Bellevue is getting great press, BNA now delivers B-Alert messages from the Bellevue PD, Fire safety tips
Soapbox Cincinnati features Bellevue
Bellevue's charm and beauty is catching on. It seems that people who visit, shop, and live in Bellevue continue to find reasons why Bellevue is so great. See the recent article from Soapbox Media Cincinnati:

Green efforts, social shopping, community enliven Bellevue

If you’ve ever wandered down Bellevue’s Fairfield Avenue and thought, “This neighborhood could be really cool one day,” then you may have a future in fortune telling.

Bellevue’s tree-lined streets, award-winning historic preservation society and proximity to urban attractions set a sturdy stage for the thriving community. Nestled near downtown, the Levee, and the Party Source—which will soon house the area’s first bourbon distillery—Bellevue’s growing list of events includes outdoor concerts, family-friendly festivals and Shop Bellevue, which takes place the first Friday of each month. Click here to read the full article.
By Hannah Purnell, Soapbox Media Cincinnati; Photo from

News & Events
Bellevue B-Alerts are now available
In an effort to keep the residents of Bellevue informed of important incidents, the Bellevue Police Department has put together a B-Alert email alert message for all Bellevue Neighborhood Association members and anyone who signs up through the BPD website. These alert emails will be sent directly to your inbox with information about recent criminal activity in the neighborhood. Thanks to Chief Wayne Turner and the entire Bellevue Police Department as we work to make Bellevue a safe community.

Tips & Tricks
What to do in a fire?
Every year, more than 350,000 homes in the United States are struck by fire. Know what to do if a fire starts at your home.
• Create a family fire escape plan that shows two ways out of every room and a family meeting place outside. Practice it at least twice a year.
• In a fire, get out fast and stay out. Crawl low under smoke.
• Telephone to report a fire only from outside of a burning building.
• If clothes catch fire, stop, drop to the floor or ground, and roll. Cover your face with your hands.
Provided by: Fire Chief Mike Auteri
Other News
Shop Bellevue!
Come down to the Avenue Friday, August 3rd for Shop Bellevue from 6pm to 9pm and enjoy Dog Days of Summer.
Join the BNA
Bellevue Neighborhood Association is still accepting memberships and would love to have you join us. Details
2nd Saturday Concert 
Scott Sprague and Friends will be playing at the Bellevue Beach Park on Aug 11th from 7 to 10pm. Come down and enjoy The Reunion Concert: Bellevue's own Classic Rock.
Bellevue Moments
Bellevue has become the first city in the Greater Cincinnati region to fully adopt a form-based zoning code. This type of code focuses on the overall built environment and ensures that new development will fit into the city's existing pedestrian-friendly urban fabric. Another reason why Bellevue is so great! (full article)

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