April conditioning brings May abs! 
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BCF April Newsletter

At the Box
Congratulations to everyone that competed in the 2015 Open, whether it was your 1st time or 4th it will always be a big deal. As a coach I can say for myself and the others that we are super proud of you all. We got see so many of you PR on certain lifts, acquire new skills, and go Rx for the first time. We got to see you push to and through new plateaus, give yourself newer and bigger goals, (put on the board) and most importantly see how amazing you are for yourself. 

As an owner I know I can speak for Christine and Mike R. when I say that you all always handle yourselves with the respect, dignity and honor that makes us all proud to call you our BCF family. I never heard a negative word about anyone or anything. Cheers for that!  That is more important than you may think. We pride ourselves on being a very positive community and you are the proof.

Upcoming things as far as programming goes….Strength cycle will start Early May,
  • Squats....plan on seeing Box squats for everyone. These really open up hips and strengthen adductors/abductors which will make “normal” squats easier and better.
  • Bench….cause it’s almost beach season of course….really more to improve our upper body pushing, but mostly beach.
  • Deads….because it’s cool to pull lots of weight off the ground and it’s one of the most functional movements we use daily.
  • Power clean/snatch to work the explosive power/speed side of things.
Plan on AD/row sprints coupled with other things that I know you all love. Remember that the short high intensity work is what burns fat the most and builds lean muscle. If that interest you then ask me for supplemental work and we can make a plan. Also, we are using the Isa products and having great results with those that are on it. If you are not taking a post workout shake please ask us and we will steer you in the right direction. Post workout recovery is super important so don’t leave it out. 

As summer approaches I want to get outside more. There is a park ¾ mile away so we may jog there and do some Wodding and other “stuff”. Plan on some Friday BBQs and maybe a summer movie night….stay posted for more info as it warms up.

As always my door is open to all for anything….questions, comments, concerns, or just BS….we are here for you.

Monthly Challenge!!! 

Make sure you take part in the monthly challenge! Winner gets a box of protein! 

Max Weight 200 m Farmer Carry 


Make sure you put these events on your calendar! 

Salem SlaughterFest - we have a crew going down to compete! - Sat, April 18th 
3rd round of Bod Pod Testing - sign up on Mel's Desk - Mon & Tues, April 20th & 21st 
Matt Bruce Weight Lifting Seminar - email Mel to sign up - Sat & Sun, April 25th & 26th 
"The Girls Gone Wild" competition - Men and Women's Scaled, RX and Masters! - Sat, May 16th 

Trainer's Talk - Mike Ford

Pressing Matters 

The 3 different types of presses we use most commonly each vary with function and intent. As coaches there are similar “points of performance” (POP) that carry over from one to another that we are always on the lookout for.

The first, which is common in not only the presses, but in most things we do, is a tight core or mid-line. This will set you up to have a rigid torso and be able to transfer energy through into the bar. If you are “broken” or “soft” you will not be efficient and leave a lot of potential on the floor.

We look for the shoulders to stay over the hips, no forward leaning, to keep the bar path as close to the frontal plane as possible. Any deviation makes us lose power and less efficient. 

On the push press and jerk we want you to sit back on your heels and again keep the bar inside the frontal plane. This will help ensure you are driving hard with hips and transferring energy well. We want you to drive and “punch” the bar overhead aggressively. This will ensure a solid lockout and receiving of the bar. 

Some common mistakes we see are loose mid-lines which leads into a “muted” hip. If you were to watch this it would look like the knees bending forward but no flexion of the hips. So when the hips don’t flex, the cannot extend. Power loss and inefficient drive is the end result. Be sure to sit back when you dip to load those hips.  We want to always use the “big movers” i.e. – hips, quads, glutes and work away from center into shoulders and arms. Think core to extremity. Start in the middle and work your way out. This goes for all movements as it teaches us to be most efficient.  

Some “violations” of this that we see on the jerk come in the form of a press out. This is when you get the bar overhead and then add a little extra press to get full lockout. Not only is this inefficient but in the world of weightlifting it would be considered a” no lift”.  You want to aggressively drive yourself under the bar as you punch it to the roof. This will help you get a good receiving position on the jerk.

As always these things need to be practiced correctly, not just practiced.  

“Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect”

The Girls Gone Wild! 

Fran...Helen...Annie... time to get to know them in a whole new way. 

Beaverton CrossFit is proud to present the next competition in our Bulldog Battle Series! The Girls Gone Wild is going to be an individual event with WODs based on the commonly known Girls workouts. However you will be willy surprised by some unexpected twists! 

Divisions will be RX, Scaled and Masters (40+) with a cap on each division. We pride ourselves on putting on a well organized, well sponsored event and plan to deliver the same with The Girls. 

Make sure you sign up ASAP!

The Girls Gone Wild! Sign up here!

Athlete of the Month - Miki Hipp

Congrats to Miki for being Arpil’s Athlete of the Month!!  Miki came to BCF about a year ago and has been hitting it hard ever since. Miki has seen big gains in strength, Oly lifts and all around conditioning. 

You will typically see Miki in the pm classes, but you may catch her on a Sat/Sun am as well. She likes to spread herself around so she can meet everyone….Miki has a great attitude and is easy to work with and coach. She recently got on a nutrition plan and has gotten great results. She is leaner, meaner and faster.  Just ask Jason, her main squeeze, how bad she crushes the WODs….and him….HA!  

It takes consistency and dedication to get to your goals and Miki is a good example of that.  Along with a great sense of humor and a positive attitude there is nothing stopping her from achieving her goals and then some.  Be sure to say Hi! to Miki and congrats when you see her.
Where were you in your fitness journey before BCF and where are you now? 

Before CrossFit I was struggling with staying active because I hated the gym. I hated the atmosphere; I hated putting in my head phones and zoning out for an hour all by myself, moving in and out of people doing the same thing, no one ever talking, no joking, no real fun. When I first started at BCF I had been doing CrossFit for about a year. I went to another box that didn't have very many women and wasn't too competitive. I'd say my strength and skill showed that. When starting CrossFit in general, I was hooked. I loved the weights, the measurable results, the interaction with people, everything. With the encouragement and competition at BCF I'm going farther than I ever thought possible for myself. My fitness is on a completely different level than it has ever been. I love it.

What were your goals when you started and have you achieved any of them? 

When I started at BCF my goal was to do a pull up.  Thanks to Chad (all credit to him) pushing me to do pull ups every day, I finally got a full strict pull up and was able to get three chest to bar pull ups in the Open, thanks to Dawna. Both of those were a big deal to me. Never in my life have I been able to do a pull up. Now I can!

What about BCF makes you keep coming back? 

Coming to BCF really elevated the love for the sport; the programming, the coaches, but the people at BCF really set the hook for me. Everyone is so much fun. There isn't a single person that you can't talk to or joke with or work out with and not have a good day at the gym. 

What is your favorite part of being a member at BCF? 

My favorite part is the camaraderie. I love how the Mike and Christine celebrate the members with bbqs or parties. The awards after the Open were great to watch!!! I loved that! Reading the comments on what happened during the Open was really heart melting. Everyone is so supportive of each other. When someone succeeds the whole box celebrates them

When/what was your “ah ha!” moment? 

I'd say my ah-ha moment was when Dan forced me to put 200# on the squat rack, instead of 190#, and go for two reps. Breaking that 200# mark is really intimidating. It opened my eyes at what I'm really able to do. I love being able to lift that much weight, and now want to lift so much more! 

Does anyone the gym (member or trainer) inspire you and why?

This is a tough one. There is not one person that doesn't inspire me. Chad, because he harassed me every day to do pull ups; Dawna, because she always is cheering you on to do one more rep; Mike and Christine, because they are a hot, fit couple, I mean com'mon! Tai, because she is so strong and I'm jealous; Kindra, because I want to be just like her. I want her muscle ups! Tom, because he works so hard that I want to work as hard. Kelly and Casey, because they have a living, working family and still make time to get to the gym. Lissa, Mel, and Sarah, because they push me and each other to come to the gym every day. We are in constant competition with each other to lift heavier and move faster. Mr. Bragg, because he is so supportive and loves that my clean is more than his ;)  

- Miki 
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