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(People seem to love 'em!)
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People seem to love problems.  The picture above is right on … that is what a “problem” can look like if you choose to carry it.  You can check to see if you do love to have problems by dropping all of them and then watching as they re-appear.  You don't have to re-create them.  It really is that simple.  However simple things are often overlooked in complexity.  Most “problems” seem complex, however, you will begin to find as you just drop them or put them down, the solution (if there is an actual problem) will appear.  (Don’t just take these words for it, look at your entire life, hasn’t every problem resolved itself?)
The concept of problems can be a great teacher in bringing the attention back to the moment one is in.  “Problems” have to have a past or a future.  If you are honest, you can stop and look at the moment you are in and 99.9 percent of the time, there is not a problem, even if you are having a seeming “problem” with being in the moment you are in … it is an opportunity to just drop the concept of “problem” and just be in the moment you are in, whether you like it or not.  You could also take it even deeper by inquiring “who” has a problem with the moment they are in (however, usually, with that one - people quickly say “I do” and move past it.  However, all problems stem from the “I” that one does not investigate fully). 
One can see that “problems” are a gift in not only bringing the attention back to the moment they are in, but also to directly inquire as to “who” had the problem in the first place.
Let’s slow down and look at this concept of a “problem” and see if there really is one or are they just be made up.  Let’s use the example of “racism” cause its been swarming around for quite some time and people keep bringing it up.  The other night while looking in the mirror, it became obsoletely obvious that there is no race here and that even if one had to be picked … one wouldn’t pick one. 
This skin has no definite color … it has many colors but not one specific color … so there is not a linking to race for color or for nationality or ethnicity.  If everyone looked in the mirror and discovered this, there would be no race problems.  However, you can right this moment go in the mirror and discover it for yourself. 
Go ahead and look … go check.
Who is behind the skin and does who you find there have a color?  Who is looking out of the eyes?  And if it is looking out - then it is not the body, it is what is aware of the body, so if you are not the body (which is where the color is) then you are not any color to be linked to any race.  You had nothing to do with where you were born … you could have been born anywhere so you are not the Country you were born in.
Discover this.
This discovery does not mean you will not face challenges in regard to race.  Other people have not been enlightened like you just were and now are.  You will probably come across people who will attempt to put you in a box of “race” and treat you how they interpret that box to be.  However, you now know you do not have a race - so there is no problem for you, there is only the problem for the one that hasn’t dropped the concept of “race” and you can be the tool, if you so desire, to help them see this - just as you are being helped to see it now. 
Dropping “race” altogether; drops the problem of “racism” for you.  Not for anyone else, but it drops it for you.  Then you become a beacon for those that do not yet know they are not a “race.”  It took thousands of years to create these concepts of “race” so these changes do not necessarily happen overnight, however they can happen in an instant for you, the one reading this, if you are willing to drop race and no longer have a problem with it.  It doesn’t mean that you drop the culture, enjoy the culture it is like going to a great movie or putting on different clothes, but it is not you, you are not the culture but you get to enjoy it and from no “race” you get to enjoy and embrace all cultures fully.
As you become more and more comfortable in not having “problems” because you keep dropping them, the less they appear for you.  You will not know this until you do it for yourself.  It is not about ignoring a problem, you will come to find that you don’t even have a problem with having problems.  They arise, you look at them, if it is something that you can do something about, then it is not an actual problem, a problem is something that you can’t do something about.  If you can’t do something about a “problem” why would you carry it around?  Just like racism … until someone does something to you that feel has to do with “race” there is no problem, many people will not like to hear this ONLY because they like to have problems … so just like them … for you the one reading this … you no longer have to have problems or even problems with problems, because you know you can drop them.  If you can do something about it then it is not a problem, if you can’t then drop it and it is not a problem.
Just like “racism” there is no problem if you don’t make one, if someone does something to you that you feel is based on their belief in “race” see if you can enlighten them, if you can’t, move on … let them have the problem and you fly free without them.
You can apply this to everything in your life.  Just pick something you have been calling a “problem” and see if it really is … if it is you will know it is cause you can do something about it … so either do it or don’t, but if it is something you can do nothing about, then put it down and enjoy your life “problem” free.
Again, for reiteration:
  1. If you can do something about it – then it is not a problem – do what is required.
  2. If you can’t do something about it – drop it or put it down and see what shows up from your willingness to let go.
If you have gotten to the end of this Newsletter and have a problem with not having any problems; that’s your problem (heh).  You now know you don’t have to carry it. 


by Dr. Seuss

“I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!”

"Tap into the Source of Who You Are and you Create a Reality that exudes IT."

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