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APRIL 2013
NOTE:  It is suggested that you do not click on any of the links, until you have read the Newsletter in its entirety.  It is helpful to take these words slowly.  The world can be a very fast paced thing and we even tend to read in a hurry.  But let these words be like a stream trickling by.  Very gentle, calming waters, so that what is being shared can be fully taken in.
Spring is upon us and Spring can be a reminder of both life and death.  Life is blooming all around and the death of Winter is passing.  The focus of this NTL Newsletter will attempt to take the ideas of life and death and help to point towards what is neither born, nor dies, nor changes, it doesn't move, it cannot be touched by anything in this world; and it is that which you are IN.

As one's attention becomes more aligned with what they are IN, as opposed to the attention and focus being placed on the "world" and the "thoughts" about the world and all that appears in it; the more obvious it becomes that you, the True YOU, has not ever been born and does not die, because it is not in this world, the world appears in IT.

Seeing or Knowing what the world appears in can be quite a challenge, depending on where the attention is.  If one's attention begins to be placed on the Stillness that thoughts appear in and not on the thoughts then both Life and Death can be a huge Teachers in this regard.  They are huge teachers anyway, but even a deeper teaching will begin to appear for you if you use them as tools to point you to what both life and death appear IN.  

If one is serious about knowing or realigning (which both of those words miss the Mark but will point you towards it) with Stillness, then begin to ask "who am I before I am born into a body and who am I after the body dies.  Where did "I" come from and ultimately "Who am I?"  These are simple questions that are surprisingly quickly overlooked.  But take your time with them.  This isn't like getting an answer from a book, this is about beginning to Know who you Are.  And books appear in it and can point one towards it, but just like these words you are reading now, they cannot give it to you.  You must ask, you must wait and you must listen to that which has no Sound and yet reveals everything.

If we look at death,  when a loved one dies, most if not all of the attention is placed on that "person" missing, the body missing, the presence of that personality seems gone.  And there is nothing wrong with that, because there is a "void/space" where that person/body/identity was that seems to have vanished.  This is not to belittle the experience of Death, but to begin to see through it.   Once you begin to see that you are not your body, you are not a personality, but You, the Real YOU are what those appear in, then life and death will begin to take on a different role for you.  It isn't that you won't feel pain or loss when one you love and care for dies or great joy when there is a birth, but you will Know it in a different way. 

When a person that you are close to dies, you can use the experience to begin to See that in STILLNESS, nothing has changed.  In the world, it may appear that everything has changed, but what you and that person that you think you lost are IN; has not changed, has not moved.  You may begin to see that everything in this world comes and goes, is born and dies, but what all of that appears IN ... is ALWAYS.  That is where one will want to continue to put the attention.  Thoughts can be very powerful but they are not rulers, thoughts cannot make you do anything, you do things in spite of thoughts, but all this must be investigated to be Known.

You may say "well how does that help me?"  It is not meant to help you, it is meant to help See through you.  Therefore, it might make you madder, angrier, more frustrated at first, but all that will serve.  All that comes to you is to Serve your Awakening.  As you begin to realize that every "how and why" questions that arises is just an avoidance of the question "Who?"  To whom does this come?  Then you will begin to see the gift of death, as well as the gift of life.  The miracles of both these situations is so vast; that the mind wants to cover them over, it cannot understand birth, it doesn't know where it came from, and it doesn't know where it goes back to and it doesn't know who it is right now, when it is "thinking" that it is separate from everything else.

When one begins to ask, to whom does this grief come (Death) and to who does this great joy come (Birth), you will begin to know that the Joy of Birth and the Grief of Death are the SAME.  Both reveal the depths of LOVE and the transience of life.  Then when waves come, they do not pull you so far under, nor lift you so high up, because your attention is now on what they appear IN when they come.   As this dawns in you, you become the safety in the storm to those that do not yet know that they also have this refuge within them.

The SAMEness that you are before you came into the body and the sameness that you are when the body drops, is also the same YOU that you are right now, except that you have been paying attention to the "thoughts" of who you are, and not the STILLNESS that you Are.

Most of the greatest Gifts one receives are Paradoxes.  One cannot, in a sense, use the mind to understand paradoxes, just like one cannot use the mind to understand who one IS (that is a Paradox right there.)  So if you cannot use the mind to understand who you are; what can you use?  You can allow Paradoxes to remain unanswered, until they are answered.  Just allow them to show up and wait to have it revealed.    Ask, then wait and see.  Over time it will come, and you will see that you would not have been able to use the mind to understand the answer, yet the mind is used to to point towards the answer.  

At first it maybe frustrating, so be as kind to yourself as possible.  Imagine that you are a baby learning to walk, and you don't know how to walk, but those that love you encourage you to continue to step one foot in front of the other.  That is this Newsletter.  It is written to encourage you to continue to investigate who you are, even when it becomes boring or frustrating or like you will never "get it."   It is like a parent or loved one that says "you can do it, one step in front of the other."  So the step in this realm is the question "Who am I?"  Asked sincerely and with the willingness to not know who you are.

Have patience, relax the mind into not understanding what is happening, why things are happening, but have it lead you to ask "who is this happening to?"  And see if you are able to pay attention to where that question leads.  Are you Aware of Stillness that appears (if only very briefly), from that question?

The question "Who?" in the beginning can be a gentle breeze that passes through your ears and clears out all the thoughts that are going on, so that one SEEs the Stillness that the thoughts cloud over.

These are very simple steps to begin to use, especially when things get stressful or you are scared or a situation feels out of control.  In birth and death of anything, whether it is a body, a job, a marriage, an argument, a situation that is uncomfortable; begin to ask "to whom do these things come?"  And really allow the possibility that you don't know who they come to.  That you don't know who you are.  As you do this, as it becomes more frequent and natural, when the big things in life hit you, you will begin to rely on the STILLNESS that you are IN,  as opposed to the "noise" that is going on outside of you.  As that happens, you become the calm in the center of the storm appearing around you.  It is not because you are trying to do anything or control anything, it is because of where the attention IS.

You are the refuge you have been looking for.  Wait and See.

For additional baby steps with what is shared above, there is a Primer set up for beginning to look at the question "Who am I?" and the world as well as the way you relate towards.   It is highly recommended to follow what is shared in the order it is shared, without attempting to understand it, to just read it and let it soak into you.    The PRIMER.
You can now view First There Is A Mountain online by clicking the link.  Or purchase a copy by clicking on the Cover below.
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