HIYA's Memory Newsletter - Issue 5

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Capturing our communities memories


HIYA's Memory Newsletter

We're Teen Talk's Youth Forum, Harwich Inspired Youth Action (HIYA). We have been working with members of the Harwich Community to gather information about their childhood memories and to see how being a teenager has changed over the years. We will be making these memories into a newsletter to be sent out to local residents.

This edition was written by HIYA member Emma Davis and features Michael Barrago, a local Harwich resident who was raised in Bradford.

Michael Barrago was born in November 1944. He went to two schools, one in Halesworth, Suffolk and the other in Lawford. His favourite subjects were Maths, English, Geography, Science and Religious Programme. The punishment was the cane, you would get the cane for mucking about, being late or not having your homework. Michael left school at age 18 and went straight into farming.
Outside of School
Hobbies included army cadets at the age of 10 and a half. There were no after school clubs but he did fishing and gardening in the evening, weekends and holidays. Entertainment was fetes and seeing his mate down the road. He had a Saturday job and got paid 3 and 6 pence.  £1 used to be able to get cinema, bus fair, fish and chips and still have change.

Bradfield had some good sweets shops and an ice cream van that visited the houses. Bradfield felt very safe, there was hardly any crime in their area and everyone knew everything and everyone. Michaels best memories include going fishing with his Dad and getting on his first motorbike. His first experience of fishing included a simple rod made from wood which he caught 6 fish with and several newts that he kept in a jam jar for fun. Michael remembers having a Holiday for the moon landing, the Kennedy shooting and Martin Luther King. He also watched the Cuban Crisis and Vietnam war on the news.

Then and Now
Michael says that technology is more advanced now. He never had a telephone in the house and phone calls were made at public phone boxes or the farmers house. Only some people had a television and there were only two channels. Michael liked to watch Highway Patrol and anything to do with aircraft. He also liked to listen to the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Tina Turner and Status Quo. There were no real cars and his Grandfather used to deliver groceries in a horse and cart.
What HIYA Say
HIYA members found it very interesting talking to Michael when we visited Lime Court and we enjoyed looking through his photo album of when he was younger.
Get Involved
We'd like thank Michael for helping us with our Memory Project. If you would like to share your memories of Harwich with us, just get in touch on 01255 504800 or email

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