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JULY 2015

Artwork by Unknown

"For the Butterfly, there is no Butterfly.
Be like the Butterfly and have no “you” ... to Be."

For clarifying purposes, the  definition in The Merriam Webster dictionary for the word  "transformation" states:
"A complete or major change in someone's or something's appearance, form, etc."
What will attempt to be revealed here, is not the appearance or form ... or even the etc., where they may be implying a change in personality, or character. This is not what is meant by Transformation in this Newsletter.

The Transformation in which we are being pointed is in regard to what no one else may ever see on the outside. It is not about making a "better" you because if you have been following along with these Newsletters ... you are beginning to see that there is no "you" to make better. 

"Who is the you, that will be made better."

First you have to find the "you," and we have spent a few years now in the discovery of not finding the "you/I/me." It has been a ghost chase and hopefully what has been discovered is that the ghost (the thought I/me/you) vanishes when you look for it.
How could you transform a thought?

You can't. You can't even catch a thought, by the time you find it ... it is already gone and if you replace it with a positive thought that is like putting doll clothes on a ghost ... how do you get them on? These aren't actual questions ... can you see where they are pointing?

This Newsletter is about a complete Transformation. A complete Transformation starts as you look inside and discover there is no one actually there. There is no "I" thought there telling you who you are.

You have discovered that you cannot be a thought and thanks to this discovery, when you look to see who is there, THAT which the thoughts had hidden, shines thru.

For instance, take the picture above and let's look at it this way ... you are not the Caterpillar, nor the Cocoon, nor the Butterfly, you are THAT which they all appear IN ... THAT BRIGHTNESS ... THAT which all words fail to describe ... THAT which doesn't MOVE but all things move IN. 

As this becomes more and more obvious, not obvious to you ... simply obvious. When you look for yourself, who you *think* you are, and accept no answer that comes as true, the True YOU becomes more and more obvious.

It is possible that the outer may change, your person may change and you may begin to do things differently, you may start reacting differently or not react at all. You don't know how this discovery will use you, however because of this Discovery you no longer care or if you do, that care is seen as a fleeting thought as well. Your friends and family may say things like:

"We don't recognize you anymore."
"You don't behave like you used to." 
"We like the old you better."
"Why are you always smiling?"
"We never see you anymore."

Those might be some of the things that those that knew you might say and they may begin to become concerned, especially while you are going through the cocoon phase, because you don't even know what is happening yourself. The more you continue to place the Attention on the Discovery and not the thoughts about the Discovery the smoother the Transition and Transformation is. The less you share about it until you are grounded in it the less drama you will have swarming up around you. You will begin to Trust this Discovery and it will be the resting place until complete Transformation is made.

However, it may come to pass that nothing outside of you may change or look different at all. As the attention continues to flip-flop between Movement or Stillness, there may not be any outwardly apparent signs.

This phase can go on for sometime, where you have "fits and starts." You see that you cannot be a thought, but then thoughts arise and seem very real. Once again, you find you are running around trying to become a better this and a better that and you are going to figure this whole thing out ... all the while you are actually in the Cocoon imagining that you are doing all these things ... none of which are actually happening. All that has happened is that the attention went off of THAT, which all are IN, and onto a thought and since thoughts move, it is a wild goose chase attempting to chase a thought that vanishes the moment you *think* you got it.

(Note: There really no phases to Transformation ... you have the ability to simply see you are THAT which you have been searching for and rest there eternally. However, that is not how it happened here and so this speaking makes it seem as if there are levels or a process however, it is simply a matter of where the attention is and if you place it on STILLNESS and don't ever shift the attention away, you are the Complete Transformation and it can take less than an instant to be eternally so.)

We could say that the mind/body/thoughts are the Caterpillar/Cocoon/Butterfly and that one could spend their whole life attempting to make it the best Butterfly it could be. However, if you are paying attention you will see that no matter how great or beautiful that Butterfly turns out to be ... it will still disintegrate and die ... it cannot last. However, if the attention is on THAT which all of it appears in, then death is not possible. Death is simply the illusion of change.

The Truth is ... you actually have no ability at all to change or do anything about the Caterpillar, the Cocoon or the Butterfly, it truly is just entertainment, all you have ever been capable of is where the attention is placed (Movement or Stillness).

The Caterpillar/Cocoon/Butterfly/Body/Thoughts can be very distracting, we are not belittling the ability of these energized distractions to keep the attention on them. It is a great trick and illusion, it has to be to keep it going. However, if you are here reading this then you have chased it long enough and have grown tired of attempting to change something that you can't ever get your hands on. You are tired of chasing ghosts and attempting to put new clothes on them. You know that you are not who you think you are and you know that no matter how much you have tried to change yourself, you are still the same as you have always been. That is the good news. Put your hands down and rest now, you have failed to change who you are ... thank god!

There is nothing about you that was ever meant to be changed, if there was it would happen. You are simply asked to relax into the perfection that you already ARE. Perfection is THAT ... which doesn't change or morph in any way, shape or form ... the discovery of THAT is the True TRANSFORMATION.

Things may get better for you in this world or worse. If you are looking to see transformation in thoughts, body, circumstances, even if they should happen, your attention has shifted away from the Truth of who you Are. It takes vigilance to not get enthralled with the metamorphosis and overlook the STILLNESS that the metamorphosis appears IN. As you realize, discover and know that all change, all metamorphosis, all life and death and drama is simply a distraction from Truth, is simply the veil that hides the discovery of STILLNESS; when you have given up attempting to fix, change and alter that which will simply fade/die, that is when the attention begins to rest on THAT which doesn't move, doesn't change, doesn't alter in anyway and in that you are completely TRANSFORMED.


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