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Image "Energy of a Star" by Giorjoe

We are premeated with Energy.  Energy is not a word (though there are many words used in its place to speak about it, for this newsletter we will use the word “Energy.”)
Energy simply IS and cannot be defined.  However it is what annimates you.  It does not have preferences or likes or dislikes and it does not favor one over another.  It simply is Energy and it simply annimates you.
Energy with a story attached to it has many names, anger, frustration, love, fear, peace, happy, sad, meloncholy, etc.  As one becomes more and more aware that Energy doesn’t have a story, they then become able to place the attention on the Energy directly, instead of the story about energy.
When a story arises about something, let’s say it is something you fear.  A story that just about everyone fears is death.  Let’s take a look at the fear of death.  There is a fear of physical harm that can arise from the thoughts of death, however, all one need do is see that it is not happening now, to begin to put the attention on the Energy that those thoughts are riding on. 
A thought of death is not death, it is just a thought and so what is being feared is a thought (which is not real) and not actual death.  You cannot actually fear death because it has not happened.  How do you fear something that hasn’t happened?  You fear it by feeding the energy with thoughts about it. 
You actually only die once and you won’t even be there to experieince it because Death and you cannot coexist.  You fear a problem that is not a problem for you. 
Even if you fear what it will be like to die, you are afraid of something that is not happening.  One of the best ways to face the fear of death, is to go and sit with someone who is dying.  You will see the process.  You will see the Energy leave.  You will watch as the story of that person fades, there preferences fade, their memeory fades and by the time the body stops receiving energy … there is no “them” for them.  There is a “them” for you because you have a story about “them” but one day you will be “them” and you story of “you” and “them” will fade.
The stories/mind/thoughts are a distraction from the Energy that is annimating you.  This is easily seen when you stop putting the attention on the mind/thoughts.

Energy is annimating you.
You know that Energy is annimating you when you see a dead animal or you go to a funeral and see a dead body, it becomes very obvious that they are no longer annimated.  You could say that Death is the energy blocker.  Death is like a key that goes into a keyhole to the door (your body) called life and when it closes there is no more life for that door(you).  But you are not a door(you), you are Life itSelf.  You are That which comes through the key hole and annimates life …

You are Energy.
The same Energy that ALL of everything is annimated by.
This Energy is also Intelligence.  However, it is not the kind of intelligence you get by going to school or reading books.  It is Alive Intelligence.  Outside of time and space. 
It cannot be understood by the mind but it can be Known as you begin to pay attention to it.  You begin by finding the keyhole that this Energy is annimating you with and you do this and you don’t look for it with the mind/thoughts because they are actually the blockers of it.  You could say that the mind/thoughts are the key from this side that gets put in the hole and blocks the Energy from coming through.
Take the key out and put it to the side (just visualize doing that, put the key called “who you think you are” on a shelf next to you and then sit down in a relcliner and put your feet up).  Now look at that key and see it as putting aside your mind/thoughts about all things including you.  Then sit back and just relax into the Energy that you are. 
At first many thougths may come from this shift.  You might start writing them down, but do you what you can NOT to hold onto thoughts as real.  Thoughts are not real.  Energy IS.
As this becomes more and more obvious, you will begin to rely on the Energy over the thoughts.  You will begin to see that you haven’t ever needed a thought to be who you are. 
Thoughts are entertainment, just like turning on the tv or going to the movies.  There, is nothing wrong with them per se, however, thoughts are the best entertainment when you know that is all they are.  Just like when you watch a movie and get so into it that you forget you are watching a movie, then the lights go on and you see that it was just a movie.  That is how it is with thoughts.  The Energy/Light comes on and you begin to see that you had actually “thought” you were “thoughts/tv/movie.”  It comes as the same kind of relief.
There is a saying …

“You are not who you think you are.”
Discover who you are before the thoughts.  Discover That which is coming through that keyhole in you.  Take out the key/thoughts/learning/mind that is blocking who you are from being Known. 
When it is time for the key to come and close the body down (death), you will aready be what you are when you die, before you are born and what you are right now.

And in that you have eternal Life.

Floating on a cloud of tiers, 
Searching for what is.
Scattered stars are pointing  at my direction,
The blue sky is so far indeed. 
 A strange thought screaming in my ear, 
The sound that's so silent, i can't vividly see, 
I feel a strange sensation that,  all  is coming towards me!!
There is  a thousand shades of laughter, 
Approaching so fast...i feel so cold now,  
yet so frozen in time! 
Whispers of infinity, energy arising,  
Match tension is building..the universe is crying!
For the voyage of oblivion awaits you!

(For your reading pleasure.)
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