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(To the Core of Self)
Artist Still Unknown
In continuing on from last month's Newsletter where "we" discovered only "One (less than)" at the Core of "our" Self, now let's look at how we can begin to SEE THROUGH the personality to the Core, all the time.

Before you actually can see through anything you have to know what is there that you are seeing through to. If you have gotten this far in the Newsletters, then you know there is something animating you that, maybe you can't understand, but you know it is. You are consciously or unconsciously aware that there is more to you than what you think. This is what you continue to place the attention on. In a sense, you begin to start balancing yourself, on that which does not move in you. You could say that you are balancing in the Core of your Self by putting the attention on it.

In a way it is like a practice, however the more intense life gets the more you begin to see that the Core in you, is a resting place and what once was a practice, now becomes a place of rest; until such time that the attention simply doesn't leave.

The more one places the attention there, the more obvious it becomes that it is in everyone, whether they are resting in it or not, they are being animated by it. At first you will only know this intellectually or you will know it semi-consciously, but you do know it because you know that you cannot discover something in you that is not in another, as you are the one looking in and looking out. 

Life will come and will have its big gun blazing, it wants to distract you from the Core ... the Still Peace that is You. That is actually it's job, to be distracting. You created it this way so that you could feel separate from yourself, however that time is ending. You have gotten far enough away and now you are looking to reel yourself back in. There actually is no measurement of how far one can get, because it is simply a turn  of the attention back in on itself, that instantaneously puts one back in Peace/Stillness the Core. 

Again, at first this will seem like a practice, however, over time you will see it is actually a way of being, coming from who you actually Are in every situation.

In the 
beginning just assume it is in another, you know if it is in you it is in them, but it is ok to just assume it is without any verification of it. The more you assume, the more it becomes obviously true. You are not out to prove this to anyone or change anyone, however others may come to you to validate it in them and they do this because you are become a living validation. They may have no idea why they are coming to you but you can hold in yourself that they are there because the Core seeks the Core and as it awakens (becomes unveiled, uncovered)  in you it calls out to those that are ready.

Those that come will not necessarily have any clue why they are drawn to you, however your gift to them is to keep the attention on the Core in you. You will forget, you will slip up, however there is not ever a moment that you cannot just simply place the attention back in on its Self and come from That. The opportunity is always there so you can not screw up. There actually is nothing for you to do, even though this Newsletter makes it sound like you are doing something, even that is not true, but it will feel and be experienced that way in the beginning. 

As long as you remain aware that the only help that is required of you is where you place the attention, you will see life becoming more and more effortless. However, it is wise to be willing to be hurt and misunderstood by those that come. It could be a friend or a classmate or a co-worker, it could be just random people, and you will say what you say and do what you do, however if your attention is on the Core of you while you do it, you will not be guarded in how these things happen and come about, but probably be amazed and in awe. Someone might be yelling at you, but you will be seeing past it, no words can touch you, because it is always  yourself and you are beginning to be aware of that â€¦ different body same Self/Core.

If there is a struggle with this, because it can be a big jump for some to begin to see as well as know that one is interacting with the Self always, you might want to take some time simply staring or gazing at trees. This may seem a simple thing, but the more time you spend gently looking at them, the more you begin to see that there is Light radiating from them. That is the same Light that radiates and animates you (don't get hung up on the words, go to the direct experience and have patience with yourself). Once you see it in a tree (and it shouldn't take much effort or time ... just a relaxing of the gaze while you are sitting at a park or looking out a window), then begin to look at people the same way you have looked at a tree and you will begin to see that same Light around them (especially if they are against a white painted wall). It is sort of like a glow. That glow is animating everything and will help to validate even more what you are beginning to know, which is ... we are all one movement.

September is a practice month and yet you will find at the end of the practice, it was not a practice at all, it is your natural way of Being.

The more you see through another ... the more you see your Self. If you become scared, you can rest in that it is all you, not the you that you think you are; but the actual you.

I am always there, you know this; the I am that you have always relied on, the I am that no word can touch, the I am that is You. You know you have not ever been alone, you just don't know who has been there and the time has come to discover ... it is your very own Self.

I am always talking to my Self … I see thru you to my Self ... just like you.  Love … simply Loves … Love.
"Tap into the Source of Who You Are and you Create a Reality that exudes IT."

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