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REMEMBER: never perform updates directly, we do all of that for you :)

COVID-19 Cancellation Assistance

We know that many of you are navigating a number of challenges regarding cancellations and rescheduling events in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. 


We're offering a variety of assistance options:

Adding Messages To Your Site

  1. Venture will add whatever message you need to inform patrons of cancellations or rescheduled event activity.
  2. Messages can be plain text or include links, buttons, etc. 
  3. We recommend keeping messages as concise as possible.
In order to get a message up on your site, we need the following:
  1. Message copy.
  2. If copy includes links, please be sure to include the full URL target.
  3. Confirm the date/time the message should go live.
Get Help Adding A Message To Your Site

Modifying Event Information

  1. There are a number of options you can exercise when it comes to editing event information.
  2. Venture will review your options so you can decide which way forward works best.
  3. If needed, Venture will assist with editing events, listings, and/or calendars.
Get Help Editing Events

For Advanced Forms Users: Creating Cancellation & Refund Requests

  1. Venture will create a form you can use to gather all of the ticket buyer's information needed to process a cancellation or refund
  2. We will need all of the form field copy/questions written out. We can help you create questions if needed.
  3. Venture will install the form into a dedicated page then remove when no longer needed.
  4. You will need to confirm the date/time the message should go live.
Get Help Creating Forms

Remote Content Management Assistance

  1. We realize some of our users may not be equipped to manage website content management tasks remotely in a secure or timely fashion.
  2. If you need assistance, contact Drew McManus via email or call 312-465-2895 and let him know what you need assistance with. He'll help you figure out the best way forward and schedule tasks you aren't able to complete directly.
Get Help With Content Management

All Work Fees Related To COVID-19 Related Work Will Be Waived

  1. Regardless which user level you subscribe, any and all work related to helping you post announcement and process requests will be performed free of charge.
  2. This includes messaging support, creating and testing forms, and content management tasks.
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