“If you can’t outplay them, outwork them.”
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BCF August Newsletter

Thank you to all the judges, volunteers and supporters who came out last Saturday! These events would not happen without you!
Stay tuned for the next competition in the Bulldog Battle Series!
- Mike, Christine, Mel and Duchess 

At the Box with Mike Ford 

Is it me or does it seem like summer is closing in on its end?  Man that was fast! August is here and then kids will be back to school before we know it. (yes!)  We had a nice long heat spell that made training a little more difficult but you all persevered well. Although it seems cooler out, we still need to hydrate throughout the day. You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces (water) at a minimum. So a 200# man should be consuming 100oz daily minimum. Keep your bottle full and sip on it throughout the day.

You have been hitting some pretty hard and longer workouts this last month, trying to build your aerobic capacity up. Some things people have asked is how this benefits us as athletes as it is a lower intensity. The larger aerobic base you have will allow you to do more work in less time as we incorporate more intense intervals. So a 30 min WOD where you did “X” amount of work can be performed in 20-25 min or less. This can continue on as your intensity increases.  

Intensity is a relative term. What is 90-100% effort for “A” may be 80-85% for “B”….don’t compare yourself to others unless you know you are close in work capacity. It is not the same. A new athlete may go 100% on a 5 min WOD and not finish while a seasoned person will be done in 2-3 min and recover quickly. This is why we scale!!  When we call for high intensity it means we want you working quickly and moving well. If you are staring at the bar or moving in poor ROM, you are not getting the response we are looking for.  It is important to listen to the coaches when they tell you to scale. We are thinking about big picture. Plus, you put yourself at risk if you are using too heavy a weight or moving poorly. No one cares if you can snatch or do pushups incorrectly.  Be the best you can be, listen to the coaches and improvements will come. 

Hooverball was a blast as always, Team USA wins again!  Look for possible dates in September for a re-match….again. (check out some pictures Rod took here!) 

We will continue on with conditioning with strength components until end of Aug (roughly), then start a new strength cycle.  Try to get in 3-4 times a week, work your skills, and ask for help if needed.  We are here for you to get better and fitter so get after it. Cheers!


The Summer Athlete Training Program is still going! We will continue until school starts!
Time for conditioning for fall sports!

Monday - Friday @ 10:30 am 

 Training will include but not be limited to:
“Slow” lifts - squat, press, bench, deadlift
Olympic lifts - clean & jerk, snatch
Agility, conditioning and mobility 
  Linear strength progression
Personalized programs tailored to each athlete
Email Mel to get your kid signed up!

We are going to be sampling IsaPro after classes! 
Monday, August 17th Mel will be there sampling out IsaPro! 
Make sure you try some and ask Mel or Christine if you have any questions! 

What is IsaPro?
IsaPro contains 18 grams of high-quality, undenatured whey protein concentrate. Available in Vanilla and NEW Chocolate!
Why do I need IsaPro?
Extra protein is necessary for anyone starting a weight-loss or work out program, trying to break through a weight-loss plateau, or dealing with age-related muscle mass and function loss. When you need more protein, IsaPro is the perfect addition to any meal.
How does it work?
Whey is the most effective protein for building and maintaining lean muscle and burning fat with a complete branched-chain amino acid profile.
How can I use IsaPro?
IsaPro is one of the most versatile protein products offered. Use as a protein boost to your smoothies, mix with water for a post-workout shake, or add to a fun recipe to change it up. 
Perfect for athletes! 
IsaPro is just the thing for high-protein diets and post-workout shakes for recovery.


Congratulations to our July Monthly Challenge winners!
Christine Ford (32 reps) and HP Park (48 reps), you both are amazing athletes!
Make sure you see Mel for your prize! 

August Monthly Challenge! 

Max dead hang! 

Hang onto that bar as long as you can! 

Make sure you hit "RX" when entering score! Put your score in Wodify that is where we will pull winners from! 

Make sure you put these events on your calendar! 


BBQ and Make-a-Wish Plaques 
Friday, September 11th

Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run  
Saturday, September 18th 

Hooverball - Team USA Defending
 Saturday, September 26th

Halloween WOD - Costumes required
Saturday, October 31st

Wishing on a WOD
Saturday, December 5th 

Athletes of the Month - Lisa and Dave 

Dave Mosher and Lisa Romary of the 8:45am class.

One year as of this September? Is that it? After this short period of time Dave and Lisa have become mainstays in the 8:45am class, regularly attending 4-5 classes a week, and always showing up with a smile and enthusiasm to get a sweat going. These are the kind of people we as a community are lucky to have. Even when injured  you won’t hear a peep of complaint from either of these athletes, just a question of what movement can be used to scale or replace anything they may not be able to do that particular day. From day one both have been very receptive to coaching and are always eager to learn, a great recipe for success!!

Dave is one of the most skilled handymen I have ever met and with Lisa’s guidance his projects only become more elaborate and complicated, haha. Lisa is a very talented massage therapist who is always willing to give you a tip on how to loosen up if you’re feeling stiff. In addition to being great all around people Dave and Lisa are also big Oregon State University Beaver fans, which only solidifies their kindness, loyalty, and work ethic, I think we can all agree on that.

If you have yet to meet Dave and Lisa be sure to clear time in your schedule to make it to an 8:45am class sometime. These two are also very active at our social events, having a great time at last year’s holiday casino night and regularly attending our barbecue events. You will see them rolling up in a beautiful, purple, Pontiac GTO, most likely listening to a little Jimi Hendrix. Congratulations to the Beaverton CrossFit couple on being named athletes of the month, it is well deserved!!

- Chad-Robert Judy


I am a massage therapist. I stopped working a little over two years ago because of a repetitive elbow injury to both of my elbows. As a result I gained 20 lbs., and was in poor shape. I worked out a couple of times a week, but I needed more. We joined CF in November of 2014.

Since starting CF I have lost 10 lbs, but my skinny clothes are fitting again. I am very pleasantly surprised how my body has changed shape. But more importantly is how much better I feel. I struggle with Fibromyalgia, and although I have to drag my self to the Box many days, working out has really improved my overall symptoms. I have a lot more energy, and I am in the best shape of my life. When I first started I couldn't even do a burpie or lunge my own body weight. Not to mention my inability to run 200 meters. Now I usually do the whole work out. Yes I scale my weight and sometimes my run, but I have achieved several of the first goals I set for myself.

The coaches and people are what keep me coming back. Everyone is always so encouraging and supportive. I have a long way to go to achieve all my goals, but with all the support I receive, I believe I can achieve things I would never have tried before.

This 60 year old Young lady is going to be Feisty in her "Old" age. Largely because of BCF.


When I first came to BCF in Oct 2014 I thought I was in fairly decent shape. I had retired in Aug. 2012 after 44 years working on the waterfront as a longshoreman. I was walking a couple of miles every day, but after my first on-boarding class I knew I had a LONG way to go!
My goal then and now is to continue to improve and get better everyday.
Probably the thing that's most important to me about BCF is the friendliness and support of the other members and trainers. No matter how much or how little I'm able to do in a workout people are encouraging me to do my best.
Maybe my favorite part of being a member of BCF is to be able to say I'm the only 65 > year old there.
My "Ah Ha" came when I realized that me and everyone else were only competing against ourselves. As long as I'm doing my best I'm a winner.
Everyday that I come into BCF, everyone I see--members and trainers alike--inspire me to continue!

Did you LOVE the food at the competition last weekend? We did too! The great thing about Ark Elements, you can get the food delivered to the gym and take it home every week! We need 10 interested people to make BCF a drop off location. 
How it works: 

1. Sign up for their weekly newsletter
Menus are posted each Sunday for the following week. You’ll receive an email each Sunday to let you know the new menu is available.

You have until 12pm on Friday of that week to submit your orders for the following week. Space is limited at each drop location so get your orders in early.

2. Select the items you’d like for the week.
There is a minimum of $55 for all orders.

3. Check out and select your pick-up location.
All orders are personalized and delivered to your selected drop location on Tuesday by Noon and available for pick up during open hours after delivery.
Ready to order your Ark meals? Contact Mel if you are interested and she will get you set up! :) 


The Tabata Protocol Workout

Never heard of the Tabata Protocol Workout? Created by Izumi Tabata, the Tabata Protocol is simply the best supra-aerobic cardio workout every discovered.

"The rate of increase in V02max is one of the highest ever reported." - Izumi Tabata, Japan

"Fat burn is greater when exercise intensity is high." - Metabolism

With only 8 minutes (give or take) every 3 days, you can turn your body into a fat-burning super-engine.

When you create an Oxygen Debt (read: heavy panting) your body has burned off all of the blood sugar (glycogen) it has and needs to replace all of that energy. It does this by burning fat. You don't want to try and burn fat WHILE you are exercising. You want to burn off CARBS as fuel when you are exercising.

Your body has 2 fuel systems, so to speak. There is Aerobic and Anaerobic.

Now, the Aerobic system uses oxygen to burn fuel, and the Anaerobic system doesn't. But one does not replace the other! What happens is you start out by burning fuel with your Aerobic energy system, and once you go past the point where there is enough oxygen in your system to provide Aerobic energy to your muscles, your Anaerobic system kicks in. Think of this as your SUPRA-AEROBIC zone.

To get there, you need to get your heart rate up past what is typically referred to as the 'Target Heart Rate Zone' using common aerobics lingo. You should use a Heart Rate Monitor to measure yourself while doing this program.

You will need to build up your endurance gradually. Therefore, you will not start out doing the Tabata Protocol Workout the way it is typically described.

The original Tabata Protocol Workout requires the following:

• 5 minutes of warm-up
• 8 intervals of 20 seconds all-out intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest
• 2 minutes cool-down

If you research the Tabata Protocol online, the original study conducted at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo, Japan used highly-trained endurance athletes in peak physical condition. They would do 8 (or more) intervals, keeping the RPMs on the bike over 85 RPMs until they couldn't maintain that level of intensity. 

WARNING: Don't try this!

You REALLY need to ease into this workout slowly, and perform it only on cardio equipment, not with weights.

You will find people doing a Tabata Protocol Workout with weights or kettle-balls or other types of resistance. Don't do this.

Your Maximum Heart Rate is normally calculated as 220 Minus Your Age (e.g. if you are 30 yrs. old, your Max. HR would be 190 BPM - Beats Per Minute). If you do the Tabata Protocol like they did it in the above study, you may see your heart rate shoot up over 200 BPM!

You need to gradually build your heart and lung capacity over time.

The entire beginner workout starts out at 6 minutes long. It breaks down to 2 minutes of warmup, 2 intervals of 30 seconds each. (1 minute of exercise) followed by a 2 minute cool-down. 

1) Use a Recumbent or Stationary Bike, Versaclimber, Rowing Machine, Elliptical Trainer or other piece of cardio equipment that allows for gradually increasing resistance, speed, etc. and utilizes the large muscles of your legs.

Treadmills are a possibility, but because you have to rest for 10 seconds between bouts of exercise, the only option when on a treadmill is to step onto the sides and stop entirely, because the machine won't respond quick enough to the required rapid changes in velocity during a Tabata Protocol interval.

2) Wear a Heart Rate Monitor. Record the Max. Heart Rate achieved during your entire workout, and your Recovery Heart Rate (see below)

3) Warm up for 2 minutes at a moderate pace. You can start out with a low resistance and low RPMs (like 30-35 RPMs on a bike) for the first minute, increase the tension on your equipment one notch or increase RPMs slightly for the second minute, gradually raising your heart rate to a moderate level.

4) Start out by doing 2 intervals:
- First, increase the tension one notch above where your warmup ended at, or more if you find your feet are 'flying off the pedals'

- Pedal (or go) FULL SPEED, as fast as you can, well above 85 RPMs (if on a bike) - even over 100 RPMs - for 20 seconds.

- Pedal slow for the next 10 seconds. If you did it right, you SHOULD see your Heart Rate go UP a little AFTER you stop pedaling so fast. This is because of the Oxygen Debt you created, and it signals your body to get more oxygen to your energy system. You will notice yourself panting - this is your body trying to get more oxygen to your lungs to fuel your energy system.

- Repeat 1 more time (20 seconds all out fast, 10 seconds slow). Notice your Heart Rate go up a little after you enter the slow part of the interval each time.

- After 2 intervals, decrease the tension to 0 (lowest setting) on your bike or other equipment and pedal slow for 2 minutes.

- After your 2 minute cool-down, take your pulse or Heart Rate. This is your Recovery Heart Rate (RHR). Record it. You must compare your RHR from workout to workout to know when it is safe to increase intervals.

- Record the Maximum Heart Rate you achieved during your workout. This may have occurred during your 1st interval or your last (usually the last). It will PROBABLY be over the Max. Heart Rate calculated by 220 Minus Your Age. If it isn't, that's OK, especially when you are first starting out - don't overdo it.

5) Do this workout 3 times per week - allow yourself at least one full day of recovery between workouts. Your body needs to heal itself, increase the strength of your heart and lungs, etc.

6) Gradually build up your fitness level by first adding one interval to your workout each time your RHR improves over your last workout until you get to 8 intervals. Then, you can continue to make cardio fitness gains by increasing the tension/intensity when you see your RHR improve.

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