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We are honored to have Ray Bull as one of the instructors on The Lie Boat!

is Professor of Criminal Investigation at the University of Derby, Emeritus Professor of Forensic Psychology at the University of Leicester and Visiting Professor at the University of Portsmouth.  His major research topic is investigative interviewing. In 2012 he was elected ‘President-Elect’ of the European Association of Psychology and Law. In 2010 he was “Elected by acclaim” an Honorary Fellow of the British Psychological Society “for the contribution made to the discipline of psychology”, which is an honor is restricted to a maximum of 40 living psychologists. His CV is way too long to post here with all his books, chapters, articles and research throughout the years, as he has been a leader within the field of investigative interviewing for over 40 years, and helped to transform the policies and practices with law enforcement interviewing and criminal interrogation in England, and influence which has been felt worldwide. 

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