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Update 3.2.0 Brings High Demand New Features To Venture's Event Manager

We're pleased to announce that everyone is running the latest Venture Event Manager update and with it, ushers in some of the biggest improvements of the year!

Event Occurrence Categories

Occurrence Categories are very similar to standard event categories except they can be assigned on a per-occurrence basis. They provide the following enhanced functionality:
  1. An additional taxonomy to use for filtering Event Listings and Calendars
  2. An additional frontend Taxonomy Search Filter for Event Listings.
  3. A new Event Field "super chunk" you can include in Event Listing and Single Event Layouts (both global and override).
  4. A new front display value on Event Calendars.
  5. A super cool frontend filter for Event Calendars that allows site visitors to narrow the occurrence results by only showing their selected occurrence categories.

Creating Occurrence Categories

  1. Go to "Events > Occurrence Categories."
  2. Enter the name of the category.
    1. Note: this will appear to site visitors as the super chunk label and the calendar filter buttons.
    2. You want to keep these as short as possible to help prevent clunky looking calendar filter buttons. Even better is when you can keep all category titles within +/- 10 characters.
  3. Upload an optional icon. in png, jpg, or svg format.
    1. We recommend png with transparent background layers or svg files. While jpg format is usable, it may cause undesired display variations.
    2. Single color, white (#FFFFFF) or black (#000000) work best. The system applies the same smart color filters to the icon as it does to text in that it changes the color to white or black basked on the background color (which is sometimes defined by the event category color you select).
    3. Typically, square aspect ratio 24px wide by 24px high work best but you can experiment to find a size that looks best with your font size settings.
  4. To edit or delete existing categories, select the category name.

Assigning Categories To Occurrences

Inside the "Event Details" metabox, you'll notice a brand-new column next to the First and Second Ticket fields labeled "Categories."
  1. Check off any applicable categories.
That's all there is to it!

Getting Occurrence Categories To Show Inside Event Listings

You can add the "Occurrence Categories" super chunk module from either the global Event Listing settings or the Event Listing Layout override.
  1. Drag the "Occurrences" super chunk module into the "Event Fields > Include These" column at the position where you want the meta to appear within the list of event meta.
  2. Drag the "Occurrence Categories" super chunk module into the "Occurrence Fields > Include These" column at the position where you want the meta to appear within the list of event meta.

Include An Occurrence Category Filter Above Event Calendars

  1. From the Event Calendar admin panel, check the "Occurrence Category Filter" option.
That's all there is to it. Once you do, a list of all existing occurrence categories will appear above the calendar as filter buttons.
Note: by default, this option is unchecked for all existing calendars.

Getting Occurrence Categories To Show Inside Single Event Page Layouts

This process is identical to the Event Listing process except you'll carry it out on the global Single Event Page layout settings panel or the per-event layout override on the Single Event admin panel.
  1. Drag the "Occurrences" super chunk module into the "Event Fields > Include These" column at the position where you want the meta to appear within the list of event meta.
  2. Drag the "Occurrence Categories" super chunk module into the "Occurrence Fields > Include These" column at the position where you want the meta to appear within the list of event meta.
Bonus: this option is also available on all Archived Single Event layouts.

Using Occurrence Categories To Filter Which Events Show In Listings And Calendars

On all Event Listing and Event Calendar admin panels, you'll notice a new "Occurrence Categories" metabox. Selecting one or more of these categories will limit events included in the display to those with occurrences that have the corresponding categories assigned.

Here's What Your Site Visitors Experience

Calendar Event Filters

  1. Here's an Occurrence Category functioning as a calendar filter. You can see both the text title and the icon are in use. Both appear in the order of event meta displayed inside each calendar event.
  2. In the popup display, you can see where the system applies the smart filters to turn the icon and title black, so it shows with enough contrast over the white background.
  3. If an occurrence has multiple occurrence categories assigned, each one will display in alphabetical order.
  4. When a site visitor selects filters the calendar view using a category, the system will only display occurrences that have the corresponding category assigned.
  5. If a site visitor selects multiple categories, the system will include every occurrence in that month to display.

Occurrence Filters Work On Panel and Stacked Calendars Too!

The filters work exactly the same way on all panel and stacked calendars. It's 100% automatic so you don't have to do a thing inside the settings panels!

Event Listings And Single Event Pages

Frontend display on Event Listings and Single Event Pages is very straightforward in that the occurrence category name and icon appear at the point you inserted them in the drag and drop layout.
  1. If multiple occurrence categories are assigned, they will be display in-line as opposed to one per line as it the case on Calendars.

Brain Overload?

It's okay, we know this is a lot of awesome to absorb so we want to make sure everyone knows that we're happy to set up a time for your own personal zoom teleconference tutorial on all of these new features and how they can be of benefit to you and your organization. Just reach out to ask about scheduling a time.

In the meantime, here are some ideas to get you started on how event occurrences can be useful:
  1. Indicating sensory friendly and accessibility driven performances.
  2. Indicating performances with special pre or post show events.
  3. Indicating performances that offer special discounts for subscribers or members.
We have no doubt our users will come up with all sorts of creative and productive ways to use this features and we can't wait to see them!
I would Like To Schedule An Event Occurrences Zoom Tutorial
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