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Parshas Ki Sisa - Shlishi with Rashi

After Hashem told Moshe that He would send a malach with the Yidden instead of Hashem Himself, Moshe said that he doesn’t agree! He asked Hashem to please take care of the Yidden Himself.

Hashem said okay, that He would go with the Yidden Himself.

Moshe said, “Yes, that’s what we want — without Hashem coming, we don’t want to go to Eretz Yisroel at all!”

Moshe also asked for another thing: That the Yidden be different (Veniflinu) than any other nations — Hashem should only dwell among the Yidden.



72 - 76

For today’s Tehillim, we will learn something from the maamar Ve’ata Tetzaveh, which the Rebbe gave out to all Chassidim in 770 — men, women, and children — on Purim Katan in the year Tof-Shin-Nun-Beis, together with two dollars and a piece of Lekach.

In Kapitel Ayin-Beis (72), there is a posukMi Li Bashamayim Ve’imcha Lo Chofatzti Ba’aretz.” “Do I need Shomayim? And I don’t want what’s with You in the world.” (In the year 5733, Chassidim put these words to the tune of a Niggun Simcha. It starts with the words Yifrach Beyamav Tzadik. In some versions of the niggun, these words are sung in the second half of the song.)

The Tzemach Tzedek said that the Alter Rebbe often used to say that this posuk means that he doesn’t want what’s WITH Hashem, like Gan Eden or Olam Haba. He just wants Hashem Himself!

In the maamar, the Rebbe writes that since this became known to all of us, it means that we can feel this way too! Knowing about what the Alter Rebbe wanted gives the koach to every Yid to want the same thing — Gilui Ho’Atzmus, that Hashem should be revealed. And not only that Hashem should be revealed to us, but that Hashem should be revealed in EVERY part of the world!

This will happen completely when Moshiach comes. Until then, we should be upset that we are still in Golus, and every day we should ask Hashem many times to bring the Geulah! We should use all of the kochos that Hashem gives us to bring Moshiach now, when we there will be Gilui Ho’Atzmus — Hashem Himself will be revealed in the world!



Likutei Amarim Perek Chof-Tes

We are learning how to get rid of Timtum Halev, so that the light of our neshama can shine in our heart and make us interested and excited about the Elokus we know. The reason for the timtum is the gaava of the Yetzer Hara. Therefore, the eitzah is to think something that will make us feel humble. By thinking about how low the guf is, it won’t be able to block the neshama from its connection with Hashem.

We learned before to think about how the Yetzer Hara is able to do things against the Ratzon of Hashem. And not only CAN it do that, if we think about the past, we will realize that we HAVE let the Yetzer Hara do this! Even if we did teshuvah already, we need to do a higher level of teshuvah.

Today we learn that even if a person didn’t have any serious aveiros from the past to think about, there’s something else that he can think about to make himself feel humble:

Make a Cheshbon Hanefesh about all of the things he thought about, said, or did during his whole life.

It says in Zohar that every time a person thinks about something that is kedusha, his mind is a tool (Merkava) for kedusha, but ANY thought that is NOT kedusha is using his mind to help tumah R”L. Any thought that wasn’t specifically Lesheim Shomayim is automatically a thought connected to tumah — and the same is true with things we say or do.

Thinking about that will make a person humble and take away the chutzpa of the Yetzer Hara.



Yud-Daled Adar Alef

We don’t say Tachanun on Purim Katan.

The Rebbe Maharash told the Rebbe Rashab that his father, the Tzemach Tzedek picked the maamarim in Likutei Torah (about 250 of them), from 2,000 maamarim that the Alter Rebbe had said!



Shiur #172 - Mitzvas Lo Saasei #130, #129

Today we learn two mitzvos that show us how holy a korban is! We need to make sure it doesn’t get Tomei.

1) (Mitzvas Lo Saasei #130) We are not allowed to eat meat from a korban if it became tomei.

We learn this mitzvah from a posuk in Parshas Tzav: וְהַבָּשָׂר אֲשֶׁר יִגַּע בְּכָל טָמֵא לֹא יֵאָכֵל

2) (Mitzvas Lo Saasei #129) A tomei person isn’t allowed to eat the meat of a korban.

We learn this mitzvah from a posuk in Parshas Tazria: בְּכָל קֹדֶשׁ לֹא תִגָּע

The details of both of these mitzvos are explained in Perek Yud-Gimmel of Mesechta Zevachim.



Hilchos Pesulei HaMukdashin

In today’s Rambam, we are learning about things that can make a korban (or part of a korban) posul.

Perek Yud-Alef: In this perek, we learn what can make a Korban Mincha posul.

Perek Yud-Beis: This perek talks about what can make the korban for Shavuos (Shtei Halechem), Lechem Hapanim, or Korban Todah posul.

Perek Yud-Gimmel: What the kohen is thinking about when he shechts the korban is very important! There are certain thoughts that can make the Korban not good (like we learned earlier in Sefer Hamitzvos).



Hilchos Pesulei HaMukdashin - Perek Ches

In today’s Rambam, we learn about when Korbanos might need to be brought again.

If birds for Korbanos get mixed up, we need to know what to do.



Purim Katan

Today is a Yom Tov! In a leap year (like this year) we have TWO Purims — a regular Purim in the second Adar, and Purim Katan in the first Adar.

On the Chassidishe calendar, Purim Katan is a very special day!

Years ago in Russia, there was a law that it was asur to teach Torah to anyone who wasn’t 18 years old yet.

In the year 5687 (Tof-Reish-Pey-Zayin), the Frierdiker Rebbe was traveling in Moscow. A big group of Chassidim gathered to hear a maamar on Purim Katan. During this maamar, the Frierdiker Rebbe talked about how Mordechai Hatzadik had Mesiras Nefesh for chinuch, especially to teach children Torah! And now, just like in the time of Purim, the chassidim have to be ready to have Mesiras Nefesh for this too! (You can read more about this amazing maamar in the Adar Alef volume of the Chassidishe Derher, 5774: https://derher.org/archive/archive-5774/)

The Friediker Rebbe knew that people from the government were listening to him when he told the chassidim to do something illegal, but he didn’t care. In fact, this was one of the reasons why the Frierdiker Rebbe was sent to jail.

The Rebbe would talk about this maamar often, and the very last maamar the Rebbe gave out, called “Ve’ata Tetzaveh,” was based on this maamar. The Rebbe would remind us that we don’t need to have the same kind of Mesiras Nefesh for chinuch today as we needed to have in Russia, but today we need to have a different kind of Mesiras Nefesh!

The Mesiras Nefesh we need today is even though it’s a lot easier than it was then, we need to still remember that we are in Golus and use all of our kochos to bring Moshiach as fast as possible!


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Kapitel Chof

After the second Ashrei in Shacharis, we say Kapitel Chof.

There are many reasons for saying Kapitel Chof here.

One of them is that we learn from Dovid Hamelech to say this kapitel after Shemoneh Esrei. Dovid Hamelech asked Hashem for Rachmonus with Kapitel Chof after saying the first 18 kapitelach of Tehillim (Kapitel Alef and Beis are sometimes counted as one). We also ask Hashem for Rachmonus with Kapitel Chof, after saying the 18 (now 19) brachos of Shemoneh Esrei!

Even though this kapitel was said when Dovid Hamelech was going through certain hard times, it is also a nevuah for the times of Moshiach! Then, a king from the family of Dovid Hamelech will bring the Yidden to the Geulah. That is why we say it here, right before the section of Uva Letzion Goel, which speaks about Moshiach.

According to our nusach, we don’t say Kapitel Chof in davening on a day when we don’t say Tachanun (like today). Still, the Frierdiker Rebbe taught that this kapitel is very important! We say it as a part of the Tehillim after davening if we don’t say it in davening, to make sure we say it every day.



Purim Katan

In Shulchan Aruch, there is a discussion on how we celebrate Purim Katan. We don’t say Tachanun, but should we have a Purim Seudah? The Rama (who paskens the halachos for the Ashkenazim) says that it’s not our minhag to have a seudah, but it’s good to have a little bit of a fancier meal, to fulfill the opinions that say we should have a seudah.

And then, the Rama writes (the very last words in the whole Sefer Orach Chayim!), “Tov Leiv Mishteh Tamid” — a person who has a good heart always looks for reasons to celebrate!


Purim Katan is also 30 days before Purim, so now is a good time to make sure to plan well for all of your Purim mivtzoyim!

לעילוי נשמת הרה״ח ר׳ דניאל יצחק ע״ה בן ר׳ אפרים שי׳ מאסקאוויץ
שליח כ"ק אדמו"ר נשיא דורנו למדינת אילינוי



When the Golus Will Feel Short

Right now, the Golus feels REALLY long.

But when Moshiach comes, we will see how short it really was!

In the Navi Yeshaya, it says, “BeRega Katon Azavtich, Uverachamim Gedolim Akabtzeich.” Hashem says, “I have left you for a small moment, and with much Rachamim I will gather you.”

Once we feel Hashem’s tremendous Rachmonus when He gathers us together in the time of the Geulah, we will realize that the time Hashem left us in Golus was only a Rega Katon, a short moment.

See Otzar Pisgomei Chabad p. 412

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