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Energy OutWest 2012 in Boise Has It All
Hard to believe summer is coming to a close and the kids are back in school and Energy OutWest 2012 is in the books. Boise once again showed all it has to offer as this years host city. The weather was beautiful, the restaurants and evening entertainment enjoyable, the people of Boise friendly and welcoming.

This years EOW conference brought representatives from 29 states, for a total of 747 attendees together to share lessons learned, exchange skills, methods, and ideas to help ensure the future success of the rapidly maturing industry known as Weatherization.

The nearly 20 field Tutorials filled up early. Hot topics included the new ASHRAE ventilation standard 62.2, fundamentals of spray foam, basic auditing, duct sealing, pressure balancing and air leakage testing of multifamily buildings.

As always the evening sessions at EOW were most excellent:
The potato head and trivia contest provided the usual hoots and raised over $1,400.00 for the local food bank.
The Jam session showcased a variety of musical talents and inspirations from our midst and a good time was had by all.

The core conference started on a high note with a moving and powerful talk from Chris Gardner who shared his story and reminded us that we all face adversity and challenges in our lives, how we choose to go forward makes all the difference. A great start to a great week of fun and learning.

The 74 technical sessions delivered by recognized experts from throughout the U.S. with a concentration from the western region reinforced best practices and introduced new techniques and methods that ensure homes receiving weatherization services are safer, healthier, more durable, comfortable and affordable.

John Davies

Chris Gardner
Keynote Speaker Chris Gardner
From Mimi Burbage (Energy OutWest Chairperson): "I had a chance to meet with Mr. Gardner after his presentation and what an incredible guy!  So inspirational and so down to earth..he still faces many of his own struggles but always with a smile on his face…for me it puts things very much into perspective when you meet someone that has overcome such daunting challenges in life so successfully…"

Chris Gardner
Joe Lstiburek

Keynote Speaker Joe Lstiburek

Joe Lstiburek was informative, entertaining, and as always, outstandingly politically incorrect. Particularly entertaining was Joe's comparison of the fins on a new building design with the fins on a heat exchanger. Read the complete Building Science article.

Building Science Article
Potato Head

Weatherization Competition
Jack Hruska

The Weatherization Competition at the 2012 Energy OutWest Conference was well attended. Participants were eager to pit their energy and trivia knowledge against teams made up of fellow conference goers. Questions like: “In a heating climate, where is outside air most likely to enter the home?” or “Who discovered the unit of energy known as the Watt?” and “What is a Fandango?” kept teams discussion interesting.

This year as a salute to the state of Idaho, teams were given a new challenge. Not only did they have to struggle with trivia questions (or their cell phone trying to look up answers on the net) they also assembled Mr./Ms. Potato-Heads. The resulting Potato-Head art were displayed the following day where conference attendees voted for their favorite at a penny a vote.

Teams’ scoring was based on 100 points for each correct answer to the trivia and a penny a point for their Potato-Head artwork. The winning team called themselves “California Dreaming” who correctly answered 24 out of 27 questions and received the most votes for their Potato-Head art. The “River Rats” came in a close second.

All of the money collected in the voting for Potato-Head art was collected and donated by Energy OutWest to the local Boise area, El/Ada Community Food Bank. A total of $1,400 was collected and donated making this year’s competition hard to top.

Jam Session Photos

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Jam Session Night

The Weatherizers

The ASHRAE 62.2 Song
(Lyrics printed here by popular demand)

If you nee—ee—eed a little fresh air, call me
If you want more air changes, call me
No more clammy or smoky nights
All you’ve got to do is go ahead and ventilate right with
ASHRAE 62.2, ASHRAE 62.2
If you hah ah ave some kids with asthma, call me
If you own too many cats and dogs, call me
We’re gonna make the house real tight
But, that’s okay cause we’ll also ventilate right with
ASHRAE 62.2, ASHRAE 62.2

And we’ll be right there, just as soon as we can… oh oh oh
And if you have trouble with the math, we’ll help you to calcu laaaaaaaaate oh that 
ASHRAE 62.2, ASHRAE 62.2
If it seems too complicated, call me
If you can’t understand it, call me
We’ll be patient and give you some hints
Because we know, sometimes you just need a place to vent… about
ASHRAE 62.2, ASHRAE 62.2

(Spoken at the end): Don’t forget that number

Energy OutWest 2014 San Diego

** Check the Energy OutWest website for updates ** 
SouthWest Building Science Training Center

SouthWest Building Science Training Center

To promote awareness of our excellent regional resources, Energy OutWest highlights our training centers on the EOW website and in our newsletters. The SouthWest Building Science Training Center, in Phoenix, Arizona is one of these outstanding facilities.

Of critical importance to professionals in weatherization is to be properly trained and to keep up with professional techniques and standards as they evolve. The SouthWest Building Science Training Center in Phoenix, Arizona is exemplary in its efforts to stay on the cutting edge of our profession. SWBSTC was awarded funds for development from the American Recovery and Investment Act (ARRA) which gave the SWBSTC an opportunity to upgrade its facilities to state of the art and insure students hands-on learning in all professional best practices. SWBSTC's goal with their ARRA funding was to create a “Super Lab”. More about how they went about attaining this goal is described in Chris Baker's June 2012 article in Home Energy. Training centers like the SWBSTC have WAP training and support as an ongoing core of their business, but it probably will be very important for such centers to also extend their business into training for the private home performance sector. The ARRA funds that such training centers received, if used effectively as the SWBSTC has done, may ultimately prove to have provided a critical boost in this direction. More information about the SWBSTC can also be found on their website. Links to training centers in the EOW region are available at

Wx in DC
Wx in DC
from Rod Williams about going to Washington, DC to represent our profession

"Although I felt honored to be invited to DC, I also felt it was my duty as an American to remind those in our government about the importance of the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). Weatherization helps to reduce the United States’ dependency on fossil fuel and serves a segment of the Americans that greatly benefits from the assistance by lowering their energy bills, making their homes more comfortable and safe. I feel strongly that voices need to be heard all across the country regarding the WAP because any budget less than the pre-ARRA budget will be a disservice to Americans all across our great country by reducing the number of homes serviced and negatively impacting small weatherization contractors, their employees, suppliers and subcontractors. 
I am happy to be a part of a movement that reflects my passion for humanity"

Rod Williams
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