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JUNE 2015

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The Merriam Webster dictionary definition of "Seer" is:
"Someone who predicts things that will happen in the future."
This is not what will be discussed here.  Although that maybe a benefit of what is eventually discovered or revealed ... it is not the focus here.
The focus here in regards to the word “SEER” is simply pointing one to begin to SEE.
Most “think” they SEE with their eyes and then interpret what is seen through thoughts and ideas that come from the visuals they take in. That is not SEEing … that is processing information.
SEEing is when there is no processing of the information. The information may come through the senses but it is not processed. In a sense, it is SEEN through. One is not looking for anything. Being a SEER is PURE SEEing. Simple SEEing.
NOTE: The Newsletter “THE OBSERVER” of January 2015, might be a good refresher to read if you haven’t already or re-read if you have.
SEEing is what becomes apparent as the thought “I” disappears as the main point of reference.
One begins to become aware of the moment as it is and not how the mind/thoughts are describing.
The thoughts become SEE-thru.
There are no important thoughts (if this hasn’t yet been discovered, it will). As this is revealed and discovered … the thoughts have nowhere to rest and they simply appear and disappear, until such time, as they no longer appear at all.
You were not born “thinking” … “thinking” is a learned language of the mind. This writing although using language is pointing to where language is not required nor needed … to Be and SEE realty as it is.  We are going where we already Are.
Where this Newsletter is pointing is toward Stillness.
Pure/True SEEING is done in Stillness.
You will begin to SEE through all things that appear and disappear as they come towards you, however, in the beginning it is thoughts that seeming appear first.
Thoughts are the first thing to be SEEn through because they are man-made.
Once you have begun to see through thoughts, then it is much easier to see through the things of the world. You may begin to SEE through people or buildings or nature.
You don’t see through them as a power … it is not a super power … it is obviousness … it is the obvious … that allows you to SEE.
Ultimately, there is no SEER only SEEing.
If this does not make any sense to you at this time, that is perfectly ok, just allow for the possibility that what is written here is to help point to something that will eventually become obvious.
It has been mentioned before that one may begin to see a Bright Lightness around things that once looked solid, this includes everything that you can see with the eyes.
As one becomes willing to be wrong about what they have thought and told themselves, about the world and what they see; the Bright Lightness becomes more apparent.
If you have the ability (which you do even, if you don’t think you do) to begin to allow that how you have seen things all of your life may have been completely wrong (not in a bad way just not in the way that they actually are), then you have already progressed dramatically into the shift of being the SEER. Here are a few of the things that you may wish to look at that you have more than likely have assumed are one way but are not necessarily so:

  • You do not move (even though it appears as if you move, you actually never do).
  • All things in life are coming towards you.
  • All thoughts are meaningless.
  • There is no Universe.
  • There is no World.
  • There is no Earth.
  • There is no (insert your name here).
The mind will wish to resist this because without the above there is no mind and it’s only purpose, up until this moment now … has been survival.
It is not about believing … SEEing is before and beyond any belief.
The mind will eventually help you to see this but first (ironically enough) you must give up the dependence you have on it. The dependence is dropped as you begin to allow that what you just read above is True. You don’t have to understand how it is True (that is more of the mind) you just allow that it IS without knowing how.
You begin to go through your day not knowing what anything is and allowing that everything that is processed through the sense is not real. You don’t “think” about it. You just have an open door in you that you are looking out of that says above it:
“Nothing that is seen from this door is real.”
You don’t attempt to change anything you see … you just begin to see it. You don’t change the behavior that comes through you or anyone else … you don’t attempt to do anything. You simply begin to SEE things how they are … including what you call “yourself.” You are no longer trying to fix or change anything even while you are watching what you call “you” try to fix and change things. You begin to simply allow everything to be how it is.
Eventually this will become so simple that it will be the only thing that Happens … it won’t even be happening because is simply is how is always IS.
If you feel dizzy by what you have just read. Good. Perfect.

The WORK of the SEER is done.
If you are unwilling … you will simply spend time attempting to prove this wrong. Either way Serves, however the latter takes longer.


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