October Newsletter from Joyce Phelps Stephens
Your Powerful Thoughts!
I have been reminded several times and from several sources in the last few days of the power of our thoughts and intentions.
The idea, "You are what you think (Deepak Chopra)," seems such an easy philosophy to follow. Simply focus your mind on what you wish to attract and manifest in your life. But sometimes I find myself putting much more focus on what I do not want in my life. This is very frustrating, to say the least.
I read an excerpt of an article written in 1897, "How I Found Health," by Myrtle Fillmore in the September/October issue of Daily Word. She was very sick; doctors and medicine were not helping. Instead, she began to use her positive beliefs and the power of her mind to heal her body.
You hear about "miracles of healing" all the time. Another essay, "Greater Than Starfish" (A Deep Breath of Life, Alan Cohen), reminds us that starfish regenerate a lost limb, an earthworm cut in half regrows itself to completion, and humans are capable of regenerating body parts and organs. He says, "These people are not exceptions to the laws of nature; they are reminders of our potential."
I don't know about you, but I needed to be reminded of the power we have to create the life we desire – and the one we don't. Stay positive in all areas of your life. And know that everything happens for a reason; it is up to you what you receive from each experience.

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October 31 - Halloween
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