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In this article, Servier CMC leader Dr. Thuy Tran gives us a quick explanation of what an IND is, what a clinical hold is, and why clinical holds happen for drug discovery scientists.

Most drug hunters will be involved in an IND filing at some point, whether it is providing supporting data, or organizing an entire submission on behalf of your company.

Here’s a look at what our CMC and regulatory affairs partners quarterback for us every time we want to run a new trial or something goes wrong, so you have an idea of how to thank them at the next company happy hour.
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What were the billion-dollar small molecule biotechs in 2021?
One example from 2021 is the acquisition of Constellation Pharmaceuticals by MorphoSys AG for up to $1.7B. At the time of the acquisition, Constellation focused on epigenetic drugs including pelabresib (CPI-0610), a BET bromodomain inhibitor, and …
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What were the billion-dollar large molecule biotechs in 2021?
One example from 2021 is the acquisition of Acceleron by Merck for up to $11.5B. Interestingly, the lead, sotatercept, is intended for cardiology (pulmonary aterial hypertension), a space that has been difficult in recent years and has not had nearly as much success from large molecules or biologics are other areas such as oncology or immunology.

The lead molecule, Ph. III asset sotatercept, is interesting because...
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Tired of trying to figure out how much compound you need to make for that toxicology study?

Want an estimate of human dose based on an animal study?

Check out these new calculators...

Animal Study Planner
Human Dose Estimator
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