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MAY 2014
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Continuing on from last month's Newsletter on "Energy," the word "Energy" is not exactly it ... because what we are being pointed towards cannot be worded.  However, if you were able to "grok" even slightly what was shared last month about what is animating you and everything all ways and always, then this month's speaking may reveal something even more clearly than what has been shared before.

The "Energy" that is animating you and everything else, does not have preferences or opinions.  It just simply IS.  Just a like a computer ... when you first turn it on ... it doesn't have all the settings that you like.  Looking at the body like one would look at a computer ... it comes with certain software installed so that it functions when turned on ... however until you start enabling the settings on the computer/body that is designed/born ... they simply just perform as they were programmed to do. 

After a few years of using the computer/body ... it gets weighed down with information ... all of your bookmarks/learning, the kind of software you install/preferences to the point where it eventually will only load certain things that you like because it is familiar with the "likes" and "dislikes" you have entered in/programed/learned over the years = opinions.

Once the computer/body gets overloaded ... the memory is used up and there is no room on the computer/body to add more.  With a computer one can just upgrade or get another one.  However, at this point in time, you cannot just grab another body simply because one has used up all the storage or hard drive space / brain to capacity.  

What can one do, you ask?  Begin to empty out.  Begin to pay attention to the preferences, beliefs and opinions that are held onto.  Begin to see that they can be fairly heavy things to carry around.  The less of them that you have the freer the mind is to be present to what actually is.  Not what is "thought" about what is, but what actually is.  There is a saying by Rumi (A 12th Century Sufi Poet):

"There is a  space between right doing and wrong doing,
I'll meet you there."
Right doing and wrong doing are opinions based solely on the information you have accumulated over the years.  Are you even aware any longer where that information came from and how accurate it actually is.  When we empty out, then the information that comes is seen with new eyes.

Watching opinions arise can be used now as a helpful tool to see what you have been carrying around and holding on to. When you see an opinion arise about anything ... pay attention to it ... not as a fact or truth, but just simply as a thought, no different than any other thought.   Do not add to it.  Do not give reasons why this opinion is appearing.  Just let it rise and then watch it fall way.  

You do not need preferences or opinions to be who you are.  Who you are has been there before the computer/body was created and is animating you right now and will be there when the computer crashes / body dies.  There is nothing wrong with the computer / body ... it is there to store those things so that you enjoy the life you are gifted.  However, to have the best functioning computer / body, it is best to have it clear and clean so that it runs well for you and for what is animating it (there actually isn't two separate things, which you will discover as you pay more attention to what animates as opposed to the animation, but for now we will pretend that there is both).

Letting go of ...
The perfect starting point when any opinion arises, is to question ... "who"  the opinion is arising for.  If you are paying attention, you will see that opinions arise to program the computer / body ... but "who" do they arise for.  Who is aware of the computer / body?
This is where opinions and preferences can serve as a gift not only to deprogram and reprogram the computer / body, but also point one to discovering what is before all opinion and preferences.   The gift in discovering what comes before all opinions/preferences is the release from holding them so tightly and quite possibly dropping them altogether.  That doesn't mean that they will not still appear ... you just will not be attached to them as if they have anything to do with who you are.
Opinions come and go and will change over time ... though one might be best served to drop them a lll.  What is gained by keeping something that will eventually crash your computer / body?

All of this is just concepts and ideas until one is willing to do the work and the work is very simple ... use every opinion or belief or preference that appears and simply ask "Who does this appear for?"  If you hear "me/I" - know that those two words represent the computer/body and not the real "You."  

This simple little paragraph above, if followed ... leads to the discovery of what no word will ever reveal.
In closing, April showers watered us with the introduction to "Energy" and May flowers can bloom us into being without "Opinions/Preferences."  You might be concerned about who or what you will be without them, but no flower knows what it will bloom into ... until blooming happens.  Maybe you will find that you are no longer operating a computer/body but are a kind of flower that hasn't been discovered before Now.
"Tap into the Source of Who You Are and you Create a Reality that exudes IT."

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