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(Of your Self)
Artist Still Unknown
If you do not know who you are, then all you are capable of .. is revealing who you are not.  Who you are not is anything that comes after the words "I am" (Including the words ... "I am.").  This has been gone over before in these Newsletters; you cannot be a letter, you are not a word, you cannot be thought.  All of these things appear ... for you ... however, they are not who you are.

Was once told that the easiest thing to be ... is who you are.  This was a baffling statement at the time, because if you don't know who you are ... how can you be it?  The good news is ... you are "it" (which is not an "it") anyway.  In spite of the fact that you don't know who you are ... you are IT.

For some, when this begins to dawn, the search for who they are begins to fade and who one Is ... begins to be revealed.  Thoughts will still come in an attempt to tell you ... who you are ... what is happening ... where you are going ... why everything is the way it is ... but these thoughts come and sort of just slip down to the ground ... because the one they come to ... knows they have nothing to do with reality, nothing to do with what is actually happening, and nothing to do with who one is.  In a sense, one has given up the reliance on thought for anything and simply has the attention on what actually is.  
The simplest thing to be ... is Aware of yourself.

It is so very simple and yet the reliance on thoughts has been so great and seemingly complex, that the roles seem reversed.  Until one sees that thoughts are meaningless and truly accepts that there has not ever been an important thought made by them or anyone at any time, the attention will continue to be placed on thoughts (which are a distraction from realty) over realty itSelf.

The more one's attention is placed on realty, the more one begins to see what is real and what isn't.  

The first veil or blocks to this realization is thoughts.   It could be said and is ... that they are the first layer of screen that block the Light of Truth.  Once thoughts are seen through, however, they don't hold the authority nor importance they once did and then what is seen, tasted, touched and experienced through the senses becomes the next layer that the attention is drawn to.

This is where one can begin to see if even the senses have lied to them.  Let's take a little journey to the center of the Earth ... you and I ... you are on one side of the planet and I am on the other and we are digging towards each other to the center of the Earth.

As the layers of Earth are dug through, the layers of the body that have been created around who we are (i.e., beliefs, ideas, opinions, fears, stories, etc.) begin to dissolve as well.  As you and I dig closer to the Core of the Earth, we get closer to the Core of who we both Are and begin to burn up (i.e., the body, beliefs, opinions, etc.).  By the time "we" get to that Core ... all that remains is Core/Light/Center.  

All the layers were imagined (including the Earth, Universe).

We meet as One (which is a lie ... because "we" is the lie ... there is less than one at the Core/Light/Center ... less than zero) because without bodies, Earth, Universe there was not ever two. 

If the Core/Light/Center does not burn you completely up ... 
you appear once again in the world, yet you return Knowing who you are, who everyone Is.  You may not ever be able to explain it to anyone else, however you know everyone you meet is the same as you, different outward layers ... same Core/Light/Center. 
You begin to see through the layers to the Core naturally.  

Although you may still experience the world as real, you are now aware that it is not.  It is simply a veil that covers over what IS.

You are already Awake because the Core/Light/Center ... always is.  At any point in time during your day that you forget this, simply close your eyes and travel to the center of the Earth/Self and we meet as One (less than) once again.  I am always There/Here.  You only "think" you are not.  

Come ... again and again ... come to the Center of your Self.
"There is only One and it is not you." ~W.A.

"Tap into the Source of Who You Are and you Create a Reality that exudes IT."

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