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BCF May Newsletter

At the Box
Spring is upon us and summer is on its way. I really enjoy it when it is light out when I get up and still light out when it’s closing in on bed time. With the summer comes hotter days and kids home from school. We are going to offer two ways to beat those problems by moving 5:45 to 5:30 am and adding a 6:30 am.  This will allow you more options for getting in early and beating the heat.  We are also adding a teen class from 10:30-11:30am M-Fri.  This will be a great way to get them out of the house and keep them moving during the summer.  Be sure to sign them up!

Programming for the next several weeks will include box squats until June, deads, front squats and bench until mid-July.  From there we de-load and then 1RM week ….PR city!!  We will continue on with conditioning with 1-2 metcons and 1-2 power based workouts as well as working skills and gymnastics. Bring a family member or friend on Saturday for a fun workout, maybe they will join you each week.  Don’t forget that referrals get you $20 off your next month if they sign up. 

The monthly challenges are a good “whey” to earn some free protein. Be sure to do them each month, you never know….Last month Miki and Dean both won a some IsaLean Pro.   

Summer socials are coming…BBQs, Hooverball, hikes and bikes are all coming your way so stay tuned for any and all info. These are always lots of fun and a great way to meet peeps from other classes you don’t make it to.  

As always if you have questions or concerns our door is always open.  Feel free to come in and chat about anything at all.  Cheers!


Join us for our Summer Athlete Training Program! Classes will start June 15th! 


Monday - Friday @ 10:30 am 

 Training will include but not be limited to:
“Slow” lifts - squat, press, bench, deadlift
Olympic lifts - clean & jerk, snatch
Agility, conditioning and mobility 
  Linear strength progression
Personalized programs tailored to each athlete
Email Mel to get your kid signed up!

Monthly Challenge!!! 

In 3 min move as much weight as possible

Men - 95/135/165
Ladies- 55/75/95

Pick a weight and perform AMRAP using either C/J or snatch

Score is weight times reps - make sure you put your score in Wodify! That is where we will pull the winners for May! 
Congrats to our two monthly challenge winners from April! Great job Miki and Dean! Both are regular users of Isagenix... they were pretty stoked to get some IsaLean Pro! 
Keep up the good work you studs! 

Make sure you put these events on your calendar! 

Memorial Day WOD -  come honor those who have served - Monday, May 25th 
Summer Wishes Cocktail Party -  a night of magical fun - Saturday, June 6th 
BBQ and Game Night! - sign up to bring a dish on the white board  - Friday, June 19th 
"The Girls Gone Wild" competition - Team! Men and Women's Scaled, RX and Masters! - Saturday, August 1st 

Trainer's Talk - Mike Ford

Box Squatting 

The benefits of the box squat are many. First is the fact that squatting on a box forces you to pause at the bottom, which causes you to recruit more muscle fibers to get you out of the hole and back up to the top. More muscle fibers recruited equals more strength and more growth. Another benefit is that you can sit back farther than you could if a box wasn't under you. This places more stress on the hamstrings and gluteus muscles, which are key movers in this movement. A third benefit is that you can accurately set how low you'll go in your descent, simply by adjusting the box height. Most of us are wanting below parallel, unless you are injured. If so, you just need a slightly taller box. Last, but in no way least, the box is a great tool for teaching yourself proper squatting technique — and the heavier your squat gets, the more important technique is. Things like torso position, depth, adductor activation all can be focused on with box squatting.  As we transition into our “regular” squats you can still use the box for warming up and developing good motor patterns. 

I have already seen a huge improvement in many of you with regards to your front squat.  The box is really helping so stay at it for the next week or so. Keep the elbows high and out, chest tall, pull the floor apart with your feet and drive out of your heels/mid foot.  

Read more about the benefits of box squatting by Westside Barbell's famous Louie Simmons  

The Girls Gone Wild! 

Fran...Helen...Annie... time to get to know them in a whole new way. 

The Girls Gone Wild  is now going to be a same sex TEAM event with WODs based on the commonly known Girls workouts. However you will be wildly surprised by some unexpected twists!

Check out the two of the WODs on our Facebook page!

Divisions will be RX, Scaled and Masters (40+) with a cap on each division. We pride ourselves on putting on a well organized, well sponsored event and plan to deliver the same with The Girls. 

Make sure you sign up ASAP!

The Girls Gone Wild! Sign up here!

Athlete of the Month - Alex Matsuda

Alex has been with the BCF family since last October when he came in for on-boarding. A quiet little 7th grader, he was eager to learn from the start and made it through his first two weeks no problem then jumped right in to the main class with his mother, Colette. Showing up for class at 5:45am with a smile on his face and ready to go, Alex may not always say much but that attitude is contagious and I know the other members have a lot of respect for this kid. Always asking questions, scaling movements when necessary, and applying what he learns, these are the reasons Alex has shown such rapid improvement.

Not once has Alex complained about a workout, the only complaints I ever hear from him are when he is unable to do a movement due to injury. I can almost guarantee that Alex is the only 7th grader in his class that wakes up before school to get in a workout then hits baseball practice after school. Alex comes in on Saturday mornings to get in what he calls a “warm-up” before baseball, that’s what I call dedication!! All of this work will surely pay off for him as he continues into the 8th grade and High School sports. 

The kid is growing fast right now so make sure you introduce yourself while you are still taller than he is. You can find him in the 5:45am class during the week as well as most Saturday mornings. Congratulations Alex!!
Where were you in your fitness journey before BCF and where are you now? 

My name is Alex Matsuda. I'm 12 years old (13 in July!) I'm a 7th grader at Stoller middle school. I play baseball on the senior federal team for JBO.  I am a 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo and have 1 year left until I earn my 3rd degree.  I started my experience with BCF 5 years ago when I participated in Wishing On a WOD with my mom and have every year since.

My favorite part in between, has been playing hooverball in the summer.  It is SO fun. Mike lets me be on his team.  This last fall I found I needed an outlet of stronger exercise in my life.  So my mom signed me up and I started on-boarding with Chad. He has and continues to teach me a lot. He makes me laugh and have fun watching him dance. I've learned that getting up at 5 am is worth the payoff over an extra hour of sleep. I feel sharper in school, especially on test days, and much  more confident. This is what keeps me coming back.

Everyone associated with BCF has been so supportive of me and my development.   I feel like I'm really part of something special.  All of my coaches and the people in class I appreciate how they have supported me to improve myself and further my growth as an athlete and a person. Since starting last fall I feel more confident and stronger in everything I do. I have lots to do yet to improve on.  Deadlifts are my favorite lift right now.  Double-unders is a big goal right now as 4 is my best so far. 

- Alex 
Buy Tickets Here! Use code "Duchess" for $10 off!
Please join Make-A-Wish on June 6th for the event of the season. Summer Wishes Cocktail Party, hosted by the Make-A-Wish Junior board, is a fun evening of drinks, food, dancing and music by DJ Yaz to help make local wishes come true for children with life-threatening medical conditions. Guests can dance the night away while taking part in silent auctions and raffles to help local kids.

New this year, Make-A-Wish has partnered with Widmer Brothers Brewing to bring you the Widmer Beer Garden, featuring Portland's finest local brews. 
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