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(Who I will become)
"Energy of a Star"
by Giorgio Vaselli
Although these Newsletters might make it seem as if there is somewhere to get to, ultimately you already are who you will be  ... when you discover who you are are.

That sounds like a contradiction right ... how could you already be something and not know it? Yes, exactly. How could you be something and not know it. You can't. However it can seem like you don't.

The seed of Knowing is in you yet has been covered over with soil (beliefs) and cemented underground with concrete (concepts), yet it is there.

Let's use the analogy of Earth and Core again (from last month's Newsletter) and this time imagine that at the Core is a Seed of a Star.

One might think "well how do you water a Seed that is so deeply buried in the Earth, under concrete (concepts) and layers upon layers of stone rocks and layers upon layers of sediments (beliefs)?

If you attempted to water it from the outside it will take billions of years to get through all those layers (it took billions of years to create them). If you try smashing through the earth (concepts/beliefs), then you have a big mess of rubble to deal with and it can take a very long time and destroys the planet/star.

However there is another way there, but you have to sort of let go of their being an Outside to get through to be on the Inside where you already Are.

ut if you go through the Inside to the Seed itself, go directly to what is calling for Water(Attention), you begin to see that you are the Water (Attention) that was being called for.

You water it from the Inside out.

The Seed that is planted in you is the same as that of a Star ... it has the energy of a Star and all one need do is put the attention there on it. The more the attention goes there, the more in a sense it is watered. 


This writing started out with an analogy of being a Star Seed and how that energy that animates all stars is animating you right now and how to get there. It all started with the idea that we are made up of this energy and was laying out a path to get there. 

However there is no path to get there and the whole thing started to feel a bit phony. It doesn't take effort to Point to Truth and there was a whole lot of effort going into the Newsletter trying to explain how one can be a what they already Are.

You simply Are.  You are that which you are seeking, you are that which seeks and you are that which is sought and you are that which is found at the end of all searching.

You have no name, no nationality, no color. You have no gender and no preferences, you have no likes or dislikes. You that is always and forever .. simply Are.
Always Are.

The dependence on the mind/thoughts is the only thing that seemingly keeps you from discovering that.

Let go of the mind by simply letting go caring about anything that you think. Thinking hides the Vastness that you are but does not alter or change it. 

The whole word is set up to have you believe that "thinking" is important ... that what you call your "thoughts" are important and if you cannot let "that thought" go then you remain blinded.

The more willing you are to see that your thoughts don't actually mean anything and really do not have any impact on reality at all, the more you begin to see who you are ... because the thoughts no longer block the view of You. <-- That's a thought too (see how tricky it can be).

These Newsletters cannot give you anything you don't already have. It's up to you whether you investigate that this is so. They are here possibly help point you to what has been discovered. That one does not need to think to live and one does not have to die to rest in Peace. 

"Tap into the Source of Who You Are and you Create a Reality that exudes IT."

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