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JULY 2014
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(Is Happening)
Unknown Artist
The last Newsletter spoke of Relaxing into Self and leads to the sharing of this months Newsletter.  The more one is able in any situation to simply relax back into the Self (to what you are In) the more intimately it is revealed that one has been in a sort of slumber.  Please hold off, if you will, from forming or making opinions about what is read, nothing that is written here is actually true, it is all used as a way to point you, the reader to investigate for your selfl.  Then, when you have made the discovery of who you are, you will find yourself attempting to use whatever analogy or idea that appears, as a way to point others to what you have discovered.  

Sometimes the pointing can come very close, but it is not ever it.

You, the (seeming) individual are being dreamt. The dreamer is not the individual, because there actually isn't one (an individual).  However, there is a program running that says "I am an individual" and although saying that and even believing that ... does not make it so.  However, it also doesn't stop it from being experienced as so.

The personal computer can be used as a great example or analogy of this.  The computer sits on the desk and it seems separate from everything else.  Once it is turned on (woken up) and connects to the Internet (Self) one begins to see that it  (you) is/are just like everyone else's computer (with minor alterations of software running) and what allows for the interaction with others, the Internet/Self, is the same for everyone. 

Prior to connecting to the Internet, it may seem as if one is a separate little computer running software of likes and dislikes, schooling, opinions, life experiences.  The computer (body) is what allows for interacting with others ... without the computer (body) there is only Internet (Self).  Once the computer/body is turned on and connected to the Internet (Self) ... there is then interaction with  apparent "others."   None of this would be happening without the computer (body) which creates the apparent separation or  the Internet (Self) providing the energy/space for all of it to be.  

If you turn the computer (body) off, the Internet (Self) is still there.  You can pretend you are not connected to it, but you cannot disconnect from it.  You are always connected because you cannot disconnect from what you are In ... the body can die ... just like a computer can crash ... but even then the computer/body is still in it ... it is now just landfill.

Now imagine that each day you wake up like a computer is woken from sleep mode.  You maybe groggy, just like how sometimes it takes time to wake your computer out of sleep mode.  When the screen comes on (life appears before your eyes) and you are aware of the world.  

How can you make the computer (body/who you think you are) aware of what it is in?  How would you tell your computer to know that it is connected to all other computers through the Internet (an invisible something that is not something that has created the ability to interact with everyone everywhere)?  There are things that can be used just like a router is used to connect to the internet creating a wi-fi connection, things like Mediation can assist in connecting to Self (this is where words mislead because you do not have to connect to what you are in ... you cannot disconnect from it).  Mediation and Yoga are offerings that have been used for thousands of years in assisting one in the discovery of what all are connected in, just like creation of the router assisted in connecting computers to the Internet.

As one begins to awaken or wake up out of sleep mode and gets closer to the end of the dream, things can get a bit heady and trippy.  Life begins to shift and morph.  You may notice more coincidences or people saying things that you are thinking or seeing things that you cannot explain.  You might notice light around people or auras, you might hear things that you cannot see or see things you cannot hear.  The more open and willing you become to these experiences, the easier it is to come out of sleep mode.  
You do not have to fear your Self.  

If you had discovered that you had created the Internet and the computer and all of the software running on it and all computers everywhere, what would there be to fear, it is all only You.  However, since you have identified your self as only one computer, you have gone into sleep mode and forgotten that the Real You ... created all of it.  

There are not two yous (even though it sounds that way from the writing).  

There is only ONE and it is not you.

As things appear that you do not or cannot understand … continue to relax back into the Self (knowing that everything that is showing up, is doing so to help you out of sleep mode) and to begin to see from that Space … that Still Space … that one is in ... then everything is ok and welcomed ... even when it is not ok.  You will not be resisting Life ... even if you find yourself resisting ... you are not resisting, resisting Life (smile).  

Fear usually does come and it can be rather intense depending on how much you resist it.  If you are willing to face it, you will begin to wake from the slumber rather quickly because it is a tool that actually comes to help, the more you allow it to be there without changing anything about it, the more it will reveal to you.  

If you have ever opened your computer too quickly, you may have discovered that it doesn't come out of sleep mode right away, that you have to wait for it to wake up.  It is no different in this senario, one has been in sleep mode for so long, that it ... sometimes ... takes some time, to be fully awake.  

However, y
ou can stop right this minute, close your eyes and not run any programs, just shut them all off or down, or simply drop them and be Aware of Self.  As quickly as your fingers can move across the mouse pad and wake up the computer ... you can just as quickly be in the world and have all the experience of being separate again ... the only difference being - you will Know that you are not.  

There really and truly is nothing to learn ... to be who you Are.  

"Rose, oh reiner Widerspruch, Lust,
Niemandes Schlaf zu sein unter soviel

Translation ...

"Rose, oh pure contradiction, delight
of being no one's sleep under so
many lids."
"Tap into the Source of Who You Are and you Create a Reality that exudes IT."

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