Tips to prevent burglary, concert in the park, keeping cool this weekend.
Preventing Burglary
There has been a rise in burglaries in the Greater Cincinnati area over the past few years. Some are happening during what we'd consider an unconventional time of day between the hours of 8am and 2pm. A trend has also been noticed that some homes experience theft of loose cash, jewelry, and prescription meds. We can take precautions to prevent burglaries and other crimes to keep our neighborhoods safe.

Read a few tips below and please pass them along to your neighbors and loved ones.
Campbell County Dispatch: (859) 292-3622
• Install quality locks on your doors
• Be sure to lock your doors and windows, even during the day
• Be sure to secure any rear entries into your home
• Turn on the alarm if you have one
• Install exterior lights or motion sensors to illuminate the perimeter of your home
• Leave a light, tv, or radio on when not home
• Don't leave a spare key outside, leave one with a trusted neighbor or family member
• Landscape with thorny shrubs under low windows
• Put away loose cash and jewelry
• Be aware of your surroundings
• When going away, ask neighbors to keep an eye on your house, go inside, or park in your driveway
• If you notice an unfamiliar person walking around your neighbors' homes call dispatch immediately 
• If you notice an unfamiliar person walking around yards with a bag call dispatch immediately
• If you notice any questionable activity call dispatch immediately
• Create an inventory of your belongings and electronics, take photos of serial numbers 
• Bellevue's curfew is 12 Midnight and applies to anyone 18 years old or younger
• Bellevue's scrapping permits require that scrapping is only allowed during daylight hours and vehicles with scrap or salvaged scrap cannot be visible after daylight hours. 

Please report any suspicious activity to the Campbell County Dispatch at (859) 292-3622 and remember in an emergency situation always call 911.
Click here for the Bellevue Police Dept website

News & Events
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Family Night is Back!
Bellevue's Concert Series and Family Nights in the Beach Park are back on and going well. Next up is Hot Wax (a 50s and 60s show band) on July 14th from 7-10pm with a fireworks show following the concert. Come down to the Bellevue Beach park for some good company and entertainment with this FREE event. Click here to see photos from last years show.

BNA is Still Accepting Memberships
The Bellevue Neighborhood Association is still accepting memberships for the 2012-2013 year. We're encouraging membership renewals and new memberships! We also wanted to send a special thank you out to the anonymous person who has donated $3 for the past few years. We understand that not everyone is able to join BNA but do appreciate every donation that comes in. Every little bit helps in transforming Bellevue one block at a time.

Tips & Tricks
Celebrating the 4th
As you're preparing for big celebrations this 4th of July take extra precaution with our hot and dry weather.
- Drink plenty of water
- Try to stay in the shade and cooler areas
- Wear sunscreen and reapply
- Pace yourself when walking or playing
- Make sure pets have plenty of water and aren't overheated
- Keep an eye on fireworks to prevent unintentional fires
Other News
Shop Bellevue!
Come down to the Avenue Friday, July 6th for Shop Bellevue from 6 to 10pm and Celebrate Your Independents by buying locally!
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Bellevue Moments
The average high temp in Bellevue for June is 82°F. The average high temp in July is 86°F. The record high temps are 102°F and 103°F. We'll be close to those this week!
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