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Grand News #9, 2016
Science horror from Grand Agency

Three questions to
Peter Stjernström

In which genre would you place The Cage Girl?

It’s a suspense novel but it also carries some supernatural elements that makes it different from traditional crime novels. It’s dark, mysterious and very dramatic. In my thrillers, including The Butterfly Boy, I use scientific enigmas as a backdrop. My goal is to place the reader in a horror limbo so he or she really can’t tell where the boundaries between reality and fiction go.

One theme is about agricultural poisons and the death of bees. Tell us about it.

As always, the most dramatic things occur in real life. Right now, billions of pollinating bees around the world are being threatened by mass extinction. And if they die, so will millions of people. The biggest villains in this true and sad story are poisons based on so called neonicotinoids. And this synthetic chemical plays an important role in The Cage Girl.

How many science horror books can we expect?

Well, there are a lot of exciting scientific mysteries out there, so who knows? All books will be stand-alone adventures where the reader meets the same protagonists, the half-siblings Jonas and Nelly, who we first met in The Butterfly Boy. They are equipped with extraordinary intuition. And I promise, the next book will be equally hair-raising.

Words from the agent

Truth is stranger than fiction. Whatever unbelievable or fantastic stories authors come up with, there is often something in real life that is even more eccentric or far-fetched. In Peter Stjernström’s novels about the extraordinary and gifted Jonas and Nelly, it’s easy to think that all the connections to real natural science has sprung from the author’s fantasy. Actually, it was the magic and overwhelming facts of mother nature in combination with the sad truth about how we humans have distorted our environment, that set off the author’s fantasy already in The Butterfly Boy. The sequel, The Cage Girl is passionate and breathtaking and will have you hooked from the first page. 

Lotta Jämtsved Millberg
Grand Agency

Author phot: Peter Ramberg. 
Agent photo: Jesper Anhede

The Cage Girl

Peter Stjernström

Aron is an odd young man who loves bees and beekeeping. His father died in a brutal and strange way before his eyes, and since then, he wants revenge. But on whom? Aron follows his instinct which takes him far from home but closer to his origin. Dramatic stories of a foolish experiment, an imprisoned cage girl and evil forces roll up.
Nelly and Jonas are, since the experiments that were performed on them as children, equipped with extreme intuition and an increasingly symbiotic friendship. They have decided to do something positive of their fate. But the remarkable power is unpredictable. Sometimes it puts a spoke in the wheel.
Nelly, Jonas and  Aron have something in common, but what? The connections reach far back in time, to one of science's darkest chapters. One fatal mistake that set mankind’s life conditions at stake.
The Cage Girl is a standalone sequel to The Butterfly Boy and an elevated thriller about love, friendship and ruthless anger. And about the bees, the vital but endangered small animals that make sure the plants we eat are pollinated.

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Published in Sweden by Bladh by Bladh

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