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MAY 2015


"No You."
Artwork by Aurich Lawson

No story ... no emotion ... no you. When importance isn't give to the story ... a story ... any story ... it simply drops ... it is the same with emotion ... when both drop there is nothing that remains. However, it is not nothing like deadness ... it is simply nothing that can be referenced with the mind and yet you begin to discover by dropping the stories that what they were hiding is actually the True You.

As you pay attention throughout the day to the stories that appear and especially the ones you believe represent a story about who you are  ... watch them arise ... just like last month with thoughts and see if you can notice that if you are looking at the stories they are not you. Who is looking? Who is Aware of the Story?   < ---- Don't rush past this.

Stories are a bit different than thoughts because they have an entire history to back it up ... and also emotion often will come and flood everything you see with the story and it will all "feel" very real. However, all of it is a lie and can be nipped in the bud ... if you see it right away.

When a story arises ... whether you claim it as a good story or a bad story ... begin to do the same thing you did last month with thoughts ... stop the story right in the middle of the most emotional part of it. It could be a story about love or who someone you don't love or it could be a story about your childhood ... something that happened that was good or bad or whatever, in the middle of it ... when it is at is greatest peak of drawing you in ... when you are on the verge of tears or in the midst of tears ... STOP.

Drop the whole thing.
"No Story, No Emotion, No You." 

As you do this, you will begin to SEE that there is no one there without the Story and without the Emotion. The Story creates the Emotion or the Emotion creates the Story ... so both will drop at the same time.

This will only be hard for you to see ... if you don't want to give up the story. If the story is more important to you to keep than seeing that it is a lie ... then it will keep coming back to prove you are real. However every time that it comes back you also have the opportunity to use it to see that you are not the story; simply by dropping it. (Stop (Everything) Drop (the story) and Roll (with Life).

Simply becasue:
"No Story, No Emotion, No You." 

At first it might freak you out a bit and have you creating a whole other story about how you cannot find yourself. However, you are not supposed to find yourself. Your true Self simply becomes obvious as you drop the stories about your entire life.

Innately, you know that you will have to give up the story of what you call "your" life upon death ... you simply cannot take it with you ... what resource would you use to take it out of this world when it was created in this world.

You might not currently feel that it is a Gift to drop who you are before you die, before it is taken from you, however it is truly what everyone is seeking ... oddly enough ... in creating the story of who they are ... all stories are an attempt to fill in the void of not knowing who you are.

What is being shared with you here is that the void that has been attempted to be filled is actually what you have been seeking. As you drop the fear of what it will be like to have no reference point for who you are the Void becomes the fullness of who you are and is no longer a Void.

You may still call it a Void because of it's vastness ... because it is endlessly devoid of description. However, you also know it as absolute and complete fullness.

Begin practicing this month, discovering the stories that come to tell you who you are ... write them down if you like and see if you can let them go ... in the middle of them ... see if you have it in you to live without stories for a bit ... it's not that you will erase anything ... you just simply begin to see through them ... you begin to see that they are lies ... that they cannot touch you ... that who you are is before and beyond any story. 

This is truly the Greatest Gift if you are willing to receive it ... if you are willing to see if you can stop yourself in the middle of a story ... especially one that is juicy and dramatic or something you want badly ... see if you can begin to drop it completely ... eventually you will see that you didn't even drop it ... but that the attention simply stops being pulled towards the stories. You will find that the attention stays much longer on Peace (the Void, the Empty Fullness that you Are).

As the stories are dropped the emotions will still come ... however you will see them as a separate entity. If there is no story attached to the emotion then it is simply a raw emotion allowing raw emotion to simply be what it is without attaching a story to it ... allows for it to run it's course and clear out whatever it is showing up in the body for.

If it is a depression ... just allow yourself to be depressed for awhile. Depression can actually be quite enjoyable when there isn't a story attached to it. It's like when you watch a movie that is sad ... you don't mind it because you know it is not real and you enjoy the crying that may ensue. It is the same with the emotion of depression when it comes ... if you do not attach a story to it ... you simply cry or feel sadness and then it goes just as if you walked out of the theater and were no longer sad about what you saw. 

If you attach a story to the depression or sadness, then you will "believe" there is a reason for it because you will "believe" the story ... just like if you get the flu ... you get it and you are sick for a time and then it goes away and you are well again ... you could have a story about how you caught the flu and how unfair it is that you are sick but it changes nothing about having the flu ... it is the same with depression or anger or happiness or any emotion that comes ... it doesn't need a story ... just like you don't need a story to be who you are ... you don't have to know who you are to be who you are.

Again, to reiterate ... see if you can discover WHO is aware of the stories that arise ... WHO sees them?

Without Stories ... the you that you have been telling yourself you are ... simply isn't.

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