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BCF January Newsletter

Back by popular demand!
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Valentine's Day Massacre - Sign up here!
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You're amazing! We raised $30,000 as a gym for Wishing on a WOD!!!! 

We are so proud of our CrossFit community.
Thank you for supporting Wishing on a WOD and the kids in our community. 

We did it! That is 6 Wishes granted! If you didn't get the opportunity to pledge, you still can! All the proceeds go to Make-A-Wish® Oregon to support their on-going mission to serve children with life-threatening medical conditions living in Oregon and Clark County, Washington. 

If you have questions or want to get more involved call Mel at 503-828-5136
or shoot her an email at

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Permanent Changes: 
Saturday Classes - 7:00, 8:15 & 9:30 AM 
Sunday Class - 10:00 AM Olympic Lifting Class 

One time Changes: 
February 12th - no 6:30 PM Class 
February 13th - no classes - Valentine's Day Massacre Competition 


At the Box with Mike Ford 

New Year, new goals, new you. This will be the mantra for many of us for the next several weeks. With the New Year comes aspirations of newer and bigger goals. This is what we should be striving for…becoming better at what we do. Better spouses, better workers, better leaders, better parents, overall better humans.  However, there needs to be a plan. If you have a short list with some short term goals and a few long term ones, you are setting up for success. If, however, you have a long list of long term goals with no map of how to get there, you may find it hard to succeed. It may be a fitness goal, a work goal, or a health goal, etc. Make a plan. If you need help, ask.  We are here for you. Write it down, put it where you see it daily. Being visible will help keep it in the front of the brain. If you have nutritional goals please don’t hesitate to ask for help there either. We have great products that have a proven track record. 

Some things we are going to attack for the next several weeks….Open prep, strength and over all gymnastics. The Open prep will consist of high volume, moderate weight AMRAPs or EMOMs. If you don’t know what the Open is, grab a coach and ask. It is basically an online global CrossFit competition designed so everyone can compete….well worth $20 and so much fun. You will see the slow lifts in moderation with tempo work. Tempo work will help with strength and proper positioning. Box squats will be in order as well. A good combo to say the least. 

Our community is quite amazing and we are all very lucky to have each other. I know many of you like to help your fellow athlete, but some things need to be considered. You may not know if a person is injured and when you are “coaching” them you may be putting them at risk. Leave the coaching to the coaches.  We may have someone on a progression, maybe they have a mobility issue that puts them in a bad position at the bottom of a squat.  You are telling them to go deeper, we have told them not to. They feel bad for not listening to their buddy. They squat lower and get in a bad position, not good for them.  Let the coaches coach. I have seen people that have been doing MUs for about 2 weeks coaching others trying to get MU's. You are putting them at risk of injury. Let us handle it. You are paying for 60 minutes of time for you, use it for you. It is your time, be selfish. If you feel someone is in “danger”, come get us. We are always on the move with eyes scanning. If we miss someone then give us a shout. We will square them away. Thanks for that.

We have many new faces so be sure to say hello and introduce yourself. 

We have several people going to Bend to compete on the weekend of the 16th….if you are looking for something to do, come on out and cheer for the crew. 

As always my door is always open…if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask. 


Athlete of the Month - Molly Williams

Congratulations to Molly who is our Athlete of the Month. Molly has been a member at BCF since June 2014, is a staple at the 6:30pm class and can also be found occasionally at the 5:30am class. Molly is friendly, supportive and the one to plan a baby shower, dinner, or birthday celebration for her fellow BCF members.  

Molly used to be the one trying to get out of the warm-up run, talking instead of working during skill time, and not always giving her full effort during workouts. It appeared that seeing her friends in class was more important than the workout itself.  Not to say that she still didn’t try nor make improvements – she did – but not at the rate at which she was capable. But something happened a few months ago… Molly found her inner athlete…She signed up for a competition with a couple of friends and got a taste for this CrossFit thing…She started training for the competition, even doing extra work. Extra work?? Molly?? Honestly, I didn’t know what to think nor did I imagine this new attitude would last past the competition.

Molly showed up at the Festivus Games, kicked butt and took a few names. She won one event and barely missed a podium spot in the scaled division.  Since that time, there has been a permanent change. She is now someone who shows up not just for the community aspect of CrossFit but also to improve her strength, endurance, and skills. Molly is someone that once she decides she is going to do something – she does it. No excuses. She wanted to get her strict pull-up… she did the progressions and got it. She wanted a HSPU – she worked at it and can now kip 10 in a row.  Basically if you name a lift, Molly will have hit a PR on it during the past three months. Her 2k row time even improved by 42 seconds.  It feels like every day that I look at the whiteboard I am amazed and proud of her performance.  And have you seen her lately? Talk about looking good! Molly decided she wanted to improve her body composition and guess what? Yep... she lost 6% body fat. After witnessing her change in the gym, I knew she would be successful with her new nutrition program. I don’t doubt that once Molly sets her mind to something that she will achieve it.

Molly may still be the social event coordinator, but she’s also one bad ass CrossFit athlete and an inspiration to others. Watching Molly improve has been one of the highlights of my coaching career at BCF. Molly, thank you for all of your hard work and smart ass comments. I love it all.

- Dawna
Over 11 yrs ago I decided to make a lifestyle change and cut out soda and fast food.  Within a short period of time I lost 50lbs, felt amazing, and never wanted to look back. I knew it would take a lot of hard work but I was determined to stick with it and keep the weight off. I started working with a dear friend of mine on changing the way I ate and began personal training sessions with her at the gym to help maintain what I had achieved. With her help, I was able to keep the weight off and stay healthy, but over the years the gym became less and less appealing and I needed something new.  

When I joined BCF a little over a year and a half ago, my goals were to stay in shape and again maintain what I had achieved. At that time, I hadn't set any goals and wasn't thinking about PR’s, Rx’ing WODs, or getting a pull-up, I was just looking for something different. I still gave each WOD my all and hit multiple PR's during strength cycles. It wasn’t until I did my first completion this past Oct. that I had my “ah-ha” moment and I realize I had been holding back and had more in me than I knew. Since then I have pushed myself harder in many ways and set goals, achieving several of them in last few months (Rx’ing WODS, PR’d my OHS, and getting a pull up). Now to try and get those DU’s!!! I started Isagenix in November, love the results and feel this has played a major role in my performance the past few months.
What has kept me coming back to BCF, and one of my favorite parts of being a BCF member, is the environment in which everyone is willing to help one another out and treat everyone as family. You always walk in the box to a smile, a “hey how are you” or you may walk in at the wrong time to a Dirty 6:30 conversation!!  Also, the endless amount of help and time the coaches will spend with you on a movement or skill, without any hesitation, to help you master it. Though many people at the box inspire me, I would have to say the ones that inspire me the most are the 6:30 gang and the coaches. I love that we can have fun, add in our dirty comments, and have the rap music blaring, but still give it our all when the clock starts, encouraging each other before during and after each WOD. 
I am beyond grateful to be the Athlete of the Month knowing how many other great athletes there are at the box. Without the encouraging support of my BCF family I would not be where I am today in the CrossFit sport!  

Congratulations to our December Monthly Challenge winners!

January Monthly Challenge!

20 Wall Walks for time 
Thighs, chest and nose must touch the wall to be RX 

Make sure you hit "RX" when entering score!
Put your score in Wodify - that is where we will pull winners from!
Winners will get a choice of a tub of Isagenix IsaPro Whey or a tub of Isagenix AMPED Power. 

Welcome new Coach, Paris Rabidoux 

We are super excited to welcome Paris to our coaching staff! Paris comes to us with an extensive athletic background and a passion for coaching others. Make sure you say to him and his wife Erin! You will see both of them attending classes and will probably have Paris as a coach if you come to an evening class! 

A little about Paris... 
I first found CrossFit while on active duty in the Marine Corps in 2006. The all around athleticism and functionality that encompassed the sport was always intriguing to me. I played many sports growing up and have always loved the outdoors. This sport allows you to work inside the gym, get in the water and get outside. The ever changing and constantly varying facet is one particular reason I enjoy it so much. CrossFit provides an opportunity to not only better yourself physically, but harness a mental edge that inevitably transfers over into all aspects of your daily life. This is why I am passionate about the sport and want to help all my athletes exceed their own goals. 

Make sure you put these events on your calendar! 


4 Hour First Aid/CPR/AED Class 
Saturday, January 30, 2016

Valentine's Day Massacre 
Saturday, February 13th, 2016

CPR Class being offered at Beaverton CrossFit! 

We will be hosting a First Aid/CPR/AED class at the gym! This is a great class to take and is open to anyone!If you have friends or family members that want to join they are more than welcome!
January 30th, 2016 
11:00 AM to 3:00 PM 
Cost is $65 
To sign up or get more info email Mel -
What will be covered: 

Private Coaching at BCF

What is your nemesis? Double-unders? Handstand push-ups? Maybe you want to get a muscle up before the Open. Whatever it is... the BCF coaching staff can help you! 
All of our coaches are available by appointment for private coaching sessions. 
15 min - $22.50
30 min - $45.00
45 min - $67.50
60 min - $90.00
Click here to email to get more information! 
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