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Last month's Newsletter was a look at the stories we tell ourselves about who we *think* we are and what we are doing and beginning to drop them, beginning to see that a story needs an "I" to stick around for ... without the story ... without feeding a story ... one begins to discover what the story hides. When the story is dropped ... the "I" thought vanishes and what remains is the perfect Peace/Stillness that is always here, yet often hidden behind both the thought "I" and the "stories" that attach to that thought.

There is great practice to be had this month as it is one of the biggest "Idol" months of the year, where people purchase things they don't want or need for themselves and others in celebration of the birth of a man that probably would not not have been a huge fan of "consumerism" in his lifetime. Life is a funny thing and makes a mockery of most. However, like most great Teachings ... the Truth that is pointed towards survives for those that see past the hypocrisy, not trying to change it, just simply seeing through it.

Often what happens is that there is a Great ... L O V E that appears  for the Teacher or whatever awakens ... L O V E in you, it could be a person, a religion, a substance or even an inanimate object. Since Great L O V E  doesn't actually have any attributes (even the words Great L O V E only point to it) it is easy to make an idol in the place of the description-less because one will have Great L O V E for the one that points them towards Truth. This is how people have made idols of Jesus and Mohammed and all the great Teachers and written works around them like the Bible and the Quran. This happens because people think that it is about the person or the book or substance or whatever has awakened L O V E in you. It can also be what hides it again, as it can become the shadow in front of L O V E. There is nothing wrong with having Love and respect and honoring that which opened your mind and your heart to the awareness of L O V E, however it is wise to see if you are using it now not to face that which has been revealed to you. The reason that idols form is because ...
Love does not look like anything.
If one begins to see this, then the idols begin to dissolve in that L O V E. You can turn anything into an idol by forgetting what the idol itself points to L O V E.  Allow the possibility that you do not know what this word means ...  L O V E ... is not a word ... words actually lead one away ... words are idols in themselves ... until they are able to be dropped them altogether. Once that happens ... one is in ... L O V E without words. It's not an experience, experiences appear in L O V E. When the idols and words drop, all that remains is L O V E.

The biggest idol there is ... is the "I" thought and most everyone has one. Most to do not notice that they worship at this alter. The "I" thought, like all thoughts obscure what one is in. However unlike other thoughts, the "I" thought's ligetimacy is almost never questioned. All assume that they are it. Most in this world have placed the thought "I" in front of who they truly are and then tell others that they have to fix this thing called "I" to become close to GOD/L O V E/LIGHT that they are. 

The only way to begin to see that this is true (because it goes against everything that one has been taught), is to begin to take the "I" off the alter. This is done by seeing that it is not real.

There is a true diligence and vigilance required to begin to see through the illusion of the "I" thought, because it has been pounded into one's consciousness throughout most of one's life time. However, there is no greater Gift in or out of this world than to see through the "I". To discover that you are not who you thought you are. To begin to let go of all the idols so that you can see L O V E in everyone, everything, everywhere.

Nothing is blocking the view, but what you place in front of it. Once you see through it; then the idol has it's rightful place in one's life because it constantly points as a reminder. When you discover the unreality of the "I" thought, then when the "I" thought appears, it appears as a reminder of what you are not; not what you are.

You can use all the idols of this season, all the idols in your mind, and the greatest idol "I" to Wake up in you what all those Great Teachers came to share and begin to share it yourself:

"You are are the Light that radiates and animates all things."

Do not settle for less than who you truly ARE.


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