For Immediate Release
May 11, 2016
SEAC (704) 531-3853

Today, as members of the Southeast Asian Coalition, we are once again, calling for transparency and cooperation from the Greensboro City Council to work with the Vo family and act in their best interests. Earlier this week, the Greensboro City Council and the City Attorney communicated that they would be releasing the footage next week, yet, here we are today, with practically no notice, being told the video is will be shown at 2:30pm; to the media, only, and closed to the public. We have been told that the police chief will be present to narrate and preempt the footage to the media, but yet the community is not allowed.

Last week, after two years of requesting to view the footage, the Vo family was finally granted their request. After viewing this painful footage, they asked the Greensboro City Council to release it to the public. The Greensboro City Council has again ignored the family and the public. By choosing to release the footage only to media through a presentation narrated by the police chief, the city is doing the opposite of increasing public trust, not to mention, they are continuing to ignore the requests of the Vo family. Furthermore the city has misrepresented facts and portrayed the victim’s family and their legal representation in a negative light by insinuating they did not act fast enough, when all the Vo family wants is for the people to know the truth.

What we have seen in the past several days is the Vo family’s integrity and their attorney’s integrity repeatedly being called into question. Officer Bloch’s integrity and credibility have yet to be looked into. We know that this officer has had a difficult time; however the Vo family has had a extremely painful journey just to get to this point.
#JusticeforChieuDi #2years2long4justice