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Don't Lose Heart

Yes I am smiling in this picture, but I haven't been doing a lot of smiling today.

The election was a shock. Donald Trump will become our president, with a Republican controlled Congress and Supreme Court vacancies to fill. Here in Oregon, Measure 97 went down in flames. That means big Oregon budget cuts that will affect kids and families. 

It would be easy to give up, or go quiet, or numb up. I've got some hopeless feelings myself. However, please hang onto your heart and courage. This is our country too. It's still ours even though it looks a bit alien today. We, Unitarian Universalists, belong in the public sphere with our crazy, beautiful ideas about love and justice. This world needs us.

Please take care of yourself. Take some time to mourn for our country. Breath deeply when you feel your shoulders tighten and your brow furrow. Do things that have nothing to do with world affairs. Have a gentle conversation with a friend. Play with your kids or grandkids, pet your cat. I just watched an episode of The Gilmore Girls because Lorelai and her daughter Rory never talk about politics. Our board chair went out and gathered petition signatures to stop aerial spraying. That worked for her.  

And remember that your Unitarian Universalist congregation is a source of supportive, healing community. Lean on each other during this time of uncertainty and change. Nurture your courage together

Shalom, Rev. Katie Larsell


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