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Grab your coffee and check out ten of the most interesting and instructive small molecule case studies that appeared in the literature in Oct. 2022 below:

  1. sebetralstat - an oral, on-demand plasma kallikrein (PKa) inhibitor
  2. GDC-2394 - an oral NLRP3 inflammasome inhibitor 
  3. compound 5g - a selective CDK2 kinase inhibitor 
  4. AZD1656 - an oral glucokinase activator 
  5. JNJ-64264681 - a covalent Bruton’s tyrosine kinase inhibitor 
  6. BI-0474 - a covalent KRASG12C inhibitor
  7. compound 57 - an oral allosteric EGFRL858R inhibitor
  8. AN15368 - an oral Cleavage And Polyadenylation Specificity Factor (CAPSF) inhibitor
  9. UCB7362 - an oral plasmepsin X inhibitor 
  10. BAY-069 - a branched-chain amino acid transaminase (BCAT) 1/2 inhibitor 

Learn more about the molecules in the full reviews linked above which cover: why the molecules matter, how they were discovered, the key steps behind optimization, how the drugs work, why the targets were chosen, interesting toxicology and clinical data, and more.

drug hunter flash talk
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Meet the Founder and CEO of a Billion-Dollar CDMO, Oliver Ju

​December 1st, 7pm EST

Everyone in pharma relies on contract R&D to bring compounds to the clinic. But who's behind these critical enterprises, and what are their stories? In this upcoming Drug Hunter Flash Talk, we have an exclusive interview with the founder and CEO of a CDMO doing $600M in annual revenue, Porton Pharma Solutions Ltd. He'll tell us about his story, how and why he started Porton, and what he wishes people knew about the industry.

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