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JUNE 2017

Artwork by Unknown

"For the Butterfly, there is no Butterfly.
Be like the Butterfly and have no “you” ... to Be."

It's been nearly two years since the last NTL Newsletter. It came up that it was time to send another out. This Newsletter is offering an investigation into how often one plans what they called "their life" and seeing if "planning" isn't just a tactic to avoid what is currently there.


The odds are that you are not currently aware just how often The Mind is at work planning things. It usually takes something, like this writing possibly; to make one aware. The world is centered and focused on planning. Each day one’s life is basically a routine of the day before or what was planned the day before, week before, year before and so one’s focus becomes centered on the plan and not what is actually happening. The days are spent fretting or praising how one’s plans will or won’t work out. Most humans are creatures of habit; they are not welcoming or open to change. In fact, they plan to the very minute detail, usually to avoid any kind of change or alteration, which would ruin their plans. In a sense “plans” are one’s attempts at at security, in a world that is basically insecure. It is a false sense of security, but any kind of security is welcomed by one who is insecure. 

Usually, one’s habit of planning goes unseen until such time as the plan collapses and then one gets a glimpse that maybe all planning is only one’s attempt to hide the truth that:

There is no control.

The Mind, above all else does not want to see that it doesn’t have control, because once it does, it’s days are numbered. Without control The Mind doesn’t exist. It’s whole foundation collapses. It is a false foundation, but one few investigate. Yet it is time. The Mind, you, believes in control in order to exist, because if you don’t have control then:

“Who does?”

And this is the most important thing (which is not a thing) to discover. A step in the direction of discovery is taken, as one begins to see that they don’t actually have control, and one of the best ways to see this is to begin paying attention to plans. If you weren’t aware before, you will be now that The Mind, you, are constantly making plans, not just plans for vacation or general planning such as how to get from here to there, but just look, you have plans for everything. You can barely go a moment without making a plan for that  next moment. This is not something you can just read about … to discover it you must look and watch as you, The Mind, come up with a plan to start watching “planning.” It is that insidious. Yet if you see it, then you are already breaking ground. 

When was the last time you had a day with nothing planned? If you look, the odds are … you haven’t had one. If you begin to pay attention, you will see how utterly addicted you are to planning. In fact, you might feel a bit of terror, as you stop any attempt to plan. The Mind begins to see it’s demise, because The Mind (you), are built on a foundation of past and future, neither of which exist and so your foundation is a mirage. If you discover this, you also discover that who you thought you were/are … is also a mirage.

For many, the odds are you will find not making plans to be frightening. You might not think so … but this is not about thinking … this is about investigation. You must begin to see how often you plan to start to see the grip that it holds on you. You simply watch the process, not to do anything about it, just simply to watch it. You will see that there are plans from simple things like “what should I make for breakfast” or “should I take a shower or not” … just as two small examples … but you don’t need a plan for either of these things , they will either happen or won’t … yet you will not know that when you are watching thoughts that are making the plan to do it. You don’t see that it happens in spite of the planning or thought to. You think the plan created the action. It is not so. The “plan” is no more than a thought; action happens. Action happens without thought. This is very challenging for most to see … almost no one investigates it. Very few are interested to know what moves them.

This isn’t about not making plans either, because that is a plan as well. You have to see how tricky this is. If you find yourself trying not to make plans, it is no different, because you are making a plan, not to make plans. The goal here, if there is one is to become aware of how much planning one does and becoming aware of it, because it begins to release you from the lie that:

“You are doing it.”

And eventually from the lie of:


Because “you” are currently identified with the body and the thought “I,” both of which are fleeting. If you see that the body will not remain and no thought will remain, then you begin to get a glimpse that the one that would make “plans” doesn’t even exist. However, if you can see that the body and thought are both fleeting and impossible for you to be either one of them, then the question:

“If I am not my body, if I am not the thoughts, who am I?”

Will start to reveal something to you that words cannot. No one and no thing can tell you who you are. It is discoverable and Knowable, but one must investigate to and few do. Few will accept the answer:

“I am.”

Without ever knowing who “I am” is. The “I” is just blindly followed, just like planning thoughts are blindly followed. Who is planning? Don’t accept the thought:

“I am.”

Investigate. Don’t have a blindfolded life. It is time to open your eyes to the Truth of who you are, if it weren’t; you wouldn’t be reading this. 

Who are you? 

Who is the planner? 

Who accepts the words:

“I am”

As a truth? 

Who sees these words?

(Don’t skip past this … take your time here.)

There is a Stillness in you that is in everyone, but few identify with STILLNESS; that which does not move or alter in any way. Most identify with the thought “I.” You are not a thought. You cannot be a letter from the alphabet. The alphabet is man made and you, the True You is not. Be Still and Know. It is not about the body being Still although it is helpful to still the body as well from time to time, but TRUE STILLNESS is not dependent on whether the body moves or doesn’t. The body moves in STILLNESS. The Body moves in YOU. It is the same with thought. All plans are made in Stillness, but it is Stillness itself that moves you. You will know this when you Discover it for yourself. When you discover what does not move, you will discover what moves you/the body/thought. However don’t go making a plan to do it, do it, right now. Look and see what doesn’t move, what does not alter or change in anyway. Whittle it down until you all that remains is  the unchangeable, unalterable, unmovable; Truth. 

Everything you know with the senses shifts and morphs, but what the senses are in; doesn’t. You cannot plan for this discovery, you can only welcome it as it comes and it isn’t always easy to welcome, because it comes as the loss of who you think you are, yet this is the greatest gift one can receive, discovering who you Truly Are.

Stop all the planning. Give up your plans for the life that you think you want; so you can have the one you are in. Give up the plans, but have the Intention to Know the Truth of who you Are. Be sincere in the Intention and the Knowing will come.


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