Get details on NKY Restoration Weekend, winter pruning tips, and more…
Do you own a historic home?
Do you need to know how to fix those windows? How to make the house energy efficient? Do you want to know how to figure out who lived there when it was built? Find the answers to these questions and many more.

Over 20 classes will be offered at the NKY Restoration Weekend. Amazing keynote speaker, Matt Grocoff, from will present over lunch on Saturday.

Friday's Professional Track is Feb 22nd from 12pm to 5pm at Baker Hunt Cultural Arts Center, 620 Greenup St, Covington, KY 41011. Saturday Presentations are Feb 23rd from 9am to 5pm at Gateway BACC, 525 Scott Blvd, Covington, Kentucky 41011.

Visit for classes and to register for the event. There are a list of classes in the notes section of the facebook page as well. A free box lunch is available for those that register!

Admission is FREE! Click here to register!
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News & Events
KY Transportation Cabinet  
Time is running out
Share your opinion on future of Kentucky’s transportation system. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is trying to make sure the voice of families, communities, counties in our region is heard. This survey will impact the future policy affecting transportation over the next 20 years. Members of the public have until Feb. 25 to take a brief, confidential survey designed to gauge opinion on Kentucky’s transportation system and what it should offer in decades to come. A link to the survey and other transportation information can be found at A direct link is Call (502) 564-3419 weekdays, 8am to 4:30pm, for information or to request a survey.

Tips & Tricks
Is it a great time to get out in the garden?
Yes! February is a great time to cut back and prune some of our most popular landscape. Both cutting back and pruning are processes generally used to improve a plant's appearance or to encourage new growth. Many of us don’t think of pruning or cutting back in February, but it is actually the best time to cut back plants such as: Liriope (monkey/border grass) cut with mower or weed eater just to new growth; Ornamental grasses (all types) to about 12"–16"; Roses (Hybrid tea and grandiflora roses) prune off all diseased or spent canes, along with weak or spindly ones of a pencil or less in diameter. A good rose bush should have four to eight strong, healthy canes the diameter of your finger or larger. Most other hardy trees and shrubs are just waiting to be pruned as well… so as soon as we get that next 50° or so day… get out there with your pruners!
Other News
BNA Meeting
All are welcome to join the next Bellevue Neighborhood Association meeting on Feb 26th at 7pm at the Callahan Community Center. We will have a presentation from Ryan Salzman with the Bellevue Alliance to start the meeting.
Shop Bellevue!
Come down to the Avenue Friday, March 1st for Shop Bellevue from 6pm to 9pm.
Bellevue Family Dinner
The Bellevue Alliance is holding a monthly potluck style family dinner at the Callahan Community Center. This month's dinner is Sunday, February 24th at 5pm. All are welcome! Please bring your own drinks. Details
Bellevue Moments
Newport’s East Row Historic District is made up of two distinct neighborhoods: Mansion Hill and Gateway. The older of the two neighborhoods, Gateway, likely derived its name from a toll gate once situated at Sixth and Linden Streets in the early 1800s. That’s right, tolls were collected from those traversing to/from Newport/Bellevue. Recently, several members of Newport’s East Garden Club and BNA have teamed up to commemorate this historic landmark. Stay tuned as this dedicated committee works to bring this wonderful part of both our histories to notice.

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