May the gainzzzz be with you! 
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BCF May Newsletter

At the Box with Mike Ford 

First of all, congrats to all!! You all have been working super hard and many of you are making gains almost daily. So glad to see such consistent improvement in so many of you. We also have many new members. Be sure to bring them into the group and make them feel a part of the BCF community. Our community is what makes us great. 

Summer is coming and if you are looking to lean up or add muscle mass please check out the 30 day challenge info. This stuff works, period. 

As far as programming goes, we will be hitting a strength cycle in May. It will last 9-10 weeks and include slow lifts and O-lifts. We will be working the lactic system (30-90s) along with Alactic system (10-30s). These are those super fun sets that make you feel like you’ve done something….as soon as you can stand and see. Seriously, they will improve your fitness if you give them your all. We will hit 1-2 aerobic sessions/week as well to maintain the base. Thursdays are a great day for aerobic recovery. Do 30-60 min easy rowing/running/swimming. Add in some skill work and that will make for a good day.

Housekeeping – be sure to put away ALL your gear when you are done and help out your buddy as well. J-hooks need to stay off the floor, they are a trip hazard if left on the floor. Turn them around when doing wallballs. Also be sure to take your gear home. We have ropes, belts, wraps, bottles left here all the time. Please take them home. 

With the warmer weather coming be sure to stay hydrated. You need at least ¾ BW in ounces per day if you are an athlete (which you are). Also look out for BBQs. We like to throw some burgers on the grill on a Friday PM, maybe a cold one to wash it down. Coming soon for sure.

Keep up the great work and let’s be consistent this spring/summer. You won’t regret it. Being healthy is a lifestyle, not a temporary gig. Make it a part of your identity. You can do it!!


Ready for summer?
Spring into your healthiest self with our 30 day challenge! 

Spring into Summer Isagenix Challenge!

Best Body Transformations Win:

1st Place $500
2nd Place $300
3rd Place $200
What do you have to lose? Isagenix offers a 30 day money back guarantee plus you have a gym and a team of coaches to help you succeed. Time to make a change for you! 
Grab Mike, Christine or Mel for more information or to get signed up! 

Why Isagenix? 

What I like about the Isagenix program is that it is easy and the results are sustainable. I first started using the protein and vitamins in the fall of 2014. I lost a few unwanted pounds and gained a ton of energy. I honestly couldn't remember when I had felt better. I still wanted to lean up more but wasn't quite ready to try a cleanse day. For the time, I was content with feeling amazing even though I still had body composition goals. One day in May 2015, the flip switched and I felt ready to incorporate the cleanse days into my routine. I headed to Nutrishop, had a body scan done, and embarked on my 30 Day program. After the 30 days, I kept going, adding a cheat meal once per week. (Oh Blizzards, how I do adore you!). At the end of summer, I got another body scan done. I had lost 5% body fat. I was thrilled with that and pleasantly surprised that I lost 0 muscle. On top of that, my performance in the gym improved. Fast forward a few months and the holidays came and went as well as a few vacations. I got out of the habit of cleansing on a regular basis, but did here and there, I kept taking the vitamins and had one to two shakes per day. I went to Nutrishop two weeks ago to get another scan done because I'm ready to take on this gym challenge with you. The scan showed I had put on 2# of muscle and lost a little more body fat. I would not be able to sustain this plan if I had low energy, it was difficult to plan for, or I had to be 100% compliant. I eat real food every day as well as great whey protein from grass fed cows. It's easy to use and cost effective when we travel. I believe everyone has to find what works for them, and for me the Isagenix program has been my answer to feeling good and leaning out. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. 

- Coach Dawna
Why Isagenix? In May of 2013 I reached out to a friend in need of something to help with my energy and overall feeling of well-being.  After 30 days on the system I felt amazing…my energy was through the roof, I finally was sleeping through the night and I lost a few unwanted pounds.  Since I started I have lost 6% body fat and gained muscle mass.  I’ve been using Isagenix for nearly 3 years and can’t imagine my life without these incredible products.  Most diets/cleanses I have tried in the past were too hard or complicated to maintain for a lifetime.  Isagenix is sustainable.  I haven’t been perfect the last few months and still continued to drop body fat.  I still have a cocktail, cheat meal or treat from time to time and it doesn’t ruin everything.  I continue to drop body fat, gain muscle and I feel amazing.  The company is the real deal.  I have met the owners and know that they will stop at nothing to make sure we all have the best quality products on the market.  I love having these products when we travel.  We save a ton of money.  I eat delicious food every day as well as supplements and my yummy shakes complete with the best whey protein on the market.  This program has been a blessing to me and I feel strongly that many would benefit.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

- Coach Christine

Save the date! August 6th! 

We are going to have a super awesome, in house only, anniversary competition! Think Grid style, lots of fun, and a BBQ after!

Open to ALL LEVELS! More information coming but mark you calendars and sign up now! 

You must sign up sooner than later! You will not be able to sign up after June 30th! 
Click here to sign up now!

No Class - Sunday May 22

Bring a Friend - Saturday June 4

No Class - Saturday August 6 (Painful Eight competition - sign up now!) 
Do you have a friend interested in checking out Beaverton CrossFit?  
Have them come try a free class! 

Saturday May 7th and June 4th - bring a friend to any of the classes for free! 
Free intro classes are a great way for someone new to CrossFit to check out the gym. Have them fill out a waiver online ahead of time to make things easier on your friend and your coaches! 

BCF New Athlete Online Waiver 

You can also pass along Mel's contact information or send an email with your friend's info and we will reach out! 
Phone: 503-828-5136 

Athlete of the Month - Julie Peterson

Those of us that train at 11:30 each day are very familiar with Julie Peterson. Julie is a regular at class and rarely misses. Julie’s consistency is admirable and something we should all strive to accomplish. Julie has come leaps and bounds since starting CrossFit. Her overall strength has improved and her conditioning is going well. In CrossFit we talk about how it helps you in the gym and in our outside lives. Julie recently proved that to be true when she qualified for 2 swimming events (outside of CrossFit, obviously). We are very proud of Julie for accomplishing this goal of hers. 

If you’re looking someone to emulate when it comes to mobility/flexibility, look no further. Julie’s yoga has made her very mobile (watch her squat). Very upright torso and deep squats are no problem. Julie always has a smile and positive attitude in class, regardless of the WOD. And always positive things to say. A great example for all of us. You can catch Julie’s husband Fred in class as well.  A family setting great health and exercise goals for their kids. Awesome to see. I look forward to Julie’s continued gains and seeing how she does in her swim competitions. Be sure to hit her up with a high 5 and congrats when you see her. Great work Julie!!

- Mike 
Wow, when Mel told me I was Athlete of the Month I was beyond flattered. BCF has a group of wonderfully talented and kind individuals all of whom have inspired me.

I've been involved in sports, specifically competitive swimming, since I was 12 years old. I swam in high school, college, and now on a masters swim team. I've recently had a very successful meet this past April and will be competing at the U.S Swimming Nationals in August. There is no doubt that CrossFit has helped me tremendously in reaching this goal.

I started Crossfit in October 2014 when I hit a plateau in my previous training program and could no longer run with my two boys in my double stroller. I researched several gyms and programs around the Beaverton area and kept coming back to CrossFit. I needed something that was going to test my limits and complement my swim training. I'll be honest I was so nervous the first three months of CrossFit I think I sweated more on my drive to the box than I did in class. But, slowly over time, I realized that it's not about how fast you run, or how heavy your lifts are. It's about improving yourself and going on an amazing personal journey. 

When I started at BCF I knew absolutely nothing about Oly lifts, competitions, couldn't do a pullup, climb a rope, and many other elements. My Oly lifts are progressing and I can now do pullups and get up the rope. I thought there was no way on earth would I ever do a CrossFit competition, but my husband Fred and I competed in the Valentine's Day Massacre and we had the best time. I've been bitten by the competition bug! 

I was asked what Coach or person inspires me at BCF, and without sounding too corny, everyone has. Every Coach has given me great information to get me one step further in my journey. We all lead busy lives and the fact that we are all making time to better ourselves is inspiration in itself.

Thank you to the coaches, Mike, Christine and Mel. Your passion for fitness and people truly show and we are lucky to have a place like BCF.
- Julie 

Your April Monthly Challenge Winners! 

Aaron Johnston & Colleen Hill

May Monthly Challenge!

Bottom of Front Squat Hold - Max Time

If you do as prescribed, make sure you hit "RX" when entering score!
Put your score in Wodify - that is where we will pull winners from!
Winners will get a choice of a tub of Isagenix IsaPro Whey or a tub of Isagenix AMPED Power. 

Make sure you put these events on your calendar! 


May 16 - 30 Day Nutrition Challenge kicks off 

May 20-22 - NorthWest Games Regionals at the Moda Center 

August 6th - In House Anniversary Competition 

October 1st - Bulldog Battle Series presents 2016 Fall Brawl

Start Them Young! 

Ok, maybe not that young... 

We will have our teen summer program again this year! This is going to be a great way to keep your kids active and engaged over the summer months. 

Who: teens going into 8th grade to 18 years old 
Starts: in June after public school gets out
Time: 10:30 - 11:30 AM 
When: Monday through Friday
Cost: $125 a month for unlimited, $145 for a 10 pass drop in (only applicable to the teen classes) 

We will put out more information as we get closer, but if you want to be put on the list or have questions - email Mel today at 

Private Coaching at BCF

What is your nemesis? Double-unders? Handstand push-ups? Maybe you want to get a muscle up before the Open. Whatever it is... the BCF coaching staff can help you! 
All of our coaches are available by appointment for private coaching sessions. 
15 min - $22.50
30 min - $45.00
45 min - $67.50
60 min - $90.00
Click here to email to get more information! 
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