugs, is looking for a CEO to lead an early-stage biotech company. AKAVA has been financed with several million dollars and houses multiple novel drugs for cancer and neuro indications. It is preclinical with the aim to file the IND by year-end and begin FIH dosing in 2H 2023.

The company is looking for an experienced biotech executive with an entrepreneurial spirit, strong communication/presentation skills, previous success bringing a drug through the clinic, and the ability and experience to raise significant capital ($20M+) to fund clinical operations. Experience transitioning to the public markets is also a plus. Compensation will have both a cash and equity component. If interested, please contact Drug Hunter directly by replying to this e-mail with a description of your background and copy of your CV/resume.

Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
Drug Hunter, Portland, OR

Business Development Manager
Drug Hunter, Portland, OR

Research Scientist, Immuno-oncology
Gilead, Foster City, CA
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