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APRIL 2015


"Nighttime was made for music."
Artwork by Hunter Langston for Honda Stage

Have you begun to look at thoughts? Have you begun to notice that they do not match up with reality?  Have you begun to see that you have not ever had an important thought? Thoughts are not important, however, most have been fooled into believing that they are more important than what actually IS ... than what IS appearing in your consciousness. One pays more attention to thoughts than what is happening right in front of their face. To discover that you have not ever had an important thought, you have to give up the belief that they are and it is quite simple to do ... just:
Be in the middle of a thought and just STOP.

Especially if it is one that you find to be very important. One where you are "thinking" about the "thought." As you pay attention to thoughts chasing other thoughts and having thoughts about thoughts, you can end the dizziness of it all by simply stopping in the middle of it and placing the attention on what doesn't move. The True You does not move. The True You does not have attributes that you can describe yourSelf with. You begin to Discover the True You as you stop giving the attention to thoughts ... which are lies. You will not see that they are lies, until you stop giving importance and attention to them.

For a thought to appear and remain there has to be something for it  to attach to. All thoughts attached to the anchor thought which is the thought "I." The biggest assumption one can make is that they have an "I" and when this assumption is made, then the belief forms that one is the "I."

It cannot be reiterated enough that one cannot be a thought. You cannot be a word and you cannot be a letter in an alphabet. Even the alphabet is made up, words are made up. Who were you before you learned the alphabet, before you learned the letter "I" who was there ... that same nameless, unlettered one is still there, however it is up to you to rediscover what the letter "I" and the belief in it ... has hidden.

There is no such thing as an "I" and yet more than likely most of your day is spent saying "I like this" and "I don't like that" and "I want this" and "I do not want that" or "I feel great" or "I feel like shit" and on and on not once looking to see who this "I" is that keeps wanting things to be some other way than how they are.

Instead of assuming (which you have done all your life) that you know who you are because you have been lied to (by well meaning people that were lied to as well) that you are the body you are in, and that you are the name that was slapped on you at birth, and all the things you believe about being human, and being in this world are simply not true. They have been created so that it seems like you know anything about who and where you are and yet all one need do is take a look up into the sky and realize there is no possible way to know anything. You are floating on a giant composter and think that you know what you are doing and that you can truly know anything about anything with your senses? The more you become willing to not know ... the more magic appears around you because you are no longer limiting your experience to what you have been told and believed about who you are and what you are in. You begin to discover life as it is revealed to you and not how it is told to you.

You know what a dead life is like, most likely you have lived one since your childhood, it is the life of the "known" it is the life of everyday being nearly the same day. It is the life of the known. Why ... because that is what you have been trained to believe so that you remain just like everyone else. It is scary to not be like everyone else, but if you are reading this then you are not. You are not like everyone else. You have grown tired of your sleep and you are ready to awaken to the UNKNOWN.

Begin by asking "To whom do these thoughts come?" Don't have an answer and don't expect an answer; simply begin to look. To whom do these thoughts come? Who am I? Ask this of yourSelf. It is no lie that when you ask you do receive however, you do not receive in the way you expect because expectation is learned and we are diving into the uncharted waters. We are diving where no one has gone before, no one will jump into the water you are about to ... because it is created as you jump.

Each moment is the opportunity to Discover who you Are ... there is no time limit, for as you have come to know ... time is a lie as well ... it has been made by man to keep those that are willing ... enslaved to it. Each moment is the perfect moment to discover that who you Are is Timeless and Infinite. These words are lies as well ... have nothing to hold on to ... quite literally and figuratively! Begin to let go of the need for words to describe what you come to KNOW. Relax into your very own SELF that has been LIVING you all along.

When you discover who you Truly Are ... even the thought "To whom do these thoughts come?" fades and is replaced with a smile and or laughter ... for You will be seeing the thoughts come to you and dissolve in You and will stand as That which brings Peace to all.
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