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  • Molecules of the Month
  • Practical PK Calculators
  • Webinar: Q2 Highlights
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  • MotM Deep Dives
  • Top 10 M&A of 2021
  • Upfront Payments of 2021

This month's edition includes Principia's reversible covalent BTK inhibitors, a single-dose antimalarial, and a brain-penetrant, Ph. II kinase inhibitor for pain, among others.

Thanks to Bryan McKibben, Dennis Koester, Callie Bryan, and Christian Kuttruff for their nominations this month.

Molecules of the Month
Read more about each molecule including what's not in the papers in our Deep Dives, which cover:
  • Where are all of the Molecules of the Month in clinical development?
  • What's known about differentiation from previous molecules?
  • Where did the starting points come from?
  • Industry context, mechanism of action details, and more..
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If you’re a chemist, it’s annoying to find a chart in mass units (g/mL) when you care about concentration (M). If you're planning a big animal study, it can be annoying to figure out how much material you should have synthesized.

Together with Dr. Berenger Biannic, we put together three practical PK calculators:
  • Unit conversion from uM to ng/mL and ug/mL (and vice versa)
  • Animal study material planning calculator
  • Human equivalent dose estimator from animal dose
Try the Calculators

We reviewed all of the biotech mergers and acquisitions announced in 2021 and did a deep dive on the list of biotech M&A transactions focused on drug discovery.

In the first two parts of this Premium series, we cover:

  • The top ten overall small or large molecule drug acquisitions of 2021
  • The disclosed upfront payments in 2021's M&A transactions
  • The lead molecules in each acquisition and their structural representations
  • The mechanism of action, stage, and indication of each lead molecule, and more...
Read Part 1: Top 10 Drug Discovery M&A
Read Part 2: Upfront Payments in 2021
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Drug Discovery Highlights from Q1 2022
Drug Hunter "Flashtalk" Virtual Event
Join us for our premier Drug Hunter webinar in which we cover interesting drug discovery highlights from our articles in the first quarter of 2022, including drug approvals, Molecules of the Month, industry conferences, and other industry developments.

​The format is a Flash Talk, in which we'll quickly cover the key details so you can get caught up over a coffee break, followed by a discussion section in which we'll review questions and letters from audience members.

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