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11th Annual Art in the Park
Bellevue's Art in the Park exemplifies every element of a great community festival — more than 70 regional artists, craftspeople, musicians, belly dancers and delicious eats in a charming urban greenspace — and it's back for the 11th year, sponsored by WNKU. The Bellevue Neighborhood Association will have a booth at this year's Art in the Park also! We will be selling plants, seed packets, and bulbs all perfect for planting in the fall weather. If you have any “fall planting” flowers or plants that you'd like to donate please contact Linda Fields at (859) 581-2398. See you Saturday, September 8th from 11am to 5pm, at the Bellevue Beach Park. The Beach Park is at the foot of Ward Avenue, along the scenic Ohio River. Following the festival (7 to 10pm) Forever Diamond, a Neil Diamond tribute band, will play. Spread the word! Click here to learn more about Art in the Park.
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News & Events
Revive the Drive Updates
Have you been affected by the ongoing construction on I-471 and I-275? Get connected! Stay up to date by liking the KYTC District 6 Facebook page. Because construction and maintenance activity schedules are subject to change some drivers have been surprised with blocked areas or ongoing construction. It's important to use caution when driving through the construction areas and expect the unexpected. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet appreciates your patience during the construction process. Click here to see a full schedule of the construction.

Get a Free Smoke Detector!
The Bellevue/Dayton Fire Department offers free home fire safety inspections as well as installation of smoke detectors. If you're a resident and need a smoke detector, call the fire station at (859) 261-0083 and give your name, address, and how many rooms you have in your home. The fire department will come to your home and install them free of charge. The smoke detectors and batteries are from the Red Cross in Cincinnati. All residents are invited to take advantage of this great deal!
Provided by: Fire Chief Mike Auteri

ArtWorks Mural is Complete
Join us for the ArtWorks “Garden Party for All” mural dedication on Wed, Sept 12th from 5:30 to 6:30pm in the parking lot of Dobbling, Muehlenkamp-Erschell Funeral Home. Thank you to Bellevue’s project partners including the Taft Art Museum, Artworks, The Haile US Bank. Refreshments and entertainment will be provided.

Tips & Tricks
Irritating Plants
Poison Ivy and Poison Oak are not the only plants to avoid. Many plants we see and work around every day can be dangerous. Beware of the following:
Yew pine (Japanese Yew) is a heavy pollen producer – allergy sufferers beware. Don't plant under windows as the pollen can carry indoors.
Hellebore, or Lenten Rose produces sap that can be irritating if it gets on skin. All parts of the plant are poisonous.
Lobelia, bedding annual used in containers, (L. inflate) The poison in this plant can cause vomiting, tremors, and heart problems.
Provided by: Front Door Home and Garden
Other News
Shop Bellevue!
Join us on the Avenue Friday, September 7th for Shop Bellevue from 6pm to 9pm. The theme is Shop Hop!
Police Update
The Bellevue Police Department is working hard to crack down on crime! BPD has recently investigated and solved a burglary which occurred in the 400 to 500 block of Washington. Bellevue's reported burglary numbers are in line with those of Ft. Thomas, Newport, and Dayton. The Bellevue Police Department advises all citizens to be sure to lock the doors of their homes and cars. BPD also asks that you call dispatch at 292-3622 if you see any suspicious activity. Click here to join B-Alerts
Provided by: Police Chief Wayne Turner
Bellevue Moments
The City of Bellevue  is just under 1 sq mile. In fact, Bellevue's total area is equal to the following: 
• 0.9 square miles
• 2.3 square km
• 576 acres
• 435 football fields
• Floor area of 18
  Carew Towers
• Utica, Minnesota


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: Remember to call Campbell County Dispatch at (859) 292-3622 if you see any suspicious activity. And always call 911 for emergencies.