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MARCH 2014
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(You Are.)
Image by Tony Maro
Behind the identity (who one thinks one is) behind the body (the screen of life), lies Greatness.  It surrounds all things because all things are in IT.  How you may ask does one discover Greatness?  You begin by just assuming that IT is there, even though you are not aware of it.  Doing this, allows for the possibility that it is so, and begins to make you Aware, even though you will not know what you are Aware of.
You must let go of the idea that you know what Greatness is (means).  In the world, there are definitions of greatness by one's ability to perform.  However, this is not how this word is currently being used.  You give up the definition; to enter into the Discovery.
Everyone and everything is surrounded and permeated by this Greatness; yet few are aware of it.  One becomes aware of It, the more the attention is placed on It.  Placing the Attention on it is done by letting go of the thoughts about who you believe yourself to be.   In a sense, the less you (personality/beliefs about who you are), the more Greatness.  You then might ask, well how do I get rid of myself?  This is not about getting rid of you, this is to help you see that you don't even exist.  You become transparent in your willingness to stop telling yourself and everyone else, who you are and begin to discover what is behind, under and through the stories you have told.  You are not a story, you are the Greatness the story appears in.
The simplest way to begin seeing the "lie" of "you," is to investigate with a simple question:  Who am I?
If you have been reading these Newsletters for sometime, you might say … "oh yeah I have done that." 

There is no end to that question.  
Find the end.
We are taught as young children, through language, that there is a future and a past.  Prior to language there was only the moment one is in.  The future only arrived when we could understand something to be; that wasn't actually there. 

We can use an example such as a car. Prior to language, if someone said to you "car" you would not be pulled out of the present moment by those words, because it didn't mean anything to you.  However, once you were aware of the word "car" as a “thing” (something you get in and go someplace in), you then were in a future that didn't yet exist (imagining a car in it).  In your present, there was no "car,” you had to create it so that you could understand what was being shared with you, but the car was not actually there.
From language stemmed "thinking" prior to language there was only the moment you are in (and still are in), however, language created thought and thought created thinking and you became entranced in the thoughts/thinking and lost sight of the present moment.  This can be a tool, if you can see where you are being pointed, to begin to place the attention on what is before thought/thinking.  In doing so, you begin to become aware of the Greatness you are In.
In the above, you may begin to see that you have been programmed to overlook the moment you are in, by giving importance to thoughts/thinking.  It is in the present moment that a Silence/Stillness arises and leads one to Greatness - the Brilliance that is You … not the "you" you "think" you are … the Actual True You.
You can look at the discovery of Greatness as the undoing of what you have been taught.  Prior to learning, you only saw what was in front of you, and you saw it through the eyes of Greatness.
Look into any infants eyes and you will see Greatness there.  Once learning has ensued, there is a sort of dulling over the Greatness.  It doesn’t remove it … it just covers over it.  Like the Sun being covered over by clouds. 

An infant doesn't understand separation.  Everything is one thing, one movement, nothing is separate prior to learning. Then we are taught and we learn that we are separate from everything, however learning that doesn't make it so.
Everything that you see and experience is supported by the SAME GREATNESS.  The more you become attentive to the Greatness that animates you, the more you see and experience the world as whole and only one movement.

It is one movement.

However, this cannot be seen, until you drop what you have learned, to discover what has always been.



by Joysters

Unlearning can be the best if you know
That what you have learned is not always so
In fact, it may be the one simple thing
That veiled you from seeing the Truly Amazing
Beauty and wonder that leaves one in Awe
The Greatness of That ... 
Which Shines through all Stars.

"Tap into the Source of Who You Are and you Create a Reality that exudes IT."

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