Spring into action, summer is coming!!
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BCF March Newsletter

Make sure you put these events on your calendar! 

March 15 - last day to purchase a MyZone belt at 50% off ($75)

April 8 - Bring a Friend  7:00 / 9:45 Crossfit and 8:30 / 11:15 Burn

April 8 - Post OPEN BBQ  12:30pm - 2:30pm - ish

At the Box with Mike Ford

We are deep into the Open and I couldn’t be more proud of how you all are doing. From the new Crossfit athletes all the way up to the competitive group, everyone is going above and beyond.  It is always great to see the PRs, the newly acquired skills and the determination to take it to the next level. 

As you know we have acquired some new gear. Treadmills and Myzone mainly.  A few notes on the gear.  Keep in mind, this is your gear-your gym. Please treat it as such. If we all take care of the gear, we will be able to keep costs down as much as we can. Tighten set screws on bikes , wipe down rowers and treadmills, put things back in their proper place.  If we are organized then we will run more efficiently. This will make for a better class for you. Also, with the addition of lots of new members it can get a bit hectic in the beginning of class. Please make sure we are paying attention to the coach and getting properly warmed up.  I do see sometimes people walking through the warmup, this is recipe for injury.  Warmups are critical to getting your mind and body ready to work so please warm up well.

Speaking of new people, there are lots!!  Please make sure to introduce yourself and if there is a partner warmup/WOD, team up with a new person.  We have an amazing community, lets show it off and make them feel at home.  

Once the Open is over we will have a BBQ/party at the box….stay tuned for date/time….
Remember that if you have any type of unlimited package you now have access to free yoga on Thursdays  630am /pm and Sunday 845am….

As always my door is open, feel free to ask any questions, chat about any issues, or just bullshit if you’re bored….cheers
Great work on the OPEN!!

Another successful OPEN

Great work to everyone that competed this year (or just did it for fun)!! SO many PRS new skills, and overall pushing yourself into the next proud of you all.

Athlete of the Month - Tim Larkin

Tim, Tim-may! Tim is fairly new to BCF. He has been a member less than six months but has already made an impression on us. Tim trains consistently at the 9am class. He is a stellar example of what happens when you don't just show up and go through the motions each day at the gym, but are actually engaged in the process. Since joining, Tim has listened to coaches when they explain the goals for the work of the day and scaled or pushed himself accordingly.  He asked questions when he had them, tuned into cues on perfecting form, and his progress has shown! His deadlift has grown, hitting over 300 lbs for multiple reps and he recently completed his first workout as RX.  Hopefully you didn't miss Tim's "Box Nap" picture after that one!

Besides his work ethic, Tim's sense of humor and positive attitude are undeniable. You'll find Tim conversing with his fellow athletes before and after class times getting to know the people around him. If you're in need of a nickname, Tim can hook it up in an instant! Tim is a great addition to our community.  Keep up the good work!

Where were you in your fitness journey before BCF and where are you now?

I've been doing CF type workouts on my own sporadically for the past 5 years.  I would use the CF main page wods or just make up my own workouts.  Since finishing my college swimming career, it was tough staying motivated working out by myself.  I joined Beaverton Crossfit because I needed something more than just working out on my own.  My sister and her husband started doing Crossfit together over the summer, my boss encouraged me to work out more consistently, and my wife Paige was the one who suggested BCF.

What were your goals when you started and have you achieved any of them?

Goals?  Generally to get fitter and able to do multiple pullup reps, lift heavier weights, do a muscle up.  I think my ultimate goal is to be comfortable enough to "pop my shirt off" during a workout.  I'm nowhere near that point yet, but I'm closer than I've ever been.  I know that losing my flubber is more nutrition than fitness, but I definitely feel better about myself when I look in the mirror now.  I know I'm in better shape.
Those are my big goals, but I keep making more little ones every day.  When I started, it was to always do at least the Women's Rx, now it's to always do more than whatever the Women's Rx is.  Eventually I hope to be able to everything Men's Rx.  It always feels like an accomplishment when I can click that button!

I love being on a schedule, seeing the same people every day, having a coach again to help me hold myself accountable

What about BCF makes you keep coming back?

I love the variety of CrossFit, but I also really appreciate the consistent strength pieces that are addressed week to week in the programming.

When/what was your “ah ha!” moment?

I don't know if I've had any big "ah hah" moments, just little ones at the end of workouts where I've thought, "that sucked, but I love this".  I also had a great time at the Christmas party drinking and gambling, and thought, these are my people.

I am a swim coach, I've become a better coach since I started with BCF.  Being the athlete, interacting with the coaches has opened my eyes and helped my interaction with the swimmers I coach.  I am constantly using the lessons I learn from class in the pool and especially in dryland.  There are some really good teachers at BCF.

Does anyone the gym (member or trainer) inspire you and why?

It sounds cliche, but I've been inspired by everyone I've come into contact with at BCF. Its been fun starting as an outsider looking in, seeing everyone's dedication to their own fitness.  I was immediately inspired and intimidated.  All the coaches have helped me in some way, and they are all really cool people that I enjoy interacting with.  I love being recognized for a good effort or being given a technical correction.  As far as the other members... Dave and Lisa are a bright spot in the 8:45am (now 9:00) class. Their friendliness and positivity is comforting every day.  I love seeing all the couples that crossfit together (coaches and members).  Nat is a MetCon maniac, he is SUPERFIT and I am always trying to stay with him.  I remember during one of the snow days, someone's dad (the Gooding's?) drove around in his truck to pick up whoever wanted to go and bring them to class.  There is a real family and community vibe that I really enjoy.  Every class has a different feel to it, but they all feel like family. My life is better since I started with BCF.  Thank you.

Yoga at Beaverton CrossFit

Our Yoga classes are specifically designed with an athlete’s needs in mind. Adding Yoga to any training program will increase your flexibility, improve your balance, strengthen core stability, assist with muscle recovery and ease your mind (to name just a few benefits).  No prior experience in yoga is necessary. Join us as we lengthen our muscles, improve our flexibility and ease our busy minds!
Thursday Morning Tune-up: 
Thursdays @ 6:30 AM 
Alignment-centric hatha class focused on posture, flexibility, and mobility. This class will focus on balance postures, spinal mobility postures, hip openers, and shoulder mobility. 
Thursday Twilight:
Thursdays @ 6:30 PM
A yin-inspired recovery yoga class designed to ease muscles, hydrate and create elasticity in the connective tissue, and release stress and tension. Great for keeping joints healthy and mobile. 
Sunday Slow Burn 
Sundays @ 8:45 AM 
A blend between vinyasa flow and hatha styles focusing on alignment, deep stretching and isometric holds within poses.

10 reasons to do yoga as a Crossfitter

Range of Motion- Helps with squatting,gymnastics and many other things
Focus- You need to dial in your brain to stay in control
Breathe-Learn how to breathe while in different positions
Balance-One of the 10 requirements for fitness
Fit-It helps with overall fitness by stabilizing and core support
Relax-helps you to let go of daily stress and troubles
Good positioning-become better at body control
Good workout-it will push you as you get better
Community-a great way to hang with friends
Fun-you can have fun and "play" while you're in there

To read entire article , click link below

Do you have a friend interested in checking out Beaverton CrossFit?  
Have them come try a free class! 

Saturday April 8 - bring a friend to any of the classes for free! 
Free intro classes are a great way for someone new to CrossFit to check out the gym. Have them fill out a waiver online ahead of time to make things easier on your friend and your coaches! 

BCF New Athlete Online Waiver 

You can also pass along contact information or send an email with your friend's info and we will reach out! 
Phone: 503-828-5136 

April Monthly Challenge!

This is a repeat of last year... beat your score from last time! 
Max rep UB thrusters - 95/65

If you do as prescribed, make sure you hit "RX" when entering score!
Put your score in Wodify - that is where we will pull winners from!
Winners will get a choice of a tub of Isagenix IsaPro Whey or a tub of Isagenix AMPED Power. 
InBody Scanner - A reliable way to measure your body's health 

Unlimited Members can use it for free! 
We are now the proud owners of an InBody Scanner, which is a scanner that uses multiple high frequencies to measure the body's composition. This is a great way to find out where you are currently at and to track measurable results.
To read more on how the InBody scanner works, click here 

3 month unlimited contract members will receive 1 complimentary body scan 
6 month unlimited contract members will receive 2 complimentary body scans 
12 month unlimited contract members will receive 4 complimentary body scans 
All other members and any additional scans will be $5.00 each 

Scan times will need to be scheduled in advanced with either Mike, Christine, Dawna or Mel 

Best practice for getting the most accurate results: 
- Don't eat or excessively drink 2-3 hours beforehand 
- Don't workout beforehand 
- Use the restroom immediately before 
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