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Sharing the Gift of Water
by Dennis Gray
We are so proud to share with you how your purchases, in collaboration with Rotary Clubs and Rotary International, have helped to "share the gift of water" with families in Africa for whole clean, safe, abundant water:
900 Rainwater storage projects in Kenya.
Each including:
  • a 10,000 liter rain water storage tank
  • 100 planted trees
  • a latrine in each home
  • water and sanitation training for the families
  • a table credit program that gives a “hand-up” not a hand-out to the women’s groups that build the rainwater storage tanks. 
You will continue to see our Share the Gift of Water logo proudly displayed on all of our products. Each time you sell one of our products to a pool or hot tub owner, we are working together to “Share the Gift of Water”. Pretty cool...and a huge thank you to all of you!

How Will We Continue to Share the Gift of Water?

Later this year and flowing into 2015, together with our partners, we have raised an additional $140,000 to fund a special project of bringing 30,000 liter rain water storage tanks, boys and girls latrines and health and safety programs to 6 HIV Orphan schools that we visited recently with a group of our Backyard Brands Dealers.



Tune-Up for Water Testing

by Mike Drummond

Wow! After the long winter we had and the crazy spring, thank goodness for the great weather we have been having!! During the long winter months, we’ve have spent a lot of time hunkering down and looking for ways to make the prescription process better for you as traffic picks up.

You will likely have noticed by now that there are a bunch of new colours in AquaAce when you search for customers.  As part of the ongoing effort to help you demonstrate PureWOW to your customers, we’ve colour coded customers to make it easier for you to understand who you are interacting with.


The salt water pool category has been revised and now includes our entire line up of Pristiva products

A new prescription output method is also now available…yes, you are now able to email prescriptions to your customers!!!! 

Learn more about these updates and to learn more about the Spin Lab and the new active link between the Spin Lab and AquaAce.


Being able to really “know” your customer and to be able to deliver a PureWOW shopping experience is invaluable!  To help you tailor special offers and customize the PureWOW shopping experience, we have devised a colour coding system that will help you see at a glance whether the customer you are interacting with is a loyal customer or a casual shopper. 

The colour coding is broken down into the pool and hot tub categories.  Here is the rationale for them:


Blue indicates the customer has had a pool test performed this year.  This would be a repeat customer.  Delight them by asking questions like “has anything changed since your last test?”  You are telling your customer you know they have had their water tested and want to make sure everything is alright.  Before you even start the test, you will know that this is now a check—up.  Your customer will be impressed that you remember them!

Green indicates that the pool had a test last year, but the water has not been tested this year.  Here is when it is PureWOW time!  This first test is like getting a chance to make a first impression again.  Make sure you are asking the right questions; how does the water look?  Has the pool been refilled?  How long has the water been circulating?  Asking the right questions will remind your customer why they shop with you and reinforces their decision to purchase their pool products from you.  TIP: Use Last Test Data when this customer comes in so you can see what their pool closing test looked like.  This will help prepare you for some of the changes that will have happened over the course of the winter.

Red indicates the customer had no water tests last year.  This is effectively a lost customer.  You now have an opportunity to re-engage this customer and get them back on your systems.  Politely find a way to let them know you missed them last year.  Perhaps offer them the “We’ve missed you!” postcard with a discount off their purchase in-store.  This customer has come back to you for a reason.  Most likely they were not satisfied by their source for pool products and are coming back.  Whatever the reason, make sure these customers leave feeling appreciated.  It’s a lot easier to win-back customers when they come back to the store voluntarily.

Grey is a customer with no pool test information.  These may be new installed pools coming in for their first water test.  This customer must leave the store with a great impression of the quality of service, knowledge and support you are able to provide.  These customers can become Blue or Red very quickly.  It’s up to you which way they go.

Hot Tub:

Blue indicates that a water test has been performed within the last 45 days.  This would be a repeat or loyal customer.  As with pool customers who are blue, you can ask questions like, “has anything changed since the last test?”  Remember, loyal customers may not need you to explain test results in great detail.  They will, for the most part, understand why you are recommending certain products. Make sure the customer feels like you appreciate their business and value them as a customer.

Green indicates that the customer has had a water test performed between 45 days and 1 year.  This would suggest the customer is a casual shopper at your business.  It’s WOW time with this customer.  Since you know they may be shopping elsewhere, it’s time to show them why you are the best business in town and why they should come to you for all their hot tub needs.

Red represents a customer who has not had a hot tub test within the past year.  These are “lost” customers.  Just like Red pool customers, they’ve come back to you voluntarily.  Reinforce that this was a good decision.  You only get one shot to retain this type of customer when they come back. 

These colours are simple visual indicators.  They are designed to help you deliver PureWOW service to your customers.  We hope you will share the meaning of these colours with all staff so that they can work to deliver great service to all customers.  Please let us know if there are other things we can do to help make it easier for AquaAce users to identify and serve customers all year long.

Emailing Test Results

Another new and VERY EXCITING announcement is that you are now able to start EMAILING your customers’ test results to them.  What’s better, the process is so simple! Instead of selecting Print Details or Print Summary, you can select Email and the prescription will be instantly emailed to your customer.  Don’t worry, you can also print the prescription at this point as well.  Please note that in order for the email to reach your customer, a valid email address will need to be included with the Primary Contact Person’s contact details.  That’s it!

Salt Pool Recommendations

You may have noticed that we’ve also revised how the salt category is handled.  We love salt pools too! You now have the option of treating the pool as a regular salt pool or as a Pristiva Perfect Salt Pool.  When the Sanitizer Type is salt chlorinator, a Pristiva check box will appear.  Simply check the Pristiva box and AquaAce will make the appropriate Pristiva product recommendations for you.  It is our belief that many of you will want to treat your salt pool customers extra special, so you can now ensure Pristiva Premium Salt, Pristiva Primer, Pristiva Premium Shock, Pristiva Acid Enhance and Pristiva Rapid Action Stabilizer are recommended.

Next Generation Water Testing

We have also been working water testing this winter as well.  As many of you who attended our Annual PureWOW Conference will recall, we have been working closely with Palintest on the next generation of water testing.  We should have devices ready by the end of the summer.  We are expecting to have pricing and availability ready for Flex Buy time. 

LaMotte Spin Lab Now In-Stock

We now stock the LaMotte Spin Lab and Spin Disks.  For any dealer considering the Spin Lab from LaMotte, we have also created an active link that transfers data from the Spin Lab to AquaAce.  The Spin Lab is an easy to use, quick way of testing water.  Simply inject sample water into the Spin Disks and put them into the lab.  It’s that easy.  Test readings are complete in 1 minute.  If this is of interest, please contact your Account Representative or Customer Care.  Price for the LaMotte Spin Lab is $850 plus applicable taxes (product code DZL11714).  Spin Disks cost $98 for a box of 50 disks (product code DZL14330). 

Keeping Your Lab Area in Tip Top Shape

For those that need to spruce up their labs, make sure you let us know if you need new vials, syringes, crushing sticks, vial holders, etc.  The best way to get a pool started on the right foot is to start with good testing equipment.  Let us know what you need and we’ll get that to you right away.

Your Feedback Matters
As you can see, a lot of focus has been put on the prescription process this winter.  Remember, AquaAce is your program.  All of our developments are made based on the great feedback we receive from our customers.  Please continue to send us your requests and feedback.  It’s what keeps our program development going.
It's Pollen Time!
by Paul Parsons
Every spring and throughout summer, most pool owners can expect a battle with a most imposing enemy; pollen! It comes from the sky (well, really from trees and plants), seemingly without warning. The next thing you know, everything (including the family pet) is covered in a yellow, dust-like film.

Patio furniture, the BBQ, the deck, the solar blanket and the pool water. Nothing escapes an even coating of pollen). Allergy sufferers dread the annual pollen onslaught. This year, with our late, cold winter, the 'pollen vortex' (a name coined to give it a more dramatic feel, like a Stephen King novel) will occur later than normal but is still expected to be just as intense. That's pollen. It's actually nature's way of reproducing in the plant world. It is a fine to coarse powder and many types travel by wind. As wind is not a very accurate transportation method, huge quantities must be produced and released. The pollen grains of pines, firs and spruces are actually winged to help their flight. It is wind-borne pollen that is most problematic to swimming pools.


Pollen affects pools in 3 major ways (not counting the aesthetic problems it creates around the pool):

1) Chlorine Demand. Large quantities of pollen in swimming pool water can create a tremendous chlorine demand. Most types of pollen have a hard outer shell that will be difficult to break down through the ongoing oxidative effects of chlorine or bromine. As chlorine or bromine is non-selective, it will continue to attack pollen, creating the high demand in the water. During periods of high pollen counts, increase chlorine residuals in water and shock more frequently to compensate. Amaze Plus, Ultra Shock and Energy are useful for this. Clear Rebound is also an amazing friend to a pool with a pollen problem. Digesting pollen saves chlorine and the general cleaning often required (refer to #3). I recommend any weekly serviced pools get an extra Clear Rebound application during periods of high pollen release as it will help in so many ways (reduce chlorine demand, clear the water, clean the surfaces, etc.). 

2) Pollen means phosphorous. One of the minerals in highest concentration in most species of pollen is phosphorous. High concentrations of pollen in pool water will eventually be broken down and the contents released to the water. As we know, phosphorous content in water fuels plant growth (algae) just as fertilizer does when spread on a lawn or plants. This is a bad combination when viewed with point #1 - chlorine demand. Increasing phosphate levels with a decreasing or zero chlorine residual is a sure sign of an oncoming algae infestation (just check the Risk of Algae Meter on your AquaAce printout).  When pollen is plaguing a pool, test phosphate levels regularly and use Prep Cleanse, Phos Cleanse and Ultra Cleanse to keep the level at near zero. If a phosphate management program is not being employed, increase the dosage of a quality preventative algicide like Algae Resist 50 (or Algae Clear 60 if the pool is not suitable for Algae Resist 50).

3) Compromised Filtration. Pollen, when mixed with water, can form a paste-like substance that sticks and coats surfaces. Just check out a solar blanket that has covered a pool during a pollen outbreak and you'll see a yellowish-coloured film that has a tendency to coat and not release freely. You may also see it around the waterline (remember Pool & Patio Cleanse or raise the water level and use a bit more Ultra Cleanse or Clear Rebound). Rub some between your fingers and you'll see the characteristics that I'm talking about. Imagine this inside the pool filter as a properly functioning skimmer will transport a large quantity of pollen through the filtration system. When pollen is at its worst, don't hesitate to recommend a Rapid Action Filter Cleanse treatment. One of the primary reasons we developed the Rapid Action formula was to make it quicker and easier to do an effective filter cleaning. In addition to more frequent and effective filter cleaning, use of 'screening' water clarifiers like Filter Enhance and Clarifying Tabs (sand filters only) will help catch pollen moving through the filter more effectively than the sand or cartridge alone. This reduces chlorine demand (#1) and phosphorous (#2) if able to filter out efficiently and quickly. 

Remember, pollen is an issue that is often overlooked in typical pool water maintenance situations. However, it can affect a pool in a variety of ways and cause havoc. Be proactive, take some additional precautions and your customers will appreciate it!
What's New? LOTS!

by Charles Eberth IV
(a.k.a. CHAS)

It’s been an exciting start to 2014 for us since we purchased the Pristiva Brand from Compass Minerals at the end of 2013 and added it to our portfolio of Pool and Hot Tub Care Brands…Dazzle and Mineraluxe. We had been working with Compass Minerals since the first researched based salt pool technology was but a dream, over five years ago. We loved the technology and what it was doing to help our customers to solve vexing salt pool issues, to regain lost salt pool customers and to seriously beef up their business profitability. We loved it so much, we bought the Pristiva Technology and Research!
The Gang here has focused on some key projects to help you build loyalty and profitability with your existing salt pool customers and also to aid you in attracting new salt pool customers in your market. 

Here is a quick overview of the NEW Pristiva Products:

Pristiva Rapid Action Stabilizer
(PRC35145, 2kg)


Maintaining 30 to 40 ppm of stabilizer in a salt pool is necessary to keep the pool safe for swimmers… and to reduce the workload on the salt generator cell. This in turn helps reduce the amount of pH reducer/acid additions required. Pristiva Rapid Action Stabilizer is a new product for our industry; it is a very high quality stabilizer that is milled ultra-fine. The combination of these two factors provides a stabilizer that dissolves dramatically faster than standard granular stabilizer. This fast dissolving stabilizer also dramatically reduces the risk of the pool owner backwashing the standard stabilizer down the drain. Another benefit for freshly filled pools is that the stabilizer goes to work right away, holding the chlorine in the pool and avoiding the potential for an algae problem.

Pristiva Salt Cell Cleaner
(PRC35160, New 1L Size!)

One of the best things about our investment into Pristiva, was to gain access to deep research into what really goes on from a chemistry standpoint in salt pools. This allows us to design better products that meet the unique challenges of salt pools. No place presents tougher challenges in a salt pool than inside the electronic chlorine generator. Pristiva’s New Salt Cell Cleaner will work on ALL salt water pool ECG cells. It was specifically developed to effectively but gently soften and remove the different types of scale formation found in the cells… without damaging the cell.

Pristiva Acid Enhance

(PRC35155, 3.79L and PRC35154, 1L)

Many people in our industry, and most salt pool owners, are unaware that you should avoid using dry acid in salt water pools. Dry acid is sodium bisulfate and sulfates accelerate the scaling propensity in salt water pools and in particular in the cell; reducing cell life. Salt pools almost always require weekly additions of a pH reducer. Muriatic (hydrochloric) acid is typically used by salt pool owners, but it is highly corrosive, difficult to safely store and handle, and not a very consumer or family friendly product to have in the backyard. Another example of our Fusion Science was the development of Pristiva’s Acid Enhance; it's MUCH safer to handle and store, and is the same strength as traditional muriatic acid. It's priced comparably to high quality dry pH reducer.

Pristiva Salt Pool Test Strips
(PRC35700)... available by the end of this week!

High quality, and every time the pool owner tests their water they are reminded that the only place to buy products for their salt pool is at their local Pristiva Perfect Salt Pool Retailer.

Pristiva Perfect Salt Pool Selling Tips


by Marc Bouchard

Salt Pool Owners Just Want to be Loved… Everyone wants to feel special and loved! Salt Pool Owners are no different. The thing is, the professional pool industry has a pretty spotty record of making salt pool owners feel welcome in their pool stores for a whole host of different reasons… some good, some not so good. It’s quite common for a salt pool customer to visit a pool store and come away with a less than exceptional experience.

This usually starts with the myths and misinformation that many salt pool owners have been exposed to. At some point, every new salt pool customer comes face to face with a pool pro who takes it upon themselves to “correct” the ill-informed salt pool customer and to “set them straight”. To be fair… it’s difficult trying to correct some of the myths with salt pool customers while making it a positive experience. Bottom line though is that we all need to ensure that we not only make salt pool customers feel welcome… but we validate their decision to purchase a salt pool… and let them know “We Love Salt Pools Too”™. One of our key marketing strategies is that we will be helping our dealers with is to tweak their stores so that the store layout and messaging speaks to this strategy. We will be doing so by broadening the Pristiva Salt Pool System to weave in other complimentary products and by leveraging the “we love salt pools tooâ„¢" marketing messaging.

In your store design… we hope to encourage you to have three distinct water care categories in your store layout… visible as soon as the customer walks through the door… Traditional Pool, Hot Tub and now…Salt Pools

What’s New with the Pristiva Brand!

  • Stunning New Branding & Packaging
  • Trademarked “We Love Salt Pools Too” as a key marketing message
  • Made the Pristiva “Suite” more complete – seven new products….more on the way!
  • Pristiva marketing tools (shelf talkers, POP, Signage).  Billboard creative is available and new postcards with the We Love Salt Pools Too messaging.
More New Stuff from Backyard Brands

We are excited to announce that we have brought in the Hach Pocket Pro+ Multi 2 Tester! (Try saying that three times fast!!!!)

The Pocket Pro + Multi 2 Tester tests for conductivity, TDS, salinity and temperature.

Here are some of the features:

  • Replaceable sensor!
  • Delivers extremely accurate results
  • Measures a pH range from 0-14
  • Large, easy to read LCD screen

Order Today!

Product Code DZL00152. Price: $199.99

Table of Contents

Special Tip on Removing Metals

Before you remove metals from the water, apply your metal protection like Dazzle Metal Cleanse or Jack's Magic Blue or Magenta Stuff to “tie up” the metals so they do not stain while you are trying to remove them.   If it is a Salt pool, you can use the Jack’s Magic Purple Stuff.

SOS Tips

by Rob Kamstra

When metals get into swimming pool or hot tub water, they are usually very difficult to remove.

You have 2 choices to remove the metals (or you can apply a combination of both).


Dazzle Filter Enhance:

(for sand, cartridge or D.E. filters)

Apply Dazzle filter enhance slowly to your skimmer. This creates a layer of product across the media.  As the water and metals pass through your filter, some of the metals will get trapped.  It also creates a very fine filtering media and will collect fine debris and absorb oils, lotions, greases etc from the water.  This will clean and polish the water, but your filter pressure will rise.  Watch the filter pressure and backwash or clean as needed. After cleaning, reapply Filter Enhance and continue the cycle as necessary until all the metals are gone.  Please note that there may still be metals in the filter media so a filter cleaning is strongly suggested as these metals could once again be imparted into the water.

Eliminator (NEW) 

The Eliminator works differently.  Metals in the water get attracted to and combined with the unique compound inside the Eliminator pouch.  Place the Eliminator pouch in your skimmer, or even better, in the “cage” and place inside the pool pump strainer basket.  As the water passes over the Eliminator, metals including copper, iron, silver etc, get trapped forever in this pouch.  This method takes more time than the Filter Enhance method (up to 30 days), but this is so easy for consumers to use and less time consuming for service people to apply.


Other Advantages of Eliminator

  • Metals are less likely to be reintroduced back into the water from your filter media
  • It works really well with either pool or hot tub systems
  • You can SEE the results as the bag changes color with the type of metals it absorbs.
  • Note: the colour of the bag isn't a definitive measure of the quantity of metals absorbed but it does give a feel for how it's doing. The darker the colour, the closer it is becoming to its 'full' state.
  • There are 2 versions, one for 1.5 ppm of metals and one for 4.0 ppm of metals.

Additional Tips for
Using the Eliminator

  • Speed of absorption (and therefore removal) is based on the flow of water. The higher the flow, the faster the metals will be removed.
  • When applying, always try to position the pouch in a location providing the greatest flow.
  • If using in a pump basket, the dispenser must be used to stop the bag from tearing apart.
  • Using Eliminator in a hot tub? Changing the Eliminator pouch every 3 to 4 months with a water change would be a viable approach, provided the quantity of metals doesn't fill the Eliminator over a shorter time period.
  • Reusing the pouch: If carrying over from one season to another, the pouch can be dried, stored and reused at a later date, provided it hasn't reached its max absorption rate of 1.5 ppm or 4 ppm.
  • Prevention is the best way to use the Eliminator. Ideally, one would go into every pool and hot tub, replaced based on absorption, and there would be a lot less metal staining problems out there!

Tip for Smaller Volume Bodies of Water

The 1.5 ppm Eliminator will remove 1.5 ppm in 80,000 litres over 30 days. Therefore, in a much smaller volume, the 1.5 ppm Eliminator will remove far higher quantities of total metals. There is also nothing that prohibits an Eliminator from being used until it has reached its max level. This can take years if only dealing with trace levels. The frequency of replacement should somehow be estimated based on the total level of metals to be removed and the total volume of water the metals are dissolved in. 

Marketing Tips

by Orna Murphy

It has been a whirlwind year so far! I am thrilled to see how many of you are leveraging the marketing materials we sent out.

Here’s a few reminders about the marketing programs we have in place for 2014...



Since Backyard Brands acquired the Pristiva brand, we have been busy!!!!!!! We started by modernizing the branding to build consumer appeal. We’ve broadened the salt pool category so that when a consumer comes into your store, they know that you understand that they want to feel “special” and be able to count on research based salt pool technologies to optimize their salt pool experience.
We introduced some initial merchandising elements including shelf talkers and a POP sign. We will continue to add to the suite of marketing elements that are available, including elements to help you promote the benefits of Primer and to help you more effectively promote Pristiva as a system!

Pristiva Marketing Elements

Hanging Banner



Pristiva POP



Shelf Talkers


The Healthier Pool Care Challenge!

What is the number one question pool owners always ask as they walk through your door or call you on the phone?  What’s new!!!!! The coupon book is a perfect conversation starter for you to talk about the advantages of the Healthier Pool Care Kit! And what an exciting promotion for the pool owner!!! They can take advantage of all kinds of special offers and opportunities to try new products. And, don’t forget to remind people that they can instantly redeem one of the coupons for a free bottle of Hair Renew just for buying the kit!

Some Tips for Maximizing the Success of This Promo:

  • Make sure it’s part of everyone’s “what’s new pitch” as customers come into your store.
  • Stack ‘em high! With the in-store decision rate at an all-time high of 76%, according to a recent study from POPAI, don't underestimate the impact that visual merchandising can have!
  • Place the POP on the stack-out to prompt consumers to ask about the promo
As far as the redemption of the coupons, please send in redeemed coupons by September 30th, 2014 for account credit at 50% of value of the coupons!
Here's a great example of how to create some visual PureWOW in-store. McKie Pools and Spas created tangerine vinyl floor decals to convey fun and visual interest. It  also created a clear pathway to their display! 

Who Doesn’t Want to be Missed!

We are thrilled at how many of you are working with real estate agents and putting together programs to recover lost customers using our We Missed You and Welcome to the Neighbourhood postcards.
For those of you that have sent out the postcards, drop us a line and let us know how the program is working! For those of you that haven’t….there’s still lots of time to participate!

Staff Incentive Program!

The staff incentive program is in full swing! Until August 15th, staff can earn cash rewards based on their sales of the following products:
  • Pristiva Premium Salt (PRC35120)
  • Phos Cleanse 2L
  • Ultra Cleanse 1L&2L
    (DAZ03003, DAZ03001)
  • Pristiva Opening Kit (PRC35100)
Congrats to everyone who redeemed already….happy spending!!! For anyone that hasn’t redeemed yet, I wanted to clarify that you don’t need to wait until after August 15th to submit your tracking sheet, we just ask that you wait until you have earned at least $25 before you submit.
***Want to give back? Your staff incentive rewards can be donated to Share the Gift of Water….just let us know!
Here’s a link to the Staff Incentive Tracking Sheet.

Keeping Swimmers Safe!

We are proud to let you know that we have made a generous donation to the Lifesaving Society on behalf of all Backyard Brands Dealers in support of the Perfect Swim awareness campaign, an important cause to educate the general public on how to prevent drowning and water-related traumas.
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