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JULY 2017

Artwork by Unknown

"For the Butterfly, there is no Butterfly.
Be like the Butterfly and have no “you” ... to Be."

One of the challenges, as one begins to Awaken to Stillness, at least here, is not getting caught up in "thinking" that they are the doer. It may sound like a simple thing to just KNOW that you are not doing it; it is and it isn't. There are still thoughts that come through that are quite strong and seemingly powerful and cloud the vision, making it seem as if Truth is the lie and the lie is the truth. Meaning that it seems as if one is doing it (lie), even when one Knows they are not (True). Just this morning, it came up in thought to send out this Newsletter and as soon as it did, all these thought/reasons flooded in imploring one not to do it. Then that passed, and there was another flood of thoughts to do it. However, instead of doing anything about either of those floods of thoughts, they were just watched and seen and then eventually the body got up and even though it seemed as if it wouldn't happen; here it is.

Sending out this month's Newsletter is now another opportunity in seeing that one doesn't ever know what they are going to do, simply because the one that thinks they are doing it, isn't. This has been an ongoing endeavor for a very long time, however, it does become clearer and clearer. If you are interested in delving a bit deeper into what is being shared, the following goes in a bit more detail about it.




Things can't be any other way than how they are, yet few people will ever realize this. Most go through life thinking that they are doing all of it. Even those that believe in God or something greater than themselves, still think that ultimately they are in control and for most; that is how it is supposed to be. Everything that is supposed to be; Is. However, if you allow the possibility that this may be so, without searching for validation for it; validation shows up.

Humans have been trained and programmed to "think" they are doing it. It is very deeply ingrained. You don't want to go up to someone that isn't ready to hear and tell them that they are not doing it, as this only frightens or enrages them. Usually the latter and they will go about making their best attempts to prove you wrong. Check it out ... are you already looking for ways that this isn’t so? Or are you willing to allow for possibilities in life that you haven't before? Is the mind open to receiving new information or is it closed? If it is open, then as you discover this for yourself, those that are ready to hear it; will begin to appear. 


Discovering that you are not doing it can be scary at first. You may wonder who is! And, of course, that is the most important Discovery and One that you won't want to skip. If you are ready and willing, then find a quiet place and with all sincerity ask:


"Who am I?" 

(First person singular.)


Odds are you have assumed all your life that you know who the "I" is, so in a sense, one begins to discard or shed all that has been taught and assumed to be known about who you think you are. Then, when any answer to that question comes, if it can be changed or altered in any way, you realize it cannot be who you are. If something can be changed or altered, how can you be it? Do you see that?

Eventually, you will get to the end of all questions and the Ultimate Answer becomes obvious. This can be a scary or joyful (or both) time; depending on how deeply ingrained the belief in the thought "I" is. However, for the one who perseveres, it often ends in a laugh or a knowing smile, in the release from all that one held onto and believed in. However, don’t be concerned about any of it right now, as none of it is actually up to you. Just as what you are reading right now ... just appeared for you, this is how it always is. Everything needed appears.


Now, things may begin to happen to assist in this Discovery. However, it is unique to each one that treads these waters. One might find that they start spending more time alone if you have always been surrounded by crowds or you might find crowds of people when you are used to being alone. People might begin to grow concerned about you. You might be seen as anti-social or a threat to the way things always have been, because you no longer fit in the *thinking* world the way you once did. You may start a spiritual search or end one. It varies and could be all of these things or none of them. Life will use whatever is available to help one Discover who you truly are.


Discovering this simple, yet not often easily Discovered Truth may come in what will eventually look like steps. You might begin to do things without knowing why you do them. Living in an analytical world makes it so you, in a sense, go against the grain of the status quo and almost no one will believe you. However, you will want to share, because you are discovering things that light you up and shift and alter your world, yet if you tell people, and they are not ready to hear, you will scare them and odds are, their being scared will scare you. However, even that serves. Because you are not doing it and neither are they; so everything, ultimately, serves in waking one up to the Truth.


Building up a bit of trust in the unknown, in the beginning, has been helpful here,  and may be for you. If you are interested in this regard then find a rock and place it somewhere in the yard (if you have one and anywhere outside if you don’t) and each day at the same time go and take this rock and move it at least 50ft away from where you originally place it. Set it down. Go back to the original spot. Stand there for a second, then go back the 50ft and get the rock and return it to the original spot. Do this for 30 days. The moving of the rock will not take much time and you don't have to be seen doing this, but you don't want to avoid being seen doing it either. This will begin to alter the way the mind works because there is no actual “reason” for doing this. Watch what you think and what you do as it happens. Watch how the mind, thoughts resist doing it. If you are diligent, you will begin to see that more often than not, what you *think* actually has nothing to do with what you physically do. 


You may also find that things you had no doubt in your mind would happen ... don't. These can be "pain-filled" times, simply because one expects to get what they want. However, it is often these times, if and as one becomes Aware, that pushes us deeper into the knowing that "you are not doing it." If you were doing it, things would always go your way. If you were doing it, you could control what happens at all times. Yet it is when we see that we actually have "no control," that the realization that you are not doing it, becomes clear(er). Usually, this doesn't happen overnight. Usually, one keeps testing the waters and the waters continually reveal. The more you test, the more you see and discover that what you had thought about everything; was simply a lie. Not a good lie or a bad lie; just simply not True. The mind (who you think you are) will try at first to "help." However, it will become clear that it is the mind that actually hides or blocks the Truth. Overtime, it will become a great servant, but in the beginning; it is a terrible master. It will do it's best to keep you focused on it, on thoughts; over the Truth. This is why the question:


"Who am I?"


Is so important in the beginning. It eliminates the mind's ability to help. It teaches the mind/you that you cannot understand Truth; but you can Know it. Know with a capital "K." Meaning that you don't understand, but are Aware.


Words also fail in this regard because words are "mind" made. Eventually, you will use them to help to point others where you have been Pointed, however, in the beginning, they only confuse. However, confusion also serves, because eventually, you find that you have to give up. Confusion eventually leads to ultimate surrender and it can be used in assisting one along by just being with it and not attempting to become “unconfessed.” When you become confused, simply stop and let go of all attempts to figure it out; let the answer come to you. If you are sincere, it will come. It will amaze you. 


Most people *think* that someone else can do this for them. Can wake up for them. But that is not possible. If it was possible you would already be Awake and yet paradoxically; you already are. You already are Awake, but the mind hides this and often does so by creating a “savior” that is going to come and wake you up, when it is this idea itself that blocks one from seeing they already Are! It is the Gift of the Mind to hide it, but you won't know that, it isn’t seen as a Gift, until the one see through the Mind and discovers what it hides. 


Do you want to know the Truth of who you are? 


If you do, you must want to know it above anything else. It is easy for one to say, but it is a road not well traveled, and for good reason, but we are shifting away from reason and for those that do; it is the most amazing Journey one can take. The Journey back to who one already IS. One discovers that time is not real that it is man-made, that the world as you currently know it is not real, that the universe is not real and that you actually don't exist. Do you want to know that? Do you truly want to know that everything you have ever believed about everything and anything is a lie? If you do, everything in life will be used to help you Discover where these words are pointing. If you don't and you find yourself saying:


"Aw, that's a crock of shit!"


Even that is not you doing it. <-- Watch for resistance. The seed of Awakening has been planted in you to begin to Know where these words point, and as you begin to know, others that are attracted to this investigation begin to Know as well. Your life has been touched by something you will never understand and may not even discover in this lifetime. However, in the end, it is discovered by everyone. Why wait? :o)

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