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JUNE 2014
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(Into the Self)
Portrait of Hunter S. Thompson by his friend Steadman.
Continuing on from both last month's Newsletter regarding "Opinions/Preferences" and that which is prior to "Energy" ...
As you begin to know or now are aware of that which animates the body and that you do not need opinions or preferences to be in this world; one simply starts to relax into the Self (which is unknown) ... that Energy/Space that you are in that is animating all things. 

To Relax into the Unknown/Self can be scary and contradictory because we are programmed to attempt to know everything.  However the gift arises as one surrenders to understanding and simply begins to Know that which cannot be known.  (Smile).
This will naturally begin to flow or be (in a sense) fallen back … dissolved back ... into, if you have been paying attention to the opinions and preferences that arise and seeing that they do not actually matter or affect what actually is. 
What actually is … simply IS.
You will still see thoughts that say “I like this” and “I don’t like that,” however, you will also be aware that the thought that starts both of those statements “I” does not actually exist (one cannot be a letter of the alphabet) and when that is continually seen; anything that follows the thought “I” is naturally seen to be untrue simply because it starts with a lie … “I.” 
As the whole thing is dropped, the relaxing into one’s Self appears.  All that is left is the relaxing into knowing that all along there had only been a simple thought that had distracted one from the Truth of who one Is.
If you haven’t discovered that the “I” is not, then begin again with the question “Who am I?” until the Awareness of that Still Space (where there are no words for answers) is all that remains.
Once you have discovered you are not the “I” thought, the “I” thought will still appear, however it begins to appear as secondary to “That” which you Are. 
In every situation there is the ability to relax into one’s Self.  Instead of tightening up the fists or getting ready to voice your opinion, one simply relaxes into watching … the fist may still tighten, the opinion may still be expressed, but the energy behind it all is one of simply watching, as an observer of what is and not as the one acting out.  It will begin to be seen that it has always been this way (sometimes leading to the awareness of an internal joke where one laughs or smiles a knowing smile). 
However, there is a bit of a tricky trap that can arise when one thinks “Oh!  I get it.”  Really?  Really? … who gets it?  <-- Do you see how sneaky that is … once again the thought “I” comes in as if there is something else … something separate.  Once again the opportunity is there to simply not try to understand it, but to simply relax into That/Stillness again. 
“That” which has no letter to describe.
What is nice about what these Newsletters share is that you have the ability to do this your self.  This is actually NOT something anyone can do for you (if it were no one would be waiting for the 2nd coming of Jesus).  That doesn’t mean it is always an easy task, yet once discovered it will be revealed that it was so easy and so simple that it kept being overlooked for something more complicated.
Relaxation is actually the natural way of being and the tension arises when it seems there is something else going on.  Something one wants changed.  Yet if one was aware that everything that was meant to happen is unfolding right before the eyes, then they could relax into any situation, even the ones they say they do not want, to see what is revealed.
You know that everything always works out.
It may not work out how you want it to … but it does work out … just simply look at your entire life up unto this moment … hasn’t everything worked out so you can be where you currently are?  These proofs/truths can be verified by you, in fact it is best not to look out or even attempt to share any of these things until you have really grounded yourself in no “I.”
It may sound strange to be grounded in “no thing” however, it is a close pointer to Truth because everything is in “No Thing” in “Nothing” and yet “Nothing, No Thing” is not empty … just envision a tree with roots dangling in space but the space is what they are rooted in … you are rooted in vast, alive, STILL, spaciousness; just like everything else is.
You may spin on this (and you may even ask “who spins”) the thoughts spin and the attention is placed on the thoughts so it feels and looks like one is spinning but there is actually no movement at all.  All one need do is simply stop and place that attention that is aware of the spinning thoughts and place it back on the roots of Still Spaciousness.  That is grounding yourself … although there are not actual roots they can be used as a tool to ground one’s self when spinning and offers the ability to relax back into that which is Still.
Understanding is the fist, is the clenching, is the tightening … you can even feel it in your chest … or the forehead when you are trying to understand something … everything gets sort of tight and stressful.  However, if you know that you will not ever understand, but that you have the ability to simply Know everything you were trying to understand by letting go, your fist would unclench and your chest would untighten and you would see things that you would not be able to explain to anyone else, just like these Newsletters never do, but will simply attempt to point any and all attention back in on Self.
The picture above of Hunter S. Thompson is very revealing in That/Stillness.  If you are familiar with him, you can see him (the outline of him) in the picture … even though there is nothing but empty space with an outline of things that resemble him or the character we know/knew him to be in this world.  That is the same for you (the “you” you think you are … simply just an outline on Vast Still Space).  
Written on his glasses is the saying “Relax, this won’t hurt a bit.”  This is what is being shared here in these Newsletters.  It won’t hurt a bit unless you are holding on tight to the thought “I.”  With a thought â€œI” it can seemingly hurt (if there is a wondering how a “thought” can hurt … all you have to do is look at how deeply you believe in an “I” and see that you can deeply believe in pain as well).  It is not a physical hurt but an intellectual/psychological one (which many times is worse because how do you heal what you cannot find ... how does one heal a thought?) and will only hurt as much as one holds on to that thought “I.” 
If you are relaxed into the roots of Spaciousness … then the thought “I” or any “thought” simply dissolves into Stillness, just like the image of Hunter reveals this dissolving into that Spaciousness.  However if you are holding on to the thought “I,” it makes all the edges and lines seem real … the image/body becomes a box and it feels like you are being shredded (not physically however the mental mind can make things “seem” real that are not … obviously … just look around you … you think everything you see is real and nothing is because it is  all simply fading away … all things fade and what can fade and disappear cannot be real.) 
The body you are in will fade or crumble and be burned or disintegrated back into dust … just like the image of Hunter is fading.  Whether you fight to hold on, or let go and fade/dissolve; one is pulled apart/disintegrated either way.  What is amazing and beautiful is what is pulled apart/disintegrated … reveals “That” which was hidden behind it or through it or in and out of it … it reveals what does not die and is not born, yet what is always and forever Aware.
No matter what … one will eventually completely relax back into the Self/Unknown.  There is no other way.  It is a one way ride to where one came from and what one has been in all along whether the waters of life were rough, or calm or stagnant and every variation between. 
This Newsletter is only to share that there are different ways of relaxing back into the Self/Unknown.  One can fight and resist it and most do and fight to survive even though there is absolutely no chance of survival for the one they are trying to make or seemingly save.  Another is to simply begin to relax into knowing that one will not survive as they think of themselves and begin to pay attention to what does survive, that which does not change, or alter or move and yet is fully and forever Alive.  Aliveness it Self.
Every moment is an opportunity to relax back into “who is actually doing it” and the discovery that it is NOT you.
If you can surrender to that above statement, surrender to it without trying to understand it, you will begin to see/See … “if I am not who I think I am … then who am I?” and the answer will be Revealed.
"Tap into the Source of Who You Are and you Create a Reality that exudes IT."

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