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Last month it was mentioned that there is no "time." At the "time," it seemed a bit complex to insert into the Newsletter without leading one away from the investigation of "The Observer is the Observed." However a tidbit of it was thrown in and here we are in the same moment we actually were then, now reading about "Timelessness."

It maybe challenging to believe that you are in the exact same moment you were (are) in as you were last month reading this Newsletter, even though it seems as if a significant amount of "time" has passed between then and Now. However you are being asked to put the clock down for a moment or two (smile) and just relax into not understanding what is being written and just hearing it as it comes through.


Time is a man-made concept.

It is fairly easy to intellectually grasp that time is a man-made concept. You were "taught" time. You learned what the hands on the clock meant and that night turns to day and each time that it does, you are in a different time. However, can you see the lie in this ... something does not change just because day went to night and night back to day or that the planet spun around the sun ... if you think it did then ask yourself ... what changed? 

As we begin to place these "cracks" in "time" ... in the "mind" the mind (you) begin to loosen the grip on understanding because it  (who you think you are) sees that it has been lied too. Not lied to in a good or bad way ... just not told the truth first and foremost. One has the horse before the cart. Ultimately, you know the Truth, but sometimes a bit of chiseling away at the shell called "mind" (you) is required because the beliefs have built up like a calcium deposited on and around what is underneath. What one discovers under the calcified beliefs is that there is "nothing" or "no thing" there. Ultimately that is the goal ... if there were one ...  as you will discover as well that there is no one to have a goal, however, let's get back to "timelessness."



Time is a lie.

Time is a lie but not a good or bad one ... you can see the usefulness and purpose of having it. It allows people to meet at certain places and to get things done. It is a tracking device to see what one can accomplish and how long it takes to do it. It is a way to make things seem real, as if one is progressing somewhere; but does one ever take the "time" to see where they are going? Most do not even realize they are using their "time" to hurry on up to the grave. We have dates that track our births and then tell us approximately when we should die. We rigidly believe in these things and most hit a certain age (whatever age they believe it to be, that the body begins to deteriorate) and they begin to believe they are "over the hill" or whatever the number they have in the head says that they are "too old" to do something. They do not take the "time" to see that they have been taught these things and that they do not actually have an age. You can discover this right now. Take a moment to look over your life ... didn't you always "think" you were supposed to "feel" a certain age but never did. It is because there is no age in you. As you begin to tap into this more and more you discover the "timelessness" in you and then you do not require validation (this Newsletter) or proof that it is so because it is simply obvious.
The worlds goal is to reinforce time.

The worlds goal is to reinforce time so that you continue to believe in it because that is what the world is set up to do. It is set up to make you believe that it is real. There is nothing wrong with this. You have an e-ticket to a great show ... the greatest show on earth, however you also have the ability to loosen your grip on what you use the senses for and in that, you have a much richer and fuller experience. Most people are drained and exhausted by "time" that doesn't even exist. You often hear people say they do not have enough of it and yet all there is ... is time ... in timelessness there is nothing but time ... endless ... infinite time.

All things are happening Now.

How are all things happening Now. This is not something that can be explained in writing, however it can be pointed towards. Everything arises and disappears in you. Just like the dreams you have at night, there is no time in it, people of all ages, appear and disappear in it. You might wake up and feel as if you had dreamt for years and yet it had only been a few minutes or hours on the clock stating how long you had been asleep. Other times, it may seem you were asleep for only minutes and yet hours had past. All of it is happening right now. There are no minutes or hours to pass in sleep or wake. If you have ever had a "flashback" you know that you experience a moment that you seemingly had in some other "time" as if it were happening right this instant and that is because it is. Everything that ever happened anywhere ever ... is happening right now. It is all one movement/moment. The mind is set up to only experience the moment you are seemingly in, however every moment you have ever been in is happening right now and in a sense ... you are the time machine. You (or the body/mind) is the machine that says what time you are in, however you are not limited to that by anything more than the belief that you are. However this once again a big jump and shift in consciousness (do not underestimate the power of beliefs ... you think you are real don't you?)  The mind is not built for massive change, it usually either implodes, slowly breaks apart or pulls the beliefs it has tighter together to block out what it fears ... which is that it doesn't exist.


Time is a false sense of security.
Fasting is a way of slowing down enough to see this.

You are in timelessness right now, but you are not aware of it because it doesn't have any attributes. It doesn't "feel" like anything. The mind (you) expect to be able to use the senses to discover what the senses are appearing in, but this cannot be done. What is required, in a sense (smile) is to let go of what you "know" of what you have been "taught" and in this dropping of using the senses, you begin to "discover" what is always and forever ... here ... now. 
You have been programmed.
You have been programmed since birth by your friends and family and teachers and employers, by the entire world to use the mind as the only way of experiencing reality/time. They only did this because they had been programmed just like their ancestors were and the trail of "time" seemingly goes back and back and back. The teaching that only things that the "mind" (you) can understand is all there is to know. However, timelessness is a prime example that this is not so. We are not trying to make "time" or the teaching of it bad ... it is a very useful tool, just like a hammer is for a nail, these are useful things in the world, however there comes a point in one's life that you put the tools down and take a rest from all the work. You have done well and can pick the work up again whenever one is moved to do so, however the work will not be such a heavy load, if you are able to put it down and begin to "Know" with a capital "K" that everything that you do, is done without time. You do not need a future or past to be in the moment you are in right now. In fact, you do not have a future or a past, you have a story about one, but you do not have one ... go ahead and see if you can prove that you existed any time but right now. Maybe you will begin to see that the forms change but you do not. The morphing of pictures  and stories is not the changing of time ... it is only the illusion of the changing of time.


Ask life to reveal timelessness.
Ask life to reveal timelessness to you. Obviously you already have or you would not be reading this Newsletter.  However, ask yourself to have "timelessness" revealed to you and don't expect what this will look like. It will not look like anything you expect. You might even want to pick up a practice, there is one that was very helpful here. It was a gift from a Teacher Stuart Wilde who suggested that one get up at the same time every morning (the earlier the better and with as few distractions as possible) and have a rock (the same rock every day) and pick it up and move it from one side of the yard  (or street or however you choose to do this, if you do) to the other and put it down, pause for a moment, pick it back up and move it to the other side, pause for a moment, pick it back up and move it one last time back to where you originally came from. Each day go out and pick up the rock where you left it and repeat. The mind, will usually, come up with a million reasons not to, why it is stupid or silly or what will the neighbors think, but you do it anyway. This is a beginning step in moving away from the mind saying how things are ... the mind is a powerful tool and it wants you to rely on it so that it can keep everything in place, however we are about seeing something that the mind hides, something you have been waiting your whole life to see and something (which is not a thing) that most only discover at the very end, yet you have the opportunity right now (even this instant if you simply Stop) to discover it and that is always where these Newsletters attempt to point. 

Timelessness is not the absence of time,
it is the revealing of the non-existance of it.

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