Mentorship with Dr. Jacob Liberman

Achieve Your Maximum Potential, Personally and Professionally

A mentor is a guide; a person who has jumped into life without a net, discovering what is possible when we live with an open heart and mind. A mentor is someone whose life reminds us of what is possible in our own lives because they are a living example of what it means to be an original. We often model our lives after the people we love and respect because we receive so much just being in their presence. We naturally open up around them, begin seeing in a new way and recognize that who we are is much more than what we do. Whenever I encounter someone who truly knows, I spend time with him or her to learn what he or she has discovered. Because who we are and how we show up in each moment imprints the matrix of life, our life is our message.
At 65, my discoveries, insights and life experiences have allowed me to realize that there is an inseparable connection between light, vision and consciousness and our health, happiness and success. The depth of change I have experienced personally and with thousands of patients over the past 40 years warrants that I share this knowledge directly with others. So beginning in 2013, I will publicly mentor a small number of individuals. Although this program is founded on my direct experience working with light, vision and consciousness, its thrust is to awaken your maximum potential, supporting you in achieving life mastery. This program is not one-size fits all but custom tailored to meet the personal and professional needs of each individual. I will share in depth how light and vision therapy can empower us to reach our fullest potential. I will guide and inspire you to reach your goals, encouraging you each step of the way. If you are a healthcare provider, I will be happy to have you consult with me regarding certain clients and their treatment program. 
Based on one year of personalized mentoring (commencing January 2013), including weekly Skype or phone sessions, and all written, audio and video materials (which I will provide), the annual tuition is $12,000 (payable via PayPal). There is a 10% discount if payment is made in full by December 5th, 2012. You also have the option of paying 50% by December 5th, 2012 and the balance by April 5th, 2013. Since this program is limited to a small number of individuals, early registration will help insure your participation. Please e-mail to register for this program or schedule a free consultation with me to address any questions or concerns you may have. I look forward to hearing from you. 
Aloha from beautiful Maui,

Jacob Liberman, OD, Ph.D.

Being an Original

The great Indian sage Ramana Maharshi said, “One comes into existence for a certain purpose.” Marcus Aurelius expressed this beautifully when he said “Each thing has come into existence for a specific purpose, like a horse or a grapevine. Everyone must do what is in accordance with their constitution…” In essence, we are like trees. Some are tall, thin, and sway easily, while others have thicker trunks and less elasticity. Some trees are very inviting because they bear fruit or flowers, while others have thorns, making it impossible to get close to them. Just as each tree and animal plays a vital role in maintaining nature’s balance, each of us has an essential nature and unique fingerprint that influences everything we touch. That is why we are who we are.
Everything in the universe is an original, an authentic expression of life’s intelligence and animating force. And yet, most of what we experience in life today is a reproduction designed to look, sound, smell, taste and feel like the real thing. And although we have developed elaborate ways of fooling our senses, our essence cannot be duplicated because it defines the sacred reason we exist. It is our unique fragrance, way of seeing, temperament and the abilities and knowledge we were born with -- those things we know by heart. You might say that our entire reason for being is so those qualities can be expressed. Or as Gandhi said, “My life is my message.”
In being, we emit a unique energetic fingerprint or field that continually interacts with everything. Perhaps, we are each a unique vibrational remedy, fundamental to the flow and evolution of the universe. Marcus Aurelius said, “…The entire universe is one great harmony…all things are mutually intertwined…” Maybe our awakening is about embracing the uniqueness and unity of our nature. As a child, I had difficulty reading and consequently thought there was something wrong with me. I tried to memorize information and emulate those whom I thought were smart. Eventually, I realized that information is not wisdom, and what deeply touches others is the authenticity and insight we exude in merely being. Although I am respected as an authority in my field, my real gift is my ability to show up empty handed, allowing life to express itself through me.


For those of you intrigued by the EYELIGHT project, I wanted to provide you an update. Up to now, Kent Noonan and I have been focused on developing a way of measuring the light entering and exiting the eye. Recently, Kent and I were able to set up the system, take some initial measurements and determine our challenges moving forward. Since this is a very complex process that requires a lot of time and expense, we decided to simultaneously work on the light therapy portion of this system. We are incredibly excited, as this will be a very unique system with the ability to evaluate the relationship between our receptivity to light and our state of wellness, relationship with life, and the chakra system.  We now have the capability to record real time changes in the eye, measure colors and intensity and monitor biofeedback parameters. We are very grateful for the grant we received from a private foundation in May, as that allowed us to purchase the initial materials and tools required to move forward. However, those funds are quickly being used. If you are interested in supporting our efforts through a donation or know anyone who might be, please e-mail us at

Kent Noonan taking measurements.
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