Learn why you should beta release and how to Ease into 5k with our latest app.

Mobile Mashup, March 2012

Beta Anyone? Don't be afraid to beta release your app

To truly know when you’re ready to release your app you need to go back to Day One (or at least Week One) of your app development process and ask yourself: Has your app achieved its fundamental functionality? If the answer is yes, get it out as a beta.

It’s imperative that you define what functionality means at the outset, so when you get there, you’ll know it. Sure, the development process can get tricky and you should adapt to changing conditions and requirements, but the essential objective and basic components of your app likely won’t change much unless you have substantially changed your business model or approach.

You will benefit from releasing early and releasing often.The point of app development isn’t to create a finished, stagnant product, but to create useful, adaptable resource. According to a statistic recently put out by mobile apps marketplace analysis firm Mobilewalla, there are nearly a million apps available to consumers, but how many of these apps are actually updated and maintained, 20%…40%?

Wouldn’t you prefer to have your app exist within that minority percentage? Especially knowing that that minority represents the truly useful, graceful and fundamentally cutting-edge section of the development space. I know I would.

This article by Metova President Kevin Ross was originally published on FierceDeveloper.com. Read the full article here.

Featured App: Ease into 5k

Category: Health & Fitness
Seller: Bluefin Software, LLC
Platform: Get the app now for Android and iOS

Helping beginner and intermediate runners achieve their training goals, Bluefin Software’s full suit of apps includes Ease into 5K, Ease into 10K, Bridge to 10K, Novice Half Marathon and Bootcamp, among others.

Through established partnerships with respected trainers, the apps enable users to follow custom training plans and stay-on-track with their goals. Users can share workouts on Facebook and Twitter and can track their workouts with GPS. The $2.99 apps also feature audio alerts, in-app playlists and a journal. 

Bluefin Software Founder Alex Stankovic developed the iOS version of Ease into 5K in early 2009, and joined with Metova to create the Android version in 2011.

“People are blown away with how they can stick with the plan and get to a 5K in eight weeks,” said Stankovic. “There is something innately motivating about having an app with a schedule laid out, and once you complete a workout, you can mark it as complete.”

In December, Stankovic released a new iOS power walking app. The 12-week program follows the same principle as the Ease into 5K app, gradually getting those unable to run ready for a 5K power walk.

Did you know?

Android is the #1 mobile operating system in the United States. comScore data shows that Google holds over 49% of the U.S. smartphone platform market share, with Apple ranking second at just under 30%.

Do you have an Android app? If not, you’re missing out on the dominant and fastest growing platform in the industry.

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